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Friday, February 25, 2005

WOOOOOHOOOO!!! finally all 3 projects down... manage to get a small break... i need to relax... i overworked... ok i still have my aqua report to complete n get it printed out on monday.. study for maths CCT on sunday.. then start to do my perl project also and do my NACC photo presentation! hehee...

anyway... dunno why walter didnt come down on thurs... looking forward to his training leh... call him also nv pick up phone... then both cap n v.cap didnt turn up... tried to lead the juniors in the drills they did last week... dunno why all of them always soooooo blur... sometimes i wonder are they really guy or girl... cuz usually guy is more alert n knows wat is going on... *i didnt mean that all girl are gong kia! then i really start to see those who really focus n determine to train hard... both peter are going well but need more training... actually i am not good at teaching.. but i try my best to tell them how to get a better stroke n stuff...

i think that nowadays our senior guys are much more discipline in training as in we try not to waste time n just keep doing all the drills... i think maybe now we have a common goal.. to win in ivp...for me its both winning in ivp n passion for the sports... but of course... my dearest team bubble bath... hope that we wont make any grave mistakes to lead us to defeat like in SRRR... really start to cherish every moment now... time really flies... soon i will be in NS... national slavery! oh ya... damm funny... gopi broke a shotover paddle sia... strong dude! damm funny...

weiqiang pass his last practical liao!!! sian sia!! i going circuit revision on sunday hope next wed i can pass man!! next test date is 16march.. aiming for it!! VESPA BABY!! i need u badly!

Monday, February 21, 2005

i am freaking lack of sleep... instant knockoff yest while trying to rush for my PQS project... now in PQS class fuck this guy got damm nice adidas jacket! its brown! the colour that i like right now... i love all the brown things now!!! his adidas jacket is exaclty the same as that eugene model guy he got the dark blue one.... but equally nice... n that guy in my class... he is wearing the exactly same ripcurl shirt jeremy mark they all bought for me for my bday... but lucky his is white... black looks nicer... *hehe*

anyway the projects is killing me.. anyway i dun understand why ppl are soooooo afraid to confront me with things they aint happy about... i am very open to whatever u are unhappy abt... anyway recently alot things happen in my canoe side... i hope that i can do something to it... seriously i think... my 19th committee of canoe club should gimme this post call the wellfare officer *LOL* or hmmm feedback unit service officer... hahahaa

stupid joyce... told me desperate housewives is nice but its so boring i didnt even laugh at all lor... BORED! my mother found nokia 6610 muahauaha just nice when i sell my ngage n need another phone for my second line but have hard time transfering the contacts over to my phone... i hope i win iPOD from some lucky draw... i can foresee that in 1months plus i will change n get a 2nd hand phone... then in 3months i will get another new phone... muahuaha... in 6months i will sell both n get a 3G phone! *grinz*

and stupid joyce saw my twin again on vespa today... i dunno if she pulling my leg or wat sia... i nv bump into him la... anyway i decided to pull out from the sprinting event next month... i only been to sprinting training once n i have not get back to my usual sprinting stroke... i think if the sch not getting us a new boat... i will use my attachment $$$ to buy a personal boat... i was thinking getting blue... same tone as my future vespa... *grinz*grinz*

Sunday, February 20, 2005


was freaking late for sch... but just in time for my presentation... the mizuno attire is freaking nice hehe... yao said it was like some jappy sch! tala... better than the polo girls shirt huh... hahaha... now the polo seniors n the junior girls had their own team shirt so... let's see what the junior guys will get for themselves.. today aqua pract is damm disgusting la... watched the video how is fish disected.. its not like wat u see those wet market style la... wet market they cut open n just throw those stomach away... but this one... we have to play with the kidney spleen stomach n stuff la.. YUCKS! then i was sitting infront.. i didnt know i was just sitting beside a pail of thawed dead fishes! no wonder so stinks sia! fuck... then mel n yeewen bought rabbits! DAMM CUTE!!! i love mel's rabbit freaking freaking cute! it brown in colour oh my god i didnt realise how cute can rabbit be man! later on went to pick up the students for the intro of canoe polo... some of them are really into the sports but the others just paddle around for fun... hope to see joshua phang n farhan join us! both of them looks good... have to comment abt the guys... some of them really have no initiative to go over n help out... they just squat there n stare n stare n look n look n watch n watch n wait n wait... feel like throwing shotover over... by the way shotover is a heavy paddle... hahaa

