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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This student week, Canoe Polo sent in 2 teams to participate in Floorball 3v3. Canoe Polo IVP just ended and we finally can afford to get "injured"!! Let me introduce you to the 2 teams!!

First up! we have the "Canoe Polo" team dress up in black~!! From left: Christine (My primary school friend!), Hong an, Joseph and Erica~!! They fought hard and made it till quarter finals....

Next, my team "Polo Canoe". From Left: Philip, Sheena, Alvin, Joyce. Yeah we put our name the other way round so we wear the opposite colour of black which is WHITE~!! hahaa... It's been a super tiring day... we played so many matches and we got 3rd~!! Had alot close matches with other teams... so at the end of the day... we all suffered leg cramps, butt cramps, lower butt cramps!! especially for me, i hardly run... (cause i do not have to run in CANOE POLO!) that's explain why I got cramps all over my lower body!

Serene our cheerleader~!! and also not forgetting Raymond too~!

With the dragon boat girls, wei yin and mel.... we were all sweaty sweaty~!! haha

Beside floorball, there's Netball too~!!


yup! my bunch of crazy classmates.... came to school just to take part in the netball competition! too bad i am playing for floorball so I cant join them!!

during my break time between floorball matches, I head back to my Canoe Polo Booth and spent some time talking to my friendly neighbour, CANOEING CLUB~!!! haha... yeah... took photo with Alvin Chen, Jun Sheng and Lex --> Ngee Ann Canoeing Club Alumnis! Thanks to them, sitting at the booth is not so lonely and boring anymore~!!

I hope all of you will take part in more sports activities in school~!! Stop lazing around~!! Thanks to everyone who helped out with student week~!! It's been a great week~!!!