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Saturday, August 09, 2008

wooo! royston tan msg me on facebook!!! haha... i add him first... hahah... yes i saw him few hrs ago at the concert... n i gonna see him a few hrs later at the gala premiere for 12 Lotus! :) for those oversea... i felt sooooooooo sad for u that u cant watch yet... U CANT EVEN DOWNLOAD ON TORRENT! hahaa... booooooo! wait for my review for 12 LOTUS!! la la...
u know sometime... its good to go out and drink with some friends... get abit high... may talk abt rubbish... but when u actually abit gone... u will actually really dig out wat's deep down inside your heart.... and i have been watching sex and the city drama... somehow... all these stuff... just really make me wanna be SINGLE forever... haiz... why does relationship is sooooo complicated... while friendship is just that simple.... i understand why my aunt not getting married n been taking care of my grandma... perhaps i should just be the only son in my family n not get married... n take care of my mother... even though she always pissed me off... but i still love her and when i earn enough money... i want to bring her to japan... a promise i made to her.... do we humans really need to marry someone so that ur life is meaningful??? i dun think so.... life is fulfilling in every other ways....

i had NDP tickets.... but i kinda dun feel like going cuz suddenly i felt its gonna be boring... n i kinda interested to go for 12 lotus concert instead... so i gave to jiun... cuz she going australia soon... and she can watch with ben to have their romantic hours... hahaa... while i chose to spend time with my friends... so am i an alien for not having a girlfriend? you may think i am fucking weird... but the day i die, i swear u will cry ur eyeballs out that you fucking miss me... cuz of my honesty n my cheerful attitude that never fail to get my lameness to make u smile....

haiz just a little emo.... guess i have been too happy for pass few weeks n need to emo for a moment... dun worry... i will be fine again after i woke up tmr! :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

My Secret Saturday Night Date with 12 Lotus....

with these 3 actually but not really also... qi yu wu not there... n royston tan was there instead!

and!!!! my mother damm power.... she got VIP tickets from my aunt n she going with my grandma... and i got tickets to go too.... with SIAO MEI!!! SIAO AH!!!!

DJ WEI DONG in the HOUSE!!! SPIN SOME MUSIC PLS!!! 881 + 12 Lotus Music PLS!!!


weidong so EXCITED!!! hahaha... no la... actually he was posing like how i pose for photos... got so jia liat meh! wau lau... hahaha

my drawing so cute huh! its almost the design for 12 lotus t-shirt... but too bad i submit too late... HAHA


yeah!!! liu ling ling, mindee ong and royston tan!!! weeeeeeee!!

oh mindeeeee...... sooooo pretty..... i think she thinks i am some pervert! HAHA

me n my mother's idol!!!

ling yi is soooooo funny can!!! she is soooo funny that even u put 1 million jack neo also cant fight ah.... jack neo is sooooo YESTERDAY... like HISTORY... ling yi IS the current affair ok!

12 o clock curse for 12 lotus.... SIAN 1/2

ALVIN LEE WITH 12 lotus!!!

weidong & ah wee with 12 Lotus!!

ALVIN LEE & ROYSTON TAN!!! my fav director!! *BEAM* haha... DRINK WATER & WATCH 12 LOTUS....

yeah!!! i got autograph from them!!! weeeee...... let ling yi autograph the photo i took with her n my mother :)

The Tertiary Boys


koo chia meng is damm UGLY CAN! hahaha and nick look like 15yrs old boy!

anyway... the 4 of us plus some secret characters... went for 5th Singapore short cuts.... its damm nice.... ok la... out of the 5 i love the korean one alot..... this is the Q&A session with the directors....

2nd from left to right: Come by Kirsten Tan, Haze by Anthony Chen, Clouds in a shell by Liao Jie kai, Four Dishes by Leon Cheo

the 5th director which is chia meng's classmate is not here....

anyway out of 5, 2 is from NP FSV... the course that i always wanted to do... but ended in biotech LOL.... the korean one is by kirsten tan which i really like it... the acting is damm good... somehow i got lost watching haze and clouds in a shell... anyway the only thing i want to bitch abt is that clouds in a shell... i was damm shock... cuz the actor is my friend! JASON!! WTF hahaa.... but anyway... that director making rubbish film lor.. during the Q&A session ppl just shoot him n he just go round the bush... watever... and it can still win award leh!! i think i can make a film too n win MANY AWARDS!

anyway... this look like 911 attack! ahaha

i love naomi!!! nice place... and DRINK WATER OKOK?!?!?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

if u know anyone or u can draw any cartoon.... PLS DROP ME A MAIL!  i need someone to draw a cartoon for t-shirt! thanks!

LEE! take unglam photo of me!! haha

finally met up with lianne since i last met her few months back.... she told me something shocking! hahaha... and cuz she got me something from thailand last yr... so i got her something from cambodia this time round and she got me something from sydney!!! aiyoyo.... this japan trip must buy something!!! hahaha

and ah lian! where u looking at!!! 

i give lianne a black black face! haha

suddenly ah lian become very shy.... dun want take photo le!!! argh!!!

we flew to bangkok for an hour to have thai food n flew back to singapore! cool huh!

after dinner we board the bus n saw hanlong... saw hi but lianne dunno who is he! HAHA... then i told her he is from SP canoepolo... then she was like huh... never see before... LOL.... ah lian! u too long never polo lolo already... hahhaha

anyway we went to have our yummy ice cream....

any diff? haha... she is having banana n bundung while i have horlick n pear sake!

and ah lian decided to ask someone to take photo for us.....

turn out... we look damm small in the photo... HAHA.... so ah lian decided to test her skill!

