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Saturday, April 17, 2004

after so damm long! i finally get to blog!!! yes i was damm busy n stress... i got back my microbio test n i got 47.5... well expected... failed... but was ok cuz i really didnt study much n didnt fail so badly la... try to pull up during exam n for my pract test ba... for my ipc test i got 16/20 was alright... could got 18 but i got careless mistake! did my scienticfic notebook test... all questions was damm easy but when i do the last question! i was stuck! freak man i dunno how to do! shit.. 12 marks got!! bye!! hahaa....

next week having my ipc pract n microbio pract... so glad that my canoe training stop this week n i get to concentrate on my test... yup shall mug on now... just another 3weeks everything going to be over... having my jap speech on TUES!!! yes i have not memorise everything yet....

these few days have been helping out at the convention centre with the CCA booth... promoting for sports camp... saw alot ppl coming to NP!! oh ya stupid desmond dun wan join canoe... wack him... then i saw evelyn today! she really didnt change much she is still with her bf! that guy which i saw last yr wow... steady relationship!! good good keep it up... then saw the PS giordano guy!! hahaha i know him! actually saw him the other day but he walk damm fast didnt stop him! then today he sign up for sports camp!!! rox! heheee

anyway the video on the left right is wat i did... damm funny hahaha cant stop laughing sia... get to know alot ppl these few days! yeah time to socialise with many many people!!!! just went for track n field AGM... was fun.. oh ya andrew became the president for track! i cant believe it man! i was SURPRISE!!! yeah man... with me as publicity... track n canoe going to bond!! n other sports too... oh ya i think its great to hang out with eugene! he intro me alot ppl from other CCA! hehee.... yeah man! we need to support other cca n support from them too!!!!

oh ya btw i got canon ixus i!!!! rox man i love it alot!!! its bronze n its so beautiful!!! rox! super slim can! its is like same size as my t6t10 phone... hehehe talking abt hp... i going to change phone to v200 tml!! gonna get it at 350!!! anyone wan to buy my t610 at $300??? msg me man!!! hehehee