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Friday, October 08, 2004

FUCK!... i think i gonna fail my instrumentation retest la.. i dunno why i cant do it... i think the original test2 easiler la... stupid me.. then the practical written test of CCTA i also dunno if i am gonna pass or fail... sian la... enough! i am over stress.. need to mug...

today went town for sakae buffet!! HURRAY FIRST B4 outing since dunno how many years!! hahaa... have fun talking to yao abt alot stuff!!! now i think yao damm funny la! hahaha! maybe i kanna the out of point virus from her n now i also out of point la...

went to far east first... GUESS WAT! i saw WEE LOON!!! long long time nv see him! hahaha still the same crappy guy haha... then saw this FUCKING damm nice shop where they sell REALLLY FUCKING NICE PANTS for only $50!!!! damm it! i not gonna tell u ppl where is it hahaha... I AM STILL BROKE HELP! ben still refuses to take neoprint.. n joyce also refuses to take neoprint for some unknow reasons...

later on went to sakae for BUFFET YEAH YEAH!! first... damm pissed with that bloody chao ah beng guy who dun allow us to go in cuz its 2.50pm n the buffet only start at 3... idiot la only 10mins... cant u just let us go in warm up n drink water... then later on we FINALLY get to sit down on time.. 3pm... we were serve by this BLOODY RUDE N COLD waiter... idiot la... and his loser name is WILSON GOH!!! i will remember u u bloody moron!!! always give that stupid attitude face la... as if we owe u something... give u a slap ah..

yao was like facing the computer there n she said..."probably they should get us some better serv...." then she stop when she turns her head... CUZ WILSON GOH JUST POP OUT FROM NOWHERE! it was damm funny la! then stupid joyce keep doing that jessica simpsons acting as britney spears thing... YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH>.... hahahaa... aiya we didnt took any photo la wasted! should take photo of WILSON GOH n condemn him right here! and YES!! now the B4 is more liberal!!! we gonna just openly BITCH abt ppl in our lecture!!! like that bloody joansy act cute girl who dun like ppl from single sex sch... go fuck urself u bloody mix sch despo hopeless twitch...

today after work damm funny... haiz.. talking to celine n the boss n his friends la... n talk abt celine's FANTASY!! uhuh.. u know wat i mean... its damm funny n i got my usual ASS-MATIC laughter... just keep laughing non stop... damm tired cant blog anymore! will blog more!!! i promise! hehee*

Sunday, October 03, 2004

guess wat! i saw this damm stupid retarded photo from hannah's blog... i keep on laughing non-stop! hope it brighten up ur day!! Posted by Hello

the NP waterpolo famous 3!!! hahaaa... Posted by Hello

rape colinn....hehee... Posted by Hello

muahahaha canoe polo senior n junior!!! Posted by Hello