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Saturday, February 07, 2004

just came back from the les grp chalet... celebrating mine, kylie and celest bday... was really fun and the bbq was great.... STINGRAY!!! muahahaha... hahaa... sucks man,... my digi cam is spoilt lor... i dunno what hapen,... going to find out wat's wrong man... then going to see can get it repair for free or else i going to get new cam... my warranty over already leh... its a year half plus plus old... haiz sux man....
for those who love n adore william HUNK!

William Huang - She Bangs

Talk to me, tell me your name
You blow me off like it's all the same
You lit a fuse, and now I'm ticking away
Like a bomb... yeah baby

Talk to me, tell me your sign
You're switchin' sides like a Gemini
You're playing games
And now you're hittin' my heart
Like a drum... yeah baby

Well if Lady Luck
Gets on my side
We're gonna rock this town alive
I'll let her rough me up
'Til she knocks me out
'Cause she walks like she talks
And she talks like she walks

She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy 'cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

She bangs, she bangs
I'm wasted by the way she moves
No one ever lokked so fine
She reminds me
That a woman's got one thing on her mind

Talk to me, tell me the news
You'll wear me out like a pair of shoes
We'll dance all night until the band goes home
Then you're gone... yeah baby

Well, if it looks like love
Should be a crime
They better lock me up for live
I'll do the time
With a smile on my face
Thinkin' of her in her
Leather and lace


Man, if Lady Luck
Gets on my side
We're gonna rock this town alive
I'll let her rough me up
'Till she knocks me out
'Cause she walks like she talks
And she talks like she walks

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Friday, February 06, 2004

aiyo so long nv blog.. anyway wish sarah happy 7th month with nai nai... aiyo the 2 of them forever sweet... hahah so jealous... hehee... anyway this week like really no need to go sch... mon hols.. tues 2hrs lecture wed 3hrs class... thurs got PE and then oral com then fri no sch! cuz open house!! la la la... so shiok... hehehe but i think i seriously need to do revision for my chemistry... that day at library with elaine hannah n yu ting doing the iac project... then went to do my chem quiz.. i dunno much... kao.. die la.. like that how to top module!!! ah!! i wan to get AD for all my IS!!!

i feeling broke now... i today just set aside $2500 in an account to go japan... cannot touch that money... then left only $600++ $400 need to buy canoe paddle... then left $200++ ah!! i need to start to work liao.. cuz need to go learn to drive!! i am so tempted to buy those TOPSHOP t-shirts lor!!! so nice!!! aiyo must stop those sinful temptation!! or else i cant save money ar!!!! wonder when is the next olympus big roadshow!! then go earn big bucks!!! haiz... japan here i come!! muahaha....

will get busy next week... cuz alot training for canoe n got overnight stayover training!! haiz... going to be damm shag... but i will jia you!! ganbattemasu!!! nite!

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Monday, February 02, 2004

18th already.... must be more mature... more respondsible... hehheee.... hey guy!! thanks for the sms!! thanks... and thanks to those turn up for my birthday yest.. really enjoyed myself... went to take neoprint with pinz zixin sarah n nai!! hehee soo nice!!! hahaha... went to fish n co later... cant get to sit first cuz must 80% of the people here first then can sit.. then waited sor so long... haiz nvm.. then got 40+ hcjc ppl there... so noisy... cant stand them... anyway.. food was nice... love everylittle thing... hehehe... nai nai eat the swordfish taste like chicken!!

later on when nai n fung not around damm funny.... i faster took couple photo with sarah then with rosie... hahaha then later took with pin yue... wau! super duper look like man... damm funny... gonna put it on friendster!! hahha.... then later on cut the cake right... stupid ngiap wanted to smack cream on my face... lucky i detected early... muahahah.... hahaa then later on we run around n smack cream... hahaha.... they all kanna but i didnt got it so much hahaha....

later on go play pool... meet xue er... haha oh ya got to talk with rosie... she was from scgs... hmm got the look... anyway damm funny... i tell zixin that if china black full we go american white la... then she say ok.. where is it huh? hahaha... aiyoyo... anyway this fri going out with pin sarah they all!!! yeah!! we gonna wear our sch uniform!!! i might be wearing SAJC uniform... st gabs uniform with sajc badge n tie! la la la... gonna watch stuck on u! jio sarah pinz xue er zixin ming xue maybe some other ppl!!! la la laa....

hope i can get the mtv asia award tickets!!! ah... then valentine's day maybe go china black with them!! hehehe... la la la... anyway gtg do my hw... got alot!!!! see ya guys! bye!