anyway after they left.. training started... then i just do some ball throwing with weiqiang first... really need to train my shooting n passing... everyone in the game play an important role no matter which position u are playing... like wat walter said... "i score, its my team mate give a good pass to me n i shoot.. without my team mate i cant score..." walter training really very effective as in it is how training should be like... can u imagine if we really train this way before SRRR... we would have been able to be in top 8! i am still really sad over the fact that we lost to SPD n red tide2... both clinched the 10th n 9th spot...n us... 11th... nvm... soon we will be in single digit position... anyway i dunno why during our training... i cant sprint that fast... seriously i felt that i am not going as fast as i should be... walter is really doing this really good training for us... having the slower paddler to go first then the average one n the fast one... so the slow one will go first n then the fast one have to catch up... this is really fun... i was aiming to catch up with mark but but determination is much better than me n he manage to keep me behind him... my forearms were like having stage fright that kind of feeling... i guess i really need to gym.. i have not been in gym for dunno how long sia... i remembered a year ago... how derek asked us to paddle round the pool with our shotover... i was the slowest then.. my strokes were so screwed n i looks like i am gonna give up but i nv thought of giving up... i always endure tough trainings... i told myself even though i am the slowest but i will nv give up... every extra paddle u go... is actually means that i am pushing myself a bit more...

i hate my maths teacher... she is so bitchy n PMSy nowadays... she make me hate maths... unlike stanley tan who really taught me well n gave me a reason to love maths... i need to start studying from next sunday onwards.. meaning i most prob is pulling out from sprinting... i need to balance both side... but i promise i will go kallang for sprinting after my this semester... and now there is alot stuff for me to do... PQS report, aqua report n presentation and amb presentation... and i am doom! i really love my that blue long sleeve shirt from topman... so super duper nice... had the 3 on 3... gracie not with us but the akai tsunami will fight hard!! lets get no.1... last time my team is no.2... we should get no.1 this time round but i wont be able to play the finals... sad*

walter didnt came down from 11... n alot guys were late... so me n lin lead the training... did the same thing as on thurs... really love doing that now... then later on do pass sprint n shoot... i was the keeper... great chance got me to train keeping... manage to keep most of the balls... later on start to play game n walter n stanley n libang were there to guide us... after debrief walter n the senior guys were doing some stupid jumping into the pool... damm funny! hahaha... help them took some nice shots... well.. i sold my ngage at $190... now i using that spoilt 8850... only can msg... sian i wan get another old but nice cheap phone...

i failed my practical for bike for the 4th time... fuck it la... i did nothing wrong lor just that i wobble abit n fuck them for saying i nv check my blindspot... u wan me turn my head 360 degree then u all happy is it... neh neh la... damm tulan la... stupid instructors... hate it... later on went for pool slot... lucky got boat for me even though i went at 10plus like that... its nice seeing june tiong training at the pool... really nice to see her putting so much effort in it... i going to push myself to be like her train n be very determine... now i gonna train hard n more often... from 5 times a week.. i going to train 6times a week... in case i got into national team i can keep up with the training... i didnt know syaz national training is 4 times a week n she came for sch training too... she power pack sia... but damm sad ah... that day saw the polo forum... the guys selection is cancelled... damm sad la... the girls one still have... guess there is too many guys in the national team... so now i have to be more outstanding in order to get in.... like wat walter said... all of us should aim to be better than jeremy rather than be just like him... so i am DETERMINE to be BETTER THAN JEREMY!!

me n patrick star! so who is the real SUPER STAR here huh! Posted by Hello

so nice right this photo... taken by me using nitemode on canon ixus i... thanks syaz for spongeboby n joyce of patricky... hehee so adorable huh! they slept beside me every nite... *muackz* Posted by Hello

mighty marky mark! Posted by Hello

yeah Posted by Hello

this is call..."NOKIA - CONNECTING PEOPLE" hahah Posted by Hello

brand new nokia 6510... equip with 65k tft screen and a 2.megapixel CCD lens to take photo of JEREMY... Posted by Hello

i think this pic is nice... mel n yao both of them its like first time taken a photo together... we should have a class photo of 2F07 huh... Posted by Hello

i love sitting at charles car! so fun! Posted by Hello

joyce's personal solo neoprint attempt! Posted by Hello

i of the neoprint taken with yao n joyce.. muahauha damm freaking funny n fun n COOOOOOOL!!! Posted by Hello