Saturday, September 16, 2006

ok.. i was kinda bored so i decided to do my handphone timeline hahaa! i started using my 1st siemens handphone when i was sec 2! and i lost it when i was at escape park someone stole it from my bag! after a long time then my mother finally gimme 3210 used for a long time before i start to use my dad's samsung phone and then i change with my ah ma for 3310!! hahaha by then its 2203 starting 1st 3months in JI... 3310 is like so old sch and then i decided to change to GD92 which is damm cool cuz u can record voice and set as ringtone! then i change to sonyericsson t100 which is quite hard to press the button.. hate it but it looks cute! since i got used my GD88 for 1yr!! yes i love the phone alot and i was the 1st among almost all my friends to own a colour and camera phone that time! then i start to change and change phone... i went to get SE T610 its super nice design but i hated the buttons as well and not that fantastic but function wise is great :) and i switch to my all time fav samsung V200!!! woooo! its freaking nice i love the flipping part and turning the camera and the buttons for sms is damm good and hence i can sms so fast that my bill shoot up as well! hahaha then i switch to N-gage.. was quite nice to use and its a nokia phone since 3310! hahaha ya but alot bugs in the phone and lack of camera i changed for K700 its damm good especially the speakers!! and then i change again to mitsubishi m900 the camera is dammm damm good sound wise is average... then E680 the sound speaker is power! but i hate motorola sms... sucks... and SHARP 902 for almost 8months! and samsung z540 for like 2months! now i think i maybe just get a cheap n chic phone for army huh... :) Posted by Picasa

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY DERRICK! make all of us wear green! and u make urself outstanding huh!! *evil* Posted by Picasa

u want me to take photo or cheers with me huh?!?!? Posted by Picasa

summer and sunathar! half pudding club gathering... cant wait for our next japan trip together ma... sushi tei sukiyaki is not nice.... the beef is too thick and ya they cheat sunathar's "TOFU" hahahaha! Posted by Picasa

jessica tay su su!!! my pri 1 to 3 classmates and my catching partner since pri 4 to 6! hahaha.... i wonder when is the last time i really meet her and sit down n talk... dun play play future doctor ok! haha Posted by Picasa

moses leaving for UK 2yrs!!! till we meet again 2yrs later!! Posted by Picasa

there was so much fear of me not passing it... but who cares now that i pass! ok just let me hope that i can apply for local uni smu/nus/ntu... if not then hmmmm i have to think of another path... but now my main concern will be NAPFA... yes i was soooo pissed with that stupid ns guy who keep saying my jump is fault which got me an E for standing board jump and A for other stuff... so i just walk away without doing my 2.4km run... this wed i gonna jump for at least silver... so that i can get enlisted... if successfully i will be able to enlist in 6 oct... yes i know i am damm freaker but i cant wait to go NS cuz i dun want to rot before NS i want to rot after NS! hahaha... i am having bad hair days so its better to go botak and cant wait to look ugly hahaha... be unglam just like my sec sch days with no girls around! wooo! hahaha...

cant wait to go HK next fri 28sept! cant wait man! cuz this is my 2nd pri sch friends oversea trip.. the first one was like 3yrs ago to genting which was quite fun as well but this time round from 8 ppl shrank to 4... due to their ns, sch and work... so this is the best that we can do have the 4 of us to go HK together!!! simply cant wait u know!

meanwhile... i am very busy with packing my stuff, meeting friends and reading books hahaha! :P i am going NUM party on thurs anyone wanna come along pls tag or msg me! buy ticket from my friend pls!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

can u see haji?? number 1... and number 11 the keeper is taka and number 6 blue is U19 captain and his girlfriend is number 4 blue with a BLACK FLIGHT!!! i want go back sakura n train with them! Posted by Picasa

can u see how many boats there have there? its just the outside... still got one warehouse of boats! haha and some boats are already brought out to the water already!!!! so boatful leh... Posted by Picasa

Samsung Z540. Phone in tip top condition with both LCD and lens cover by martin field. unfilled warranty. standard package. selling at $420 (price neg)

Sharp 902SH in titan grey. Phone in average condition. LCD no scratch. comes with all the orginal accessories. selling at $290 (price neg)

reason for selling cuz i going NS soon... no ridiculous price pls..

tag me if u are interested or msg me online

thanks for viewing Posted by Picasa