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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


went to have dim sum with my whole family... have to miss my safsa training today... hmmm its been really a long time since we had dim sum tgt... yeah man... probably decades... and my aunties... cant stand her... she keep order here n there... can see the waitress so frustrated with her...

my grandma... HAPPY GRANDMOTHER's DAY!!!

and i took photo with my mum :)
i guess i look like my mum instead of my brothers... right?
anyway... guess wat... my mum started blogging... HOW COOL RIGHT!!!

blog @ CCB (chiochabor)
teaching my mum how to blog! ho ho...
(Used to be known as SINGAPORE HISTORY MUSEUM)

its been like dunno how many donkey years since i step back to this place... i used to be volunteer here with my fellow st gabs classmates and get to know a bunch of funny ppl! ever since it renovated i always wanted to go back n check it up.....
its FREAKING NICE LA! u see my photo n yeah.. impressive huh my photography skill! hahaha... *AC* i bet u will love n dying to go the museum n cam whore with me! hahaha JULY OK!! *just pray that i dun die in brunei in june ok!

when i step in.... i saw this freaking BIG POSTER!
yeah i decided to watermark these nice photos in case some asshole steal my photos again...
i will make a nice watermark soon... COMP CRASHED...
and... i saw daryl pan pic there! ho ho damm funny... i was laughing nonstop... since when u put shaving cream on nose? *imgine hairy nose make me laugh n laugh BIG HAHA* anyway its quite nice... and nowadays advertisement quite smart huh... get all these ppl n put their sports there... make all the girls drooooooool..... hahahaa
*anyway they got daryl's surname wrong...

so met jon, sam, hao, char.... went to chill at giraffe!! yup its quite alright place to chill... but weather freaking hot... and i decided to stop drinking alcoholic drinks... bad for me... after chill out... they went chiong and me n johnny went to thomson for supper....
we were trying to find our HK cafe shop n we got lost n landed at mediacorp! HAHHAA.... trying to see if there is any super star there at nite... can send them home or jio them for supper... hahaha anyway yeah reach out destination..... *grace* its the HK cafe that u wanted to go before u left singapore!!!! its super nice! we will in JULY ok!?!!?
so yeah photos all in my hp n i cant connect to my bro comp dunno why so yeah food is good... tell u all next time with pics! muahjauhaua

Sunday, April 29, 2007

i dread going training on sun not that i hate training but... sun morn is always the best time to SLEEP! yes.... and it rained even better! but no choice have to drag myself from bed n join the training.... only slept for 4hrs... but i still look forward to training at kallang cuz i get to see my polo girls at their nat team training n the sprinters also!

chad is damm stupid... i went to disturb the girls after their training... OK I COME JOIN U ALL FOR DEBRIEF!!!! then chad went over to try to put down my shorts... OK LA COME LET ME DE-BRIEF U! i was like wth!!! si bian tai! hahahaha she said i am the only one wearing brief wat! then gracie was like tell her u wear g-string! LOL lameshit la....

training with the safsa/national team is getting much better.... in terms of run at least i am not like a few km away from them... just 100m away... hahaha yes still behind but not so far la... GOD IS FAIR... gimme power arms but not legs... so bear with it... then after run went to use bamboo stick to canoe on T1 with someone holding on the boat... i realise my left arm ache easily cuz i am right rower... then i realise... this is good... so when i play polo if i chiong for ball at least my right arm will have much more power to shoot with the ball! muahauhaa... new finding! let all row dragonboat! anyway... its really hard to get canoeists to join dragonboat cuz all canoeists just dun like dragonboat!!

before the end of training.... the 8sets of sprints is really crazy.... i nv paddle so freaking fast in my whole life... not even when i go sprint for 1st ball.... syaz was like... WOW u all row damm fast! can die ah... everyone on the boat were like saying... if only we can row so fast for 500m n sure win! hahaha... ya HARD AH! watashi not superman! hahahaa

argh... army again! booking in.... ta ta ppl!