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Saturday, September 20, 2008

(*Photos by Lin Wei Dong)

my fav taiwan singer!!! he is damm good!! omg his songs are catching n nice... its not the normal taiwan pop songs u hear.... and i love his dressing!!! *ahem* that's why u see me with funny specs... hahaha... time to get my long long socks...

he damm funny la he have all his performance at all the toastbox outlet!! and pls pls go catch him tmr sunday 21 sept at causeway point at 5pm.. be there early or he will be GONE! hahaha....

check out some of his songs!

好想要挥霍 - 卢广仲 (Lu Guang Zhong)

thanks weidong for putting up all the nice photo at his blog... its all so nicely taken... pls visit wei dong blog for more pic!!! meanwhile the rest of the photos are taken by my new canon ixus 80... not so nice cuz i set iso very high at 1600 cuz alot ppl push here n there so i need to up the iso level or else all photos will just BLUR!!

check out somemore song!

我愛你(I Love U) - 盧廣仲

his mushroom hair damm cool man.. hahha denise should have this hair... suits her pongkies image... hahaha

his live performance is DAMM GOOD.... his live is better than the cd.... his concert next year feb!!! tickets on sale in OCT... my birthday in feb huh... so u all know wat to do huh.... *AHEM* buy me his concert tickets la... FRONT SEAT that kind u know u know?

if u dunno.... HE IS THE HOTTEST STUFF IN TAIWAN NOW!!! u can youtube more of his videos!

this song is damm nice... but is not in his album.... it was played in my blog quite some time ago... nice songs must take out n share again! hahaha ENJOY!!

淵明nice song - 盧廣taiwan guy

a happy fan... kexin :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Eliza's CHANCES!!!

aiyo... scandal wors.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

5th Japan Trip 2008
Day 7 - Awara Training Day 2

Fukui prefecture have produced 5 nat team players... the most so far from the prefecture... 2 are in the senior team, jun and ueki..... U21 have 3... koichi, shuhei, teppei

their awara cup use the same design every year... they just change the colour of the different part of the design... quite cool huh... so ppl roughly know which year u are wearing from the colour! its bundle up with the competition fee.... we should make it like that next yr for nat champs!

koichi house.... the place where the party is held!!!! hehe....

TEAM SIM-gapore - Alexis, Alvin Erica

katsumi & erubin

koichi & erubin.... actually i look like japs right? just pluck eyebrows then hair abit longer... hahhaha then when pose for camera just twist n make ur eyes small... HAHA

that's maiko! behind the pic... the dog belongs to koichi... so cute right!!! I WANT!!!

i have no idea why JUN KANG like to pose with food in his mouth....

rui xiang forgot to shave.... someone pls help his shave can?

MAUHAUAH!!! pandora getting drunk soooooon!!!! shake her head!!!

HONG GAY already seh liao!!!

damm funny.... koichi's father came in with a box... then when we open up... IT LOOK LIKE hua diao jiu.... some chinese cooking oil la damm funny... hahah then everyone just drink n drink... damm crazy..... this day photos not so happening.... cuz the happening one is all in VIDEO!!! muahuahaua.....

the girls... just drink n went crazy!!! hahaha....


5th JAPAN TRIP 2008
Day 6 - AWARA Training Part 1

after 6hrs of bus ride.... we still need to take train to awara from fukui station.... TIRED!!

ueki brought us to the top of the hill n show us the training/competition ground!!! OMG DAMM NICE CAN!!! 3 courts! TRAINING TRAINING!!!!

before training u need POWER BREAKFAST!!! so yummy!! hahaha


wau erica go training so stylo milo one.... got shades n stuff... 

SOOOOOOOOO many boats!!! and we were using REVENGE boats for training... but is plastic version one... sian..

u all see MAN's & WOMAN's BALLS.... time to see JUNIOR BALL! hahaha

hahaha.... size does matter?

aiyo!! the 7th month ghost fly all the way to japan n eat... tsk tsk.... kailing ah.... SO AUNTIE LOR.... HAHA

this guy is DESPERATE! haha

that guy damm funny... keep sabo hong gay to drink alot beer... make hong gay seh... that's why hong gay want to take photo with him... hahahha

hahaha this auntie cooked all the food for us... and she kept taking out her handphone n took photo of us... so we just go take a proper photo with her... SHE SOOOOO HAPPY!!! hahaha

damm funny la... jun kang keep acting cute... look like so rabbit....

then benjamin also go act cute... hahaha

how can u forget PIKA-CHUUUUUUUUU!!!!! hahahah 

hong gay getting more seh already....

yummy food huh... no wonder kailing so greedy!!

CHU ah chu... why u never sit with ur 6 CHANCE!!! u sit with us NO CHANCE! hahaha.... and ur chance... is being stolen by that chee bye kia!

erica forever posing for me camera!!! tsk tsk.... hahaha

u all so boring... pose something funny leh!!!


ROWDY FUKUIs.... haha

erubin with the organizing committee.... their competition is like organise by those who dun play polo... n they run it until very perfect..... probably 20th nat champs will be like that....

the siao one... jump here n there.... TMR GOT TRAINING HOR!!! JUMP JUMP JUMP.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

5th Japan Trip 2008
Day 5 - FUJI-Q

Rowdy Boyz + Jiun @ FUJI-Q

its a 2hrs plus ride from tokyo... yeah!! can see mount fuji... so pretty... hahahah...


our 1st ride!!! FUJIYAMA!!! king of roller coaster leh! its the world highest roller coaster!!! 79m!!

this photo damm funny la... all 3 just HUH! hahaa...

I AM BIG PEOPLE! LOL.... so cute lor... when u get ur pass u need to take photo of urself at the machine.... i saw some ppl one... they just pose damm stupid face... i want go FUJI-Q again! i nv ride all!!!

so cute la... once u reach the top... got a CHICKEN WAY exit for those NO BALLS ppl... like JUN KANG.... hahaha jun kang almost wanted to go the chicken way.... wau lau JIUN dare to ride u dun dare!? JIUN is truly a MONSTER! hahaha

fujiyama.... check out the youtube video!

hahaha scary?

this jap girl if u notice at the start u can hear her talking... once the roller coaster drop from 79m onwards.... its so fast that the camera cant record her scream!!!

this is another ride that i didnt have time to ride.... and the haunted house... argh!!! sian... my japan trip so short!!!

hot spring anyone??? we can do human pyramid... haaha

japanese kids are soooooo cuteeeeeee!!!! hahaha i just anyhow take photo of them n they just pose for me!!! KAWAIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!