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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just got back from Short Circuit.. it was really nice to attend it again.. Out of all the short films, I really really like Anniversary by Royston Tan. It's really nice. i like the "you-guess-ur-own" ending.. chia meng said is negative but i said its positive.. argh.. diff interpretation to the ending.. i still remember i was approached to audition for it but i kinda chicken out? kinda not comfortable with it also... but i am so glad for Kelvin that he got it instead. He acted really well.. esp the scene which he can just tear! WTF!!! omg.. i dun even think i can do that... During supper just now, Alfian asked if I am given a gay role to act will I accept it. I think if I am given any chance to act in anything, I should just give it a try right? now i really feel like going for JYP audition... even though i cant sing cant dance.. but i feel like just go for fun!

Enjoy Anniversary Teaser and Trailer :)

I'll blog more often from now on...