Saturday, January 26, 2008

yeah the pic say it allllll!!!! chesty nutty BANG BANG!!!! super duper goooood!!! i give it a full rating!!!

after the show.... we told photo with joakim gomez and jonathan lim!!! oh man i love the bangkok segment super duper funny... i really love those thai ppl talk so funny!!! and the make the parody of hairspray and high sch muscial which is very funny despite the fact that i didnt catch the movie!! hahaha the best of the best is the 881 parody... i laugh until my throat damm dry la!!! they sang rihanna umbrella in HOKKIEN VERSION!!! its so freaking funny man! really salute to the person who compose the hokkien lyrics!! I LOVE HOKKIEN!!! and it combine with the hokkien song little small umbrella... u know that damm hokkieny song! hahahaa... wau lau! rocks man!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! i want to watch again!!!! go book the ticket from gatecrash now! its until 3rd feb!!!


my dear borders friend... YATI!!! so long nv see her... she working for the drama centre!! she damm good la can watch the musical another 8 times! hahahaha can laugh while working! SHIOK RIGHT!!!

me serene n matthew
ac n me :) she is like so freaking  fair la!!! aiyo! like geisha...

the four of us!! CHESTY NUTTY BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

hello my friends!!! sorry i cant invite everyone cuz its at my house so i only invited my sec sch, JI, poly n outside friends... estimated 60 ppl will be attending... there will be a door bitch so u better dress up like a kid or else... i ask my mama to dress u up... my friend, mr ong will be my guest photographer so prepare to look abit glam... photos will be posted here... so come have fun, eat all the sweet stuff (so eat some food before coming cuz there is no dinner serve!) like donuts n will have ex-ben & jerry staffs to scoop ice cream for u at our hourly special with baileys, strawberry cheesecake, other ice cream... no ps3 n xbox... only NINTENDO WII!!! 

and here is my updated birthday wishlist.... i realise i should come out with a list that are some things which i will need this year....

- plenty of long sleeve shirt (i might be part time working n study this year so i need lots of shirt for work)

- crumpler bag & laptop bag (i want the big crumpler bag green n orange but dun have anymore!! sian... then i saw this limited edition bag which is smaller n i think is orange which i think is nice n something diff from other bag.... the laptop bag is the new one i saw!! blue one!! my fav colour is blue so pls blue!! its orange yellow inside n its limited edition!)

- i want a new pair of mizuno or asics track shoes i just realise my current one the sole is totally flat! omg!

- i want nice berms from haji lane! that shop i went to... limited pieces too...

thank you everyone love love from me! anything sms me pls! thank you!

NP open house!!! my juniors... the one that make me angry during training... qi shi ren! train hard ah... if not i gonna kick all ur ass sooon...


the 13 of us with alot more missing! hahaha i just simply love my borders friends man!!! we have enough staff to run the whole shopfloor! hahaa... so cute la... sneak preview for my birthday! take photo at kids playground... taufik's idea... hahaa  joyce is like sooo far away n sooooo smalll....

hahha i just realised me n sweelan same stupid face haha... samantha is funny tooo hahaha

joyce with her chilli spat all over the table...

latifah 1st to come... last to be served... poor girl... hungry until full... and i know wat u do to that mustard!!! hahaha so funny... i just laugh at her n she laugh at me... we each laughing at each other hahaha....

mel the giant behind going to eat up latifah.... latifah NOOOOoooooo...

sweelan!!! the first time we work tgt is at register 1!! hahaha... the always late girl is early today!!

argh face n 2 smile face plus a big face!

ahhhh elaine... nadia act cute with humble vanessa... hahha
Gen's 21st Birthday

oh man i am so busy till this entry is so way over due! just like gen's birthday last yr drag n postpone until this year new yr day then we celebrate! omg man... its really damm hard to get the four of us to meet up... army ah army.... anyway happy birthday girl!

sarah and her bling bling camera! so girly... so saradeeee

sammy the winner!!! sammy birthday soon man!!!

the rare meet up of the 4 of us.... and well... its been 5yrs since we know each other!! omg we are like damm old can!!! argh!!! old old old!