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Friday, May 08, 2009


my lecture mates from SIM :) syarill is SIM but is UB... sean consider SIM cuz he is australian and RMIT is from australia... HAHA

nabilah, julin and vanessa

the girls n sean

all of us.... warm up before going back double o

erubin with julin n van

angela, sebastian me n van

julin, nabilah me and the very red john haha

so many~!!! wow wow~!!
i also want a KISS~!!!! hahaha

come on~! CHEERS~! haha
i got funny faces the whole nite... dun ask why but just like to do those funny faces~!

hahahhaa the very watever face

nabilah n the waiter with all the cups haha

irritating~!! all the stupid fingers~! BOOOOOO~!


me and sean :)

another funny face~!
another stupid pose~! hahaha

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Spirit of Enterprise Entrepreneur Interview with Mrs Setsuko Sekine, Owner of Bon Gout

i love the book cafe alot... and the food is really really authentic... and the place smells like JAPAN~! seriously... if u nv been to japan... u should come here.... i am still trying to chunk out the report and i am only 1/3 done~!!! been seriously busy with everything ah~!!! i need a PA...

japanese books + japanese food = bon gout

a very nice place.... do visit here... no service charge n GST... its $12 to $18... super affordable..
its located at robertson quay... directly opposite the old butter factory... if u visit this place... comment at my tag :)

by the way... all photos shot by my canon 10D :)

MY CANON 10D is screaming for attention... he wants to shoot~!


PS: I DUN photoshop my photos....

Monday, May 04, 2009

its ok if u dun understand... cuz its an old boy band song... da pump - if.... then they change the lyrics and talk abt da vinci and mona lisa... WTF CAN~! abt drawing her n make her breasts big n all rubbish~! they really can be damm lame~! hahaha

Sunday, May 03, 2009

the photos says it alllll.....

thanks jess for putting alot planning for the whole thing plus the photo video done up by her~!!!

happy birthday siao mei~!!! she is not surprise lor... sian...

la la la.... we took photos before herry reach... hahaha


multi shot...
all bully me :(
throw ballooons~!!

siaomei n weizhen preparing the foooood

buttering the potato~!! ho ho...

FIRE STARTER~!!! hahaha

time to coook~!!!

birthday cake~!

nice one siao mei... cover ur face~! hahaha