yup... SO CLOSE without ice cream... HAHAHHA

anyway we just print it out... n i shot it at 7mega pixel! hahaha print out super sharp... ah lian drew the paddle n polo ball so funny... look like shotover n not double dutch or brac... n must write down my blog too... hahaha

of course! must promote where our photo is!!! hahaha...

congrats ah lian! ur final year at NUS and off u go to work!!! i still have 3yrs to go! meet u after my japan trip!!!

finally ORD-ed.... nothing special... it just like any normal day just that i fucking dun need to book in now! HURRAY!!! yeah i can have longer hair n dye my hair any colour! hahaha.... anyway... i cant remember i told who that i want to have a bet... i will dye my hair to the colour of my medal for ivp... so if get gold then blonde n silver dye ash grey n bronze will dye brown.... if nothing... then just BLACK! hahaha... so if opens get gold and ivp get bronze... then my hair will be GOLDEN BROWN! sounds like hashbrowns! LOL..... 

anyway i cant believe i am late for class 3 days in a row n my class start at 2pm can! and i fucking hate to sit at the back of the lecture... cuz i came late... during break i just jump right to the front... i found my perfect finance tuition tutor! mr chuan yang! hahaa... he just explained everything to me on msn n i am writing notes as he is talking.... 

so sorry to everyone if i nv update anything on my blog cuz i am busy studying... i aiming for high distinction for all 4 modules and when i am online pls pls do not disturb unless its urgent or u know finance... so dun come n say hey how's life... cuz my ten years answer for that frequently asked questions is always BUSY! so yeah... probably u can entertain me with a joke... and i replied u with a lamer one...

so everyone... pls study ok! cheers to NERD!

Monday, August 04, 2008

OPS! I FORGOT TO TELL U ALL.... TMR I ORD!!! YEAH!!! like finally!

 suddenly i miss my camp pass n i love my GREEN 11B.... this life transition is just like a WATERMELON.... green on the outside..... but once u chop it up... u see the pinky inside.... MY PINK IC!!!! la la.... wed go mambo i shall show them MY PINK IC!!! hahahaha

damm tired... sunday had friendly at NTU till 1030pm... then my mother only reach at 1120pm! by the time i reach home was like damm late n i went to pack my table n stuff n getting ready to go school!!!

woke up damm early at 8am even though my lecture start at 2pm... cuz i meeting alex in sch at 9am for gym but he was damm late! only reach at 10am.. i slept in the bus n nearly miss my stop!!! while waiting for him i started to read my notes... (yes! i damm mugger!) so we only started to gym from 1045 till 12... then go pool n tan will 1pm! then yan yi came n we went for LUNCH @ canteen 3.....

somehow i felt like as if i never grad from NP... though i am always at NP but i still miss the place alot... probably i miss my NP friends like my classmates n others hanging in library n stuff... and saw all the changes around NP... 

anyway... me n yan yi never check our mails la... our lecture change location n we went to the wrong place with like 20plus ppl hahaha.... then finally reach the lecture... i am just ready to study!!! la la... so happy to study again... i never sms during lecture can! only during breaks.... and i didnt fall asleep... yeah!

my lecturer so lame can.... keep cracking jokes which is really good... hahah n when someone ask him to on the light for the whiteboard... he said...."HMMM... I SORRY BUT I DUN THINK SIM IS VERY STINGY ABOUT ELECTRICAL BILLS CUZ I REALLY DUNNO WHERE IS THE SWTICH....." hahaha... then once he found the switch..... THE WHOLE LECTURE ROOM TURNED DARK! he OFF THE LIGHTS LA! wah biang! damm funny seh! hahaha... but he is a foreign lecturer (he is malaysian that teach in australia) so only be here a week n hopefully our local lecturer will be as good.....

first time in my life i am learning about FINANCE can!! but not bad i manage to understand everything n lucky i read some of my econs book n understand wat is MORAL HAZARD! hahaha... i never wrote so much notes on my lecture notes can!!! its like next week is exam man!!! and everyone in the lecture is mugging like hell!!! after lecture... all my classmates all said they gonna go home n study n mug!! its just the first lecture!!! and actually i also had the same thinking too! hahaha

anyway... was talking to weyman... poor thing... go NBS at NTU.... told me that the ppl there worship him cuz he printed all his notes n bought all the 2nd hand book... like discriminate those "kiasu" ppl.... a total diff from SIM... we both agreed that cuz ppl there already mug their ass off in A level n poly that once they got into NTU they just cant be bother... while ppl in SIM had a very bad setback n know that they cant slack anymore n are studying very hard....

so i conclude..... i shall stop blogging here n go STUDY!!! bye bye! i will blog again soon when i have more time! hahaha....

PS: 12 lotus have concert at expo this sat 9 AUGUST!!! GO GO!!!


Sunday, August 03, 2008


i am suppose to blog abt this but keep forgetting.... this article was out the day i came back from cambodia... its so funny reading it... i can so totally imagine how my mother go chase after those idiots...

my mother is a taxi driver... so pls run away without paying them... if not my mother no money gimme pocket money... I WILL FUCKING CHASE AFTER U N WHACK U WITH MY PADDLE!

my mother is such a joker.... she asked me to go down my house to take photo of her with my canon 10D... so i went down n take some photos of her.... after that i went home then upload to my mac.... she said she want to send to the newspaper office... then i ask her for the email... then she said she DUNNNO.... then i ask her how to send like that?!



isn't she funny? like me! LOL....


i told chia meng... i hope to shoot my very own film abt my mother... probably during my school vacation... so... just wait ok! FEATURING KWEK JIN TAI! haha..