Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feist - 1234

One Two Three Four
Tell me that you love me more
Sleepless long nights
That is what my youth was for

Old teenage hopes are alive at your door
Left you with nothing but they want some more

Oh, you're changing your heart
Oh, You know who you are

Sweetheart bitterheart now I can tell you apart
Cosy and cold, put the horse before the cart

Those teenage hopes who have tears in their eyes
Too scared to own up to one little lie

Oh, you're changing your heart
Oh, you know who you are

One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then
One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then

Oh, you're changing your heart
Oh, you know who you are
Oh, you're changing your heart
Oh, you know who you are
Oh, who you are

For the teenage boys
They're breaking your heart
For the teenage boys
They're breaking your heart
aiyo... stop tagging my blog abt my non academic interview shit la... i dun give a fucking damm if i can get in or not.... they dun want then its their lost NOT MINE! just wait n see... time will tell everything.

freaking tired...had training then just went to celebrate junkang's 21st bday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPTAIN! i shall post the photos tmr...

if u see me with my earphones nowadays... i'm listening to FEIST - 1234... super ultra catchy... i am shaking my body like in the mtv like that hahahha.... anyone interested to join me n film the same mtv? hahaha i think the mtv freaking cooooool!!!

anyway its ANN SIAO MEI's 21st birthday sooon!!!!! just saw her invite!! so freaking cute!!
i'm gonna dress freaking nerd n yeah... i gonna be the party photographer... hahah

Friday, March 28, 2008

finally book out! almost died in camp... sian... anyway... just went to meet wei jian... talking abt my online biz plan n he super pro with IT so he gonna help me out with it.... oh man i cant believe i am so excited over the whole thing!!! but cant tell u all now hehe.... TRADE SECRETS! hehehe....

aiyo i just read the canoepolo forum... omg... canoepolo war!!! PEACE everyone!! take a chill pill... battle is in the pool not online... watch the following videos n laugh ok!!!! must watch in order ok!!!

currently my blog song n my fav singer... FEIST - 1 2 3 4

super cool mtv... and u know wat... its actually the ipod nano commercial song!! BET U DUNNO!

ok here is the commercial clip!!!!

so now its the SPROOF of the mtv plus commercial!!! ENJOY!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


haahahaha i just made this!!! i think its soooo cute! LOL!!! hanlong i found something that matches wat u trying to describe... like that... WHO FOUL!? both side also foul lor.... tricky huh!

Chad! in case u nv receive the link... this is the link for the file
for the rest.... its just photos of all the fouls caught in action... so u might as well download it n show ur juniors.... but remember... COURTESY OF ALVIN LEE ok? dun be like that stupid paper who dun credit me... b*tch!

Monday, March 24, 2008

this is damm stupid

anyway pls sms with ur name when u are smsing me these few days... cuz my sim card n phone contact all screwed up! tat's the problem with changing phone... anyway i still love my japanese phone!!
recently i posted a thread at and alot ppl replied regarding my interview last yr at ntu n i wasnt given a place despite the fact that i did a great job at the NON ACADEMIC interview yet i was rejected due to my grades....

click below to read it....

some are against, some are supporting me... its good to read about it as its kinda slap me n wake up... time is running out... anyway its not that our local uni is toooo goood that we all cant get it... its just that IT CANT COPE WITH THE DEMAND! with have more than 12 JCs n 5 polys... n every graduating batch wanna further study but we have only 3 pathetic local uni.... smu is not even a FULL uni cuz dun have alot courses to choose... like lifesci etc.... so end up SIM have to take in alot of rejected students... SIM is doing well because of the quality of the students also... i am sure alot of my SIM friends are better students than some students in the local uni.. 

read wat the person omnisilent wrote in the forum... he gave a very good arguement to the whole topic :)

anyway... talking abt canoepolo.... i am just damm disappointed abt that particular sch put such offensive name for their teams... its really childish of them to put it.... last time me jeremy joshua twins all always joke abt wat our team name should be for example.... "no one" so it will be like no one vs NP.... yeah stupid but we NEVER submit that... just talk n laugh that's all n i cant believe someone submitted that... 

then heard some other screw up stuff... aiyo... one competition why so many problems! just play la! anyway hope if go SIM... can play IVP under SIM this year! hahaha... i will grab some ppl n join me! ahhaha... it will be exciting!

guess wat..... 130days to ORD n that's 19weeks left!! no including OFF & LEAVE!!! i can hear my pink IC calling out for me.... pinkie! wait for me!!! 

Sunday, March 23, 2008

finally met up with shi ai n daniel... its been a long time since we last met up n sit down n chat.... shi ai is always so entertaining... hahahha... shall meet up with them more often :)

look like siblings? hahaha.... 

yest i was in town... dammm funny... i nv bumped into this kind of thing..... Dee Dee saw me then she call out ALVIN! then just nice another of my friend also called alvin lee also turn n look at who is calling him.... she call alvin n 2 alvin turned... hahah.... its alvin from dragonboat nat team n he asked if i am interested in going for nat team selection n he will let me know again... but i dun think so la... more or less rooted to my polo... n i have my kids to take off... the 10+ dolphins.... so he left then i start talking to dee dee again! she going RMIT too! hahaha i think i go SIM i dun short of friends.... i guess anywhere i go also can bump into someone i know hahaha... then just updated each other abt stuff... then the sprinters juniors serene chin chong dennis also pass by...  aiyo... next time i rather bump into ppl at different timing... all at same time is like talking on msn like that sia.... hahahhaha