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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Poly gathering!

This is soooo overdue! haha.. its before my exam.. the 4 of us meeting up for dinner... all 4 of us from biotech/biomed @ NP.... now all SIM... hahhaa... none of us doing wat we did in NP... lol..

yao and princess! hhaha

me n elaine! we both stay yishun!! hahaha...

this is wat elaine ordered!! so nice right...

yao's! the fish is nice! yum yum!!!

waiting for the rest of our food...

MINE~!!! so nice right! i love the meat patties! hoho...

salad nice~!!! 4 of us sharing this... too much food... cant finish!!!

princess ordered this!! nice nice~!!!

i add this fishy to my rice! nice~!!!

i love the side dish... eggplant! yum!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i just came back from hk... everything is in a messed... history repeated...

anyway... just wanna share this song with u all.... Hirai Ken - Boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru (I want to fall in love with you)

i like the chorus n it goes...

さようなら、 笑ったよ、泣くなよ

sayounara, arigatou, suki da yo, suki da yo
sayounara, waratta yo, nakunayo
nandomo, nandodemo, kimi ni koi wo suru

goodbye, thank you, i like you, i like you
goodbye, laughed, cried
many times, regardless how many times, i wanna fall in love with you....

for you