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Saturday, October 18, 2008


koizora... it was showing half a yr ago.... and.. i still love this movie alot... everyone in the cinema cried... a love story that was forward around in japan thru mobile phone... put 1.2millions ppl in tears... i guess the dvd is out...

japanese movies are just sooooooo nice....

Friday, October 17, 2008


me and siao ying point to matt!

hope u enjoy ur surprise 19th birthday party last yr.... this yr very hard to surprise u cuz u dun even know if u booking out tmr!!! hahaha....

you have been a great friend matthew... hope you like your present this year!!! book out n hang out soon!!! serene coming back soon!!!! so we can play tennis tgt!!! yeah!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


CONGRATS to my japanese friends!!! team sakura invers!!! they won the recent Japan Championship!!! after losing to sea monkey for 4yrs... they finally got it back!! sweet victory :)

dun say good things i never share.... go to the website to download the 1gb worth of video n watch it!! DAMM FUCKING NICE!!!

team sakura invers is in black!
No.1 - Chu
No.3 - Ikuta (keeper)
No.6 - Taka
No.7 - Akira
No.10 - Haji

ikuta shot in the 1st goal damm freaking duper nice la!! its like damm far away!! then the sea monkey guy took the penalty shot n DIDNT GO IN!! shot in twice but never go in! so sad!

alright... ENJOY THE VIDEOS!!!
yesterday.... i spent 3millions and bought 8 shares.... apple, agilent technology, google, AIG, chevron, exxon mobile, GE and GM... and i EARNED $98,000!!!! i want to buy a car!!!

anyway... its all virtual money! hahaha... but well... i am still trying to learn abt investing... i want more time to learn more stuff!! argh!!!

today went to learn how to play the cashflow board game... OMG its damm freaking addictive can! its better than monopoly!!!

erubin gonna
  • work hard n earn alot money... 
  • reduce expenses
  • increase passive income
  • increase monthly cashflow
  • achieve financial freedom
  • retire by 40

maybe one day i am sooooo rich... i will build a canoepolo stadium! :)


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Mariah Carey - I Still Believe

You look in my eyes
and I get emotional inside.
I know it's crazy but
you still can touch my heart.
And after all this time
you'd think that I wouldn't
feel the same.
But time melts into nothing,
and nothing has changed.
I still believe someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
I have a dream someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
Each day of my life
I'm filled with all the joy I could find.
You know that I,
I'm not the desperate type.
If there's one spark of hope
left in my grasp
I'll hold it with both hands.
It's worth the risk of burning
to have a second chance.
And oh, no no no no no,
I need you, baby.
I still believe that we can be together.
No no no.
If we believe that true love
never has to end,
then we must know that we will love again
Oh, I still believe someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
Oh, baby, yeah yeah.
I had a dream you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
(repeat and fade)
today i went to watch SMILE with yao... then guess wat! i saw Scube & Ocube! hahaha damm funny... this is like the 2nd time i watch the same movie at the same place with mari.. haha...

anyway... initially i thought this movie is like the typical movie abt weak team win at the end... well IS IT like that... but i guess though it is like that... it is the process that is interesting... u know alot movies always have the same kind of ending but it is how the story develop n get ur emotion up n down with the story that makes it nice... anyway the lead actor is from WATERBOYS yup... he damm joker la... hahaha the movie is half comedy half romance...

it was released before xmas last yr... now then reach singapore! damm slow sia... haiz... yeah so just go n watch before it is over... i feel like buy dvd for this movie... 

本当の奇跡は,一番最後にやってくる。。real miracle will come at last...
Erubin's 5th Trip to Japan 2008
Last Day - Awara day 2 Final

wa... erica pose so nice..... hahaha...

check out the auntie in life vest no.2 she is damm power can! dun see her auntie n easy bully orh... she is good ok... i cant imagine my mother play canoepolo... i think if my mother play polo... she will just fucking point middle finger at u! LOL... i think my mother point middle finger to ppl more times per day than me... lol...

she look like the auntie sell food at foodcourt lor.. hahaha if u see her outside i dun think u can imagine she play canoepolo! hahaha

damm bored waiting for our game to start... cant remember who took this pic...

haha... that guy he dip really low or am i "floating"?? hahaha.... 

bracing is seriously a very impt canoepolo skill which alot of the new juniors fail to realise... haiz...

ben just look damm funny in this pic... the helmet like almost covering his eyes.. hahaha

japan really have alot old ppl playing polo!! this uncle damm old sia!! maybe he started polo since the 1st awara competition!!

chu! u reaching for the polo ball or haji's ball? LOL

this is the Final match for cat B... rowdy boyz VS arumada... after 1st half we lost 2-0... then during 2nd half we caught up... until 3-3... the last min... we lost... sian... but it was really a good match man...

