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Sunday, December 31, 2006

this is wat happen if u dun use tripod for nightshot+portrait!! nonetheless this looks gooodddddd yeah!
esplanade firework!! yeah!!!

brandon, ac, siao mei and meeeeeeeeeee

exciting new yr countdown... FIREWORKS! BOMB BOMB! hahaa

KTV with weili, yao, grace and ac!!!! super duper fun!!! i want to ktv again!!! yeah!!! cheap cheap only $12.10 for 4hrs! mauhauahauaha

i like this zara long sleeve shirt!!!! pls pls pls get for me! hahahaa..

samuel!!! u better stick to ur 2007 resolution ok! if not i chop u upside down!

my mama CAN BLOW U OFF with this! WATCH OUT!

dun bully my mama or she SHOOT U!

me n my mama...

my mother n ah ma... dunno why wear until so red.. as if national day or chinese new yr... hahaa

photo from ac camera : can u spot me?!!?!? hahaha (i forever smiling hahaa)

Monday, December 25, 2006

merry xmas at loof! hahaha...

deaaaaa and her girl friend sebas who like guys with boobs! hahaha.... dea ur face is damm red! hahah

theoooooooo ah lian! theo bo? hahaha...


POKE GONG LI's neh neh!!! hahahahah

i have no idea wat the hell we are posing... hahahaa

where's theo's head?!?!!? ahhhhhh!!!!

we are crazy! yeah! hahahaa

Saturday, December 23, 2006

my xmas present this year!!! i am very surprised to receive it!!!!!! ahhhhh!!! THANK YOU WEILI, SIAO MEI AND EVELYN!!!!
welcome back TEAM SINGAPORE!!! hahaha siao mei saw my cousin!!! i still have not meet my cousin yet la! idiot!!! oei make sure u charge ur phone before u go out ah! hahaha...
met shy shi ai shy!!! hahahaa so long nv see her!!!

evelyn, ac and me... PRI SCH FRIENDS!! weee! both of them going aussie land to study! i cant wait to aussie visit them n grace n theo n whoever in aussie!!!! save $$$ to go aussie!!!!

this world is freaking small! i bump into hao there!!! HE SAT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! hahahaha... he went to corrinne may concert but i didnt seeeeeee HIM! wauhauaha!!!! and i saw my st gabs friend jeremy! wau lau damm scary nowadays.... i see soooo many ppl i know around... but its gooooood!!!!!
went to watch baghdad cafe performance with ac, pearlyn and evelyn!!!! wau the ppl are really damm zai! can sing, dance n act... not like me... dunno anything! hahahhaa damm cool la the music they played, is played by live band! not recorded one! SUPER DUPER COOL!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

this is my fav corrinne may!!! she talk to me!!! oh man!! i damm dammm nervous can!!! she commented that my camera is cute cuz its ORANGE IN COLOUR!!! she asked if i am a sports man! hahahaha ahhhhhh.... she so freaking nice can!!! i talk to her that i put her music in my blog n i read her blog!!! ahhhhh and she said she needs to update her blog soon... she have not update for like damm dammm long!!! ahhhhhh she is just soo sooo amazing!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

my buddy really really sing DAMMMMM GOOOOD!!!!
THIS IS THE BEST!!!! PHOTO WITH CORRINNE MAY!!!! I SET IT AT FULL RESOLUTION HIGH POWER AT 7.1MEGAPIXEL!!! i thought i was damm close to her but... i am still quite far from her in the pic... i should go MUCH MUCH CLOSER!!! AHHhhhhhhhh!!!! corrinne may is damm damm nice can!!! she so friendly n she always have this angelic smile on her!!!its unbelievable man!!!!

awwww..... her beautiful concert.... hail corrinne may!!!

isnt she SWEEEEEET!!!!!! she signed all 3 for me can!!! CORRINNE MAY I LOVE YOU!!! yeah u rock my world! more more more of u!!!

wooo! when president meet president! hahaa even oliver is at the corrinne may concert!! latest corrinne may fan! hahahaa!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

ahhhh!!!! shuling is there for the corrinne may concert!!! hurray!!!

the nonsensical me... (left) look! its the brown k800! (right) LOOK! ITS THAT UGLY BLACK k800!!

my onitsuka tiger shoes!!! la la la.... so blue.. so nice... i love!

i love geeky specs!!! MAKE ME A GEEK PLS! YEAH!
Flea market at home... weeeeee i love flea... flea fly mosquito! woooo lame..

Friday, December 15, 2006

xmas gathering 2006

ac and me! solarized by k800

the pink pink and green green girl with black man

yeah our xmas presents!!! i got wat i want! haahhaha LAME

stoning n watching tv...

Monday, December 11, 2006

its been a week since i POP-ed... and today have to go back tekong for the stupid coc thingy la... lucky i got nothing plan today but nonetheless who the hell want go back! hahahaha...

wed mambo was fun but it was super duper packed... i hate packed places... U CANT DANCE... u just stand there let ppl rub u... then went phuture with AC n cherina.. wau lau eh... this fat girl that bare her back... is freaking sweaty lor! she expose the whole area there n is not even dry! sian half... then i remember who is SHE! she 1st 3months from JI also la from MGS irritating girl... yucks....

sat MOS... the queue is damm horrible... the queue all the way to crazy horse la its crazy! but thanks to theo... she n ac cut queue n we were inside within 20mins! hahahaha u girls rocks! but i was freaking tired la... slept at 6am woke up at 10am n go canoepolo with the guys... wau piang.. cui ah!!!

argh... i suddenly miss BMT can! OMG... ok i miss those stupid songs that we sing... damm rubbish la... but then i dunno man! hhahaha but for sure i DUN MISS field camp, sit test n all the stupid shit stuff...

OH YES!!! CAN I PLS PLS SHOW OFF MY K800 for a moment!!! its damm nice la the phone! super duper nice i love this phone! freaking good la... the camera quality is really damm good la better than the n73... k800 won the best cameraphone award at dunno where la... cool man!!!! the ringtone damm loud i like but damm embarrassing i was in the train then there is a msg.. i cant stop the msg tone!!! wau damm pai sei! argh.... pls get this phone ppl!!! rocks rocks!!!

my phone flat after this photo n after wen wei talk to me for damm long on the phone! hahahahaha FLAT LEH!!!! i couldnt take photo with my new best friend THEO! hahahaha Posted by Picasa

took photo with my buddy with k800!!! happy happy!!! la la la Posted by Picasa

borders-soon-gonna-be-pageone gathering... hahahaha elaine got the super retro hair damm cool! Posted by Picasa

AC!!!! Posted by Picasa