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Friday, March 27, 2009


hossan leong doing dancing queen!! hahaha

ac birthday


hahaha... u think is just this table foosballl?!? u are wrong... hahaha this is just the warm up...
serene & her banana... hahaha

our 1st match... LOST!!!

alexis play polo as keeper.. this one also keeper hahaha...

things can get really rough man...

the afternoon team... haha

jake as keeper n me n mark zoner.. lol...

we were trying to deflate the sides... hahaha

the finals.... seriously i didnt expect us to go until finals... hahaha cuz we all dun really play soccer!

all matches we play until sudden death! my legs cramp can!

2nd!!! so near to first can... hahaha but who cares... NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! we enjoyed!

nabilah going crazy over the bachelors... hahaha

me n vanessa... she trying to cover her swollen cheek! HAHA

the 4 of us cutting queue like nobody biz! hahaha

hahaha.. nabilah managed to squeeze into the picture!

we were just damm bored outside... hahaha

hossan leong is seriously dammm funnny cant stand him... i think almost every year he is the emcee can... hahah

hahaa.. i shocked... this guy from my camp... CO's runner (in order words... clerk or run errands boy)

OH MY GOD! is he from 300? ahahah damm scary... i wonder he spend more time training his abs or swimming? hahaha


whoever wants free ettusais make up pls go look for her! hahah her blog link is just on the right ->

guess who's?  vanessa!!! hahaha... she is quite stupid now cuz she remove her WISDOM tooth... HAHA nah just kidding! u still very smart n clever ok! hahah

my lunch box... look so nice right... its banana walnut bread with salmon cheese spread + banana + smoked ham... its damm nice!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ok this is for those understand SINGLISH! if not... u catch no ball! ahhaha

this is dammmmm funny... hahhaa... this fat girl is DAMM GOOD at imitating all the japanese female singers! hahaha...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Generation Clear Ambassador - Citibank Fashion Show Finale @ Zouk

all of us getting ready with our make up and hair....

adrian, me, nicole keep camwhoring while jonathan and jin feng stoning there hahahaha

jayne was like OMG!!! WHERE IS MY ORGASMIC BAK KU TEH! hahaha she really love bak ku teh alot! ahhaha

now camwhore with diff ppl.... amber marcus jayne hahaha

check out nicole! so geisha-ish

check out JIN FENG's sexy back!!! woooots!

hahaha then he pose with adrian like.... u know... hahaha

look at jayne! do her hair halfway n go to the ice creamery booth and want to take some ice cream!!! hahahaha
then we went on the stage to practise abit... hahaha

this is classic! have u ever did this at zouk before!? NO RIGHT!!! but we DID IT!!! hahahaha

hahaha i decided to do some stupid pose with amber! hahaha we seriously dunnno wat to do!

emcee for the show~! jonny leeeeeeee!!!!! hahah my cousin... ya right... just because we have the same surname right? hahaha

nicole is really crazy!

ZHANG ZI YI IN SINGAPORE!!!!   and she said.... the SOUP IS TOO SALTY! hahahahaha
 i gonna upload the video of amber saying that!!! hahaha

doing my hair...
the all new male geisha at the ice creamery booth!! hahaha

photos by ashley mak
great photos

marcus with his hair like that he look like sephiroth with black hair! hahaha

before the show starts
still missing some ppl!
the show... omg i look like... CRAP! hahaha

adrian and jayne looks great...

suddenly it seems like pageant huh! hahaha

the shirt is way toooo big for me.... and my funny pose with amber! hahaha

thanks to deana and mel for the event!

our interview.... and nicole thanks ah! for saboing me thru out ur interview keep saying i anyhow bitch about ppl!!! hahahaa i nv ok!

then we had some games... nabilah came up! wooooooo! super fun!!! damm funny!

at the backstage.... jon, adrian, marcus and me... and thanks nicole for cutting out my face here! so nice of u!
my whole day camwhore partner adrian hahaha... damm funny... mauhauahauaha!

jayne dun like the heels! hahaha

getting ready to party party!

nicole trying to calm the boys down hahaha CHILL!

nicole and deana!
sexy back and sexy front!

zhang zi yi with the sian face! hahaha i hate my make up! hahaha

the crazy bunch of us!!! *ROAR!*

JAYNE WON $1000!!!
no! ITS $3000!!!! you wish! ahhaha

thanks gim n robynne for coming down!!!

thanks kylie
thanks dee deeeeee
and my mother! hahaha she look so much nicer with this make up instead of her geisha make up...

phoebe's friend took photo with my grandma sooooo funny! and with nomi! so cute!

aiyo... my mother bring her sister n my grandma down... make it like chinese new year gathering... FAINT!!! so funny la... have u ever see ur grandma at zouk before!??! I DID!!!!
then my elder cousins also came down! hahaha thanks to them... they were helping me remove my mascara n eyeliner... damm hard to remove... thank to my mum i am not a girl....

and siao mei!!! thanks for coming!!! and i dunnno where is the rest hahahaha!!!! and can u see 80% of my make up is removed!! better now...

and phoebe!!! representing pudding club!!! thanks for coming! POKE POKE!!! nomi came tooo!!!
my classmates came down tooooo..... nabilah!!! won the cards! yeah we have games to play!!! ahahah

julin came too!! mauahauha thanks people!!

vanessa, shirley and li nan... thank you!!! hahaha

of course... grace and xue er.... hahha thanks!!! yeah... then we hurried to tong tsui to eat! damm hungry...

my fellow facilitators also came down... howan, pei quan and jing yuan!!!
and we realised howan is from maha bodhi school tooo!!! our juniors!!! hahaha
then we started to have our MBS talk hahahaha ignore pei quan and jing yuan! hahaha

the two of them drank abit RED liao!!! wat the..... we went timbre n its good fellas but the main guy not there sibei sian la.... its not music but noise can!!!