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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

anyone wants to watch scary movie 4 with me?

if u dun understand the joke of the video... PLS DO NOT WATCH WITH ME!

Monday, May 01, 2006

shisha at arab street was really an experience.. i never expect singapore to be really so rich in culture.. hahaa..

anyway after blowing each other.. with smokes... we went zouk with our free invites.. GUESS WHAT! u wont believe what happen! nope! not abt jeremy getting wasted... but something even better... I BUMPED INTO SOMEONE...NO! I BUMPED INTO THESE 2 GIRLS i have not met for 12 damm long yrs! yes yes yes! its my primary school seniors!!! 20 - 12 = 8 :) yes i was 8yrs old which is pri 2..

let's side track abit... i joined band when i was pri 2.. hahaha yup i am a super independent kid since young... i can go home by myself from geyland back to yishun.. its bloody long yeah anyway... during my band session.. these 2 girls left a super great impression firstly... they are TWINS :) and yeah they were really nice n sweet to be like a big sister.. no... like 2 big sisterS hahaha... and last time after sch.. all kids will sit at this kopitiam and wait for their parents to arrive in their car... so its always me with them and we just talk abt stuff which i cant remember.. HAHA.. so yeah like thos tv drama.. they grad n we lost contacts.. u know those days.. we have no handphone! i dun even have a camera to take photo of them! i sure i have change DAMM alot since 8yrs old till now... but i can never forget their faces :) yes that is how damm good my memory is... so i was so freaking excited when i saw the two of them at zouk!!! i nearly teared!! its really miracle n rare... yes singapore might be damm small but its really like because of fate that bring us back together u know!!! now i am 20 and they are 23! they are now doing freelance marketing.. so i ask abt where they went to after grad from pri sch.. they went RGS.. i was like -_-" and they went to the states to further studies after o level hence they complete their studies much faster than any of us... yeah man! we exchange numbers right away! i seriously cant believe this is happening... to everyone out there... someone might have came across ur life once and they might be looking for u! u might left a great impression in them which makes them want to find u... its just like the book "5 people you meet in heaven"

hence u know why i would want to work in borders? because everyone sure goes to borders everytime they hit town! ok at least 80%? so yeah more ppl will bump into me which increase the chances of meeting someone u lost contact with! yeah.. and i think working at borders is really cool... so yeah my training will start next week.. cant wait!

sorry i know i side track alot... so at zouk... jeremy was really crazy... he really pull all the weird ppl up to the platform n DANCE... and seriously.. he can go be a dance instructor! hahaha... and he actually rejected all the girls and pull and the gays up to dance! u should see everyone's reactions! all were like WOW! hahaa... a girl said happy birthday to him he ask her to go away! hahaa.. so most of the time i just laugh n laugh.. hahaha so hilarious... there were lots of puke around zouk that day... really everywhere u go there is puke! yucks... and that day they played HOUSE which was like damm sian lor.. the rest of the guys were like damm sian and we were seriously standing there n watch jeremy dancing like a hyper bunny... end up we have to drag him out of zouk in order to go home... HAHA

Sunday, April 30, 2006

a funny advert from BoA to ask BoA to buy her xmas single! haha