Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 like any other years... had its up n down.. the year start off quite badly cuz i found my uni friends backstab me over project work.. horrible ppl... deleted them off facebook.. we are not friends anymore... you lose friends you gain friends... with later part of the year.. my SIM Canoe Polo club expanded with a lot wonderful junior guys and girls... and they played an important part in uni life..

for canoe polo... finally broke the bronze curse for IVP... but very upset with the girls that they didnt get any medal at all for ivp.. we cant maintain a clean sweep medal record for SIM canoe polo history.. oh well... its mean 2.5yrs for SIM Canoe Polo and the club really grow from nothing to something... its still at its baby stage... need more support.. in 11days i will be stepping down.. time to pass down.. hopefully they dun forget who the founder is :)

as for studies... one last semester in SIM.. gonna enjoy my time as student.. kinda miss mugging for exams.. i spent more time studying in SMU than in SIM campus! haha... i just want to grad smoothly and have my convo in 2011 july :) and play my final IVP in aug.. hopefully can get Gold for IVP... and i still really really wanna go for my europe exchange program and be able to train for IVP...

i hope year 2011 i will get to meet up with friends that i have not met up during the whole of 2010... and i hope to meet someone special :)


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


so far.. it's my 3rd day here and i'm loving every moment here... but the wifi here keep getting cut off... i dunno what the officials are trying to do... they should provide wifi for everyone to use... i guess only singaporeans are complaining cuz we are too used to be connected everywhere... anyway... as usual... i just LOVE THAI FOOD!!! i cant really take spicy food but i dun care... JUST WHACK!! hahaha i'm getting FAT... been eating alot everyday... so every night i try to do 100 sit-up, 100 push-up and 100 dips.. hope it helps to counter all the sins i consume everyday hahaa....

the thais here are very friendly... i hope to learn some basic thai from this trip... and some of them have english name.. so interesting... today the football boys are having their very 1st match! all the best to them!! half of the singapore contingent is here!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just got back from Short Circuit.. it was really nice to attend it again.. Out of all the short films, I really really like Anniversary by Royston Tan. It's really nice. i like the "you-guess-ur-own" ending.. chia meng said is negative but i said its positive.. argh.. diff interpretation to the ending.. i still remember i was approached to audition for it but i kinda chicken out? kinda not comfortable with it also... but i am so glad for Kelvin that he got it instead. He acted really well.. esp the scene which he can just tear! WTF!!! omg.. i dun even think i can do that... During supper just now, Alfian asked if I am given a gay role to act will I accept it. I think if I am given any chance to act in anything, I should just give it a try right? now i really feel like going for JYP audition... even though i cant sing cant dance.. but i feel like just go for fun!

Enjoy Anniversary Teaser and Trailer :)

I'll blog more often from now on...

Friday, November 26, 2010

dear blog... i miss you... you are the place that i used to rant abt stuff in my life... i am just sad... things just dun go my way.. there are some things that i want it so bad... so bad that i can just die for it... maybe ppl usually mean die for it is... you rather die than to be alive n not get it... I AM NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING SILLY PLS! just saying... i wish for a perfect life.. perfect can be boring.. yes but i dun want all these unwanted emotions... and to you... i really hope i can be there for u.. hold you and be ur guiding light.. when the world end.. i just wanna be beside you and become history...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dear readers... sorry for MIA... i guess with facebook n twitter... my life is constantly updated thru these social media instead... i dun anyhow add ppl on fb so the next best thing will be follow me on twitter... @erubinz :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heard about the most anticipated local movie "Sandcastle"??

It is directed by my good friend Boo Junfeng. His first feature film and also the first local film featured at the 49th International Critic's Week

The crews and casts of Sandcastle at Cannes!

Not only can we make Singapore proud in the sports arena.. we can do our part in the film industry and anywhere else too.

Recently the film was showing at Toronto International Film Festival!!

Check out the trailer...


