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Thursday, November 13, 2008

yest i slept early.... then i woke up this morning... i saw a msg..... my heart just melt.... mmmmmmmm not gonna tell u all who! MUAHUHAUAH!!

PS: i love this mambo song.... ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

siao mei, jess and me.... POP STAR!!! I LOVE MY CANON 10D :) soooo nice... haha

party at the treehouse @ SMU

welcome to herry's 21st birthday party!

how about LAUGHING OUT LOUD?!?!?! HAHA! i love my singlet... BOUGHT FROM JAPAN...

sunflower for you?

jess also wanna give u sunflower!

siao mei with the sunflower!

and adeline with sunflower!!! hahaa

wooooo sooooo many photos!

aiyo! underage girl.... adeline... u cannot drink alcohol ok!

with the birthday boy....


he is really to SLASH the cut....

so nice hor the cake! 

ice cream cake....

adeline end up still drink the alcohol... tsk tsk... underage girl! later police catch u ah!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i know this might be sudden.... but i decided to save up money to go australia to study.. transfer to other uni after my stage 1 in SIM-RMIT... will share accomodation with friends... yeah... i still have another year to decide.... meanwhile i gonna strive to score high distinction for my next 2 semester... well... not gonna have my 23rd n 24th birthday party... with great dream comes with greater sacrifice... yup... i shall save n scrap now... if anyone would like to donate to my education fund do email me :)

if i dun sacrifice now... i will just regret for the rest of my life...

we are all cowards in the face of happiness.... if we want happiness, we need to use our both hands and reach out for it....


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

よかった!! exams over!!

i dun think will be working this holiday... since economy is bad... so i gonna continue studying!!!

this holiday.....

1. i gonna learn guitar on my own if not ask my friends to teach.... borrow guitar from julin already haha...
2. i gonna brush up my japanese then in jan gonna continue my japanese class... CANT WAIT!!
3. find tuition job to pay for my japanese classes....
4. start my saving plan...
5. read up on investment n finish all my books!!!
6. meet up with friends
7. gym n training!!!

i watch high school muscial 3: senior year yesterday!!! its quite nice!!! hahaha.... go catch it... :)

i hope i pass all my modules... if not i will act in high school music 4.... the repeat year! HAHA


me, nadia and pei qin! i was facebooking n i found my pri sch friend pei qin!!! hahaha and she is link to nadia my borders colleague!! this world sooooo small!! so i went NUS to meet them for lunch!! hahaha.... catch u two again soon!

Biotech gathering with just 3ppl!

we went michigan... just the 3 of us...

ya hui, yao and me... hahahah poor zhen you have to work OT... and as usual the rest nv come... booooooo

me n yao just love this jap curry place... n it was monday so got discount on seafood curry!! hahaha

yao wants to go michigan... hahaha

ya hui n yao... damm long nv meet ya hui already... 

me n ya hui.... this was like few weeks ago... hahaha... overdue photos that have not post!


my elder bro, my father, my younger bro, my mother n ME! i seriously dun look like my brothers... i think both of them look more like my father n i look more like my mum...

my bro going france with the air force as storeman for 1yr... HOW GOOD CAN IT GET sia! tamade... hahah i damm JEALOUS... but hey guesss what..... when he is away... i can use his 32inch samsung plasma tv in my room!!! sweeet!

now my house is soooooo empty.... i felt as if i am the only child... cuz my elder bro likes to stay with my grandma... so ya... most of the time i am home alone... gonna party often in my house... i thinking my room can be mambo... then my younger bro room be phuture hahaha...

my bro with my aunt...

with my maternal grandparents....

didi with ah gong n ah ma.....

it was damm sad when my bro left... my mum just hug him n he suddenly cry n my mother also cry... i see already also cry! aiyo... he irritating bro no matter wat... still a small boy.. even though he is 20 but he very kiddy... his command of english is not even average and he is flying to france ALONE! i thought like he will fly with someone from the army but dun have lor!!

his return flight is confirmed next yr... its on matthew chia's 21st birthday... haha... see u next yr...

went for short circuit 3 on sat... before that i was mugging somewhere like a nerd! hahaha... argh... i just need to relax... so went to substation n have some fun!

when i went to the toilet at substation... i saw this on the cubicle door... DAMM FUNNY LA... i was like WTF! hahaha..... i think some day i gonna write some lame joke on the toilet door... mauhauha...

i was supposed to be just an audience end up shuming asked me to be the usher... hahaha i guess i was like anyhow... hahaa... ops...

alfian interviewing the film makers.... i really like the malay short film... damm damm funny.. hahaha... and eva's korean short film... damm emo...

then chia meng, leon and junfeng all their films were showing too... hopefully next year i can attend again.... i just LOVVVVVVVVVE local short films....

thanks james for the gift... he got a fish eye extension thing for my canon ixus 80... quite cool...

thanks leon too for his smooth e facial wash! hahaha... and lend me TALKING COCK movie... hahah i gonna get damm lame... the best of all.... HE GOT A COPY OF THE SHORT FILM I WAS IN 3YRS AGO!!! THE BUS!!! damm nice la.... i watch it again... its really a very nice short film abt the bus in singapore...


anyway i found that korean emo song in eva's film....

i cant find the english lyrics so i used the online tool to translate it so its kinda weird... but its damm emo in the short film to see the girl cry n sing it... and she is REALLY CRYING not acting kind... wau....... sweee ah!

nami - seulpeuninyeon

I was going back and looking at moving away
Do you think I will still parting moment

Used to be that in many sweet memories
How do we sop to the heart

Oh, do come back you can not stand the loneliness
Oh, I'll be back

However, when you see you again
Do you think we can love flowing through the years
You do not know how many tears drop
Used to be that in many sweet memories
Sop to the two of us, like we do

Oh, do come back you can not stand the loneliness
Oh, I'll be back, back again

However, when you see you again
Do you think we can love
All those years you how to flow
Tears do not know a lot of noise

However, when you see you again
Can we love to love
All those years you how to flow
Tears do not know a lot of noise