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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A day of gathering for zixin... top left (clockwise): zixin, jun ru, me and AC Posted by Picasa

we all look damm goofy can! haha Posted by Picasa

hahaha can u see that i got a strike from playing tic-tac-toe in this pics??? so damm cool man! i seriously love zixin phone samsung D500!!! i love this 3x3 mosiac mode!!! Posted by Picasa
its been long since i blog... went down to watch my NP girls fighting for 1st placing for SRRR... well i guess its not our luck this time round at SRRR... its ok... we will put a better fight for the bigger show later this year :) and i hope all refs including me can ref better during nat champ... if i not i will say right to the ref straight in his/her face...

went town to meet up with nicolle!!! its been a long long time since i sit down n have a meal with her... almost 2 yrs back? hahhaa.. yeah time flies.. 3yrs since we first met at JI... really have a good time talking n chatting abt everything that is going on in our lives... she is still that chirpy little girl and i still think she look like britney spears! hahaha... oh ya and her shorter hair now make her look like hazel from TP! i abit stunned after realising that... we saw this little boy playing drums at orchard... he is damm cool man... he can play drums at the age of 6 and started since 2! when i am 2 i dun even think i know wat the hell is a drum can! well we will see each other soon!!!!!

went home to rest n changed... then went over jon's grandma place for his birthday dinner... so much food! had fun with the rookies n gracie... we went over to fullerton one to club... wauhwauh there is a party going on... and i saw alot ppl i know lor... i saw pin yue, desmond, marlene and blah blah blah blah... aiyo... and i saw that fat ij tp girl from JI that time... hahahaha still fat n acting chio... yucks... ok i am damm mean... i nv say anything bad but i am just being HONEST ok!

It's been fun hanging out with shi ai and daniel these few days... hahaha alot crappy stuff to talk abt... yeah.. and i hope i can have a party at cocolatte... trying to get some deal from them... if not i will have a birthday party at some sneazy club at boat quay!! hahahaa but i think having a party at a snezy club is sooo much more fun than a decent place... i dunno mauhauahau... ok everyone is invited.. so pls make urself free on 1st feb wednesday... its 3rd of CNY so no excuses for not coming... all of u will be loaded! i try to get u a drink but can gurantee! but i will dance with u! mauhauahaua... gonna be a crazy crazy party... a lot pretty girls will be around so all the horny guys pls come too... hahahaa... sound like some match making party... anyway i am still damm busy la argh!!!! genomic test this sat and every week have bioinfo quiz and DDD quiz also.. headache!!! poster have to submit next week and presentation for PDC next week due too and this fri have to submit 2nd draft for final year project! i hope my other friends can be more understanding!!!! i cant party with them everyday k! canoeing club AGM coming too... i know how is it like to step down like how nikki cant wait to step down last yr... argh! and yeah need to invite alot more ppl for agm!!! i gonna get really old alumni to come down! mauhauahauaa.... enough blogging... see u ppl soon!