hmm... dunno why suddenly got ppl row K4! hahaha...

our cert!

i have no idea why got 2... anyway just take la! hahaha

so after the comp... i went to took photo with the auntie... she very very nice.. n keep praising that my japanese is very good... been great talking to her...

sakura got 2nd... i felt damm sad for them... cuz they really did pretty well... but damm suay during the start of 2nd half... haji chase for 1st ball n hit the other guy until his gum bleed... wau.. then the match have to stop for sometime... n haji got yellow card.... damm sian... if not sakura could have won... BUT IT's OK! ikuta san just email me that they won sea monkey at the recent japan championship!

like our friends, sakura.... we also got 2nd... sian half... LOL... anyway we WON RICE!! yeah... hahaha but we gave to shiro!! haha

erubin with ohana... ohana mean flower in japanese... wooooo.... so who is rose? LOL... 1st n 3rd from left is in japan national team... their teamwork freaking good sia... n they are quite fast... imagine our first friendly match with them we got trashed like 6-1? hahaha yes that bad! but on the actual competition we won 4-2 or something... 

Rowdy Boyz + Scube + Ohana

SAKURA!!!! they are full of LOVE...

erubin with suzuki n his wife...

and this is akira... he is 24... and he is damm good... haha

this is the ever funny shiro! initially i met him he look like 16yrs old! LOL.... now he is studying the same thing as me in uni.... econs n finance... we gonna study tgt for our exam soon LOL... ya right... he said that he will be coming to singapore with chu n katsumi next yr march... :)

this is maiko.. goal keeper for chu's team... not many girls play Cat A... so... she is GOOD! haha.. her keeping not bad...

katsumi... eliza's international romance... hahaha... a dentistry student & can speak shanghai style chinese... girlfriend stay in osaka and i have no idea how they date from tokyo to osaka! hahaha every time meet midway... tokyo to osaka by bullet train is 3hrs! haha

taka san... always offer to drive us around... and the previous trip he really bring me around tokyo! super nice guy who like to play computer game! hahaha and yeah.. he is one that told me kobe beef is not the best beef in japan! there are alot more n better beef!

ikuta san! the super funny joker around! i stayed over at his place previously... that time we had shabu shabu at his house with suzuki, kenta hoya and chu... he offer me free accomodation at his place anytime! haha... he said maybe he coming to singapore this nov! yeah man... erubin is like working for Singapore Tourism Board... hahaha.... STB should hire me to advertise singapore to japanese....

wooooo.... ngee ann poly got 2 new players! MADE IN JAPAN! hahaha.... katsumi & chu!

and a very old one! LOL.... ikuta!! *roar*

this photo damm cute la... look at ikuta face! haha damm funny... i think if u sad.. just look at ikuta face! hahaha...

i swop shirt with koichi! LOL... small on him n big on me... hahaha... super nice guy... yeah enjoyed talking to him... oh man i wish my japanese is alot better than can talk in depth with everyone... and HIS FATHER IS DAMM COOL! he drove us back to hostel like 120km per hr or faster lor! HAHAHA.... and his father know russian mafia! hahaha... power!

katsumi damm funny la... do some stupid sick pose! hahaha

winston's lookalike, shuhei! didnt really talk to him much cuz only know him when i am at awara... and thank you for TEAM JAPAN CANOEPOLO SHIRT!!!!! hahah fit nicely on me!

lastly.... HAJI!! the guy that forever promise to hang out with me in tokyo but never happen! hahaha... haji is quite happening one... always go party like those outdoor concert kind... yeah.. we always email each other also... currently still single... so any girls want to know him? i sell u his email at $5 hahaha... *wait long long*

with this post.... i finally come to the end of my 5th trip to japan.... this trip is mainly for canoepolo.... and i guess my 6th one will be for SPEED :) yup... i guess my 7th trip will be working in japan! hahaa... japan is seriously an amazing country... ever fascinating n i never get bored from going there.... sujana just came back from japan for radiohead concert n she truly understand why i can go japan 5 times! hahaha.... seriously i have no idea why japan economy is doing so bad now... i shall study more abt their economy... because japan is really freaking amazing... i think it should be the no.1 tourist spot for everyone... and because their currency is getting weaker against our dollar... its a great reason to go there! the food is sooooooo dammm goood..... oh man... if i stay in japan for long, i will just balloon up like a sumo!

how can u know less than 10 japanese words?
sushi, sashimi, tempura, sayounara, konichiwa, arigatou, ohayo, oyasumi, honda, toyota, mitsubishi, sanyo, ayumi hamasaki, doraemon, pokemon

hahah more than 10 right! u know more japanese than u thought u dun!