I am lucky to be invited to watch the premiere. I love how the film is being shot at very beautiful angle. It's rated 4 out of 5 stars in almost all movie reviews locally!! Go catch it (only) at Golden Village. Support Local Film!!

At the post-premiere party with my friends...

The crews of Sandcastle!! Well Done! *claps*

Junfeng and Me

Before his first feature film, Junfeng made several short films and my favourite is got to be Katong Fugue! Ok I think I am bias because I am a big fan of Neo Swee Lin! haha..


Tingyi and Me

Heard of rojak??

It is an event happens every quarterly. it features 10 presenters on various topic/industry (arts, fashion, design, architecture, economic, maths). Usually attended by many creative people and there will be Q&A sessions to discuss over the presentation and how can one improve on their idea! It is very interesting!!! So far I attended twice!

They always have the event at very "strange" and interesting venue and it is always different! Like the recent one, it was at some void deck near bugis. The previous one was at an abandoned warehouse at Mount Emily! Not only you get to explore new presentations from these creative people but also explore Singapore!!

See you all at the next ROJAK!!

I just attended Celepreneur 2 this week.

In this photo (Left to Right): Me, Vui Sin, Kelly (Executive Director of Spirit of Enterprise), Robin Leong, Cassandra, Christina and Taige.

Vui Sin is also my fellow friend in SIM LEAD camp! He is very active in SIM Karate so do join Karate!!

I enjoyed the whole session as Robin was being interviewed about how he set up his business. I am sure many of you are not aware that he actually has his own business in teaching martial arts! He even expanded oversea, like China! I wonder who will be the next celebrity speaker for Celepreneur!!!!

Celepreneur was made possible with Vui Sin, Cassandra and Christina organising it. Used to be more people but they left us!!! I hope one day we will all get to set up the business that we want and sit down somewhere and drink coffee.. HAHA!

So, actually there are many interesting event out there for you to do. Singapore is not that boring after all... Follow me on twitter @erubinz and get updates on what's there to do in Singapore!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i feel like moving my blog to tumblr.. it seems better.. dunno if i am going somewhere greener.. anyway... this blog is for sale! let me know if u interested to take over this url :)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

After 2 years... I finally got my friend, weining to design a club logo for SIM CANOE POLO!!! I think that it is very important for a club to have a logo as an identity...

National Championship finally over 2weeks ago.... I have been very busy with my tests so finally I have time to blog about the competition...

Doing my official refereeing duty....

No.6 is actually a girl! going as fast as the guy!!!

blocking the shot...

this is what happen when you pick up the ball too slow..... your team mate SHOUT AT YOU!!!!

the match against NTU was very intense...

it was so fast paced that we hardly have time to do substitution...

we lost... so we have to settle for silver... i really wish it is gold...

To Rowdy Boyz: we came so close to winning a medal... but we didnt.. i dunno if i have the chance to play with you guys... nonetheless.. we shall work towards it! :)

Special thanks to denise (extreme right) for helping me to coach and teach the juniors new things and correct their mistakes.. :)

SIM WOMEN IVP TEAM 2010 - they fought hard and got 5th among 7 schools this year.

Erica! extra laaaa crash our photos nia!!!!

SIM MEN IVP TEAM 2010 - thank you guys... we all fought hard... even though we all aiming for Gold but we got Silver... at least we moved up from Bronze.. next year we will be back STRONGER!!!

TEAM SIM 2010!!

All of us with CAROLINE!!!!! Thank you for coming down! :)

Our Silver Medals and Trophy...

Silver Men with Andrew and Caroline :)

Every year, we were only given 10 medals.... this year, i requested to the committee that we should have a trophy so that we can give it to the school.... yup so hail to me! haha...

Special thanks to Erica... she have been a great help to me... helping me to do some arrangements and stuff... She is finally a UOL graduate! No more IVP for you!! haha..

Special thanks to Raymond... he was the vice captain and also helped me out with various matters... we played for SIM for 3 IVP years already... he is also a UOL graduate! NO MORE IVP for you! hahaa..

Now that i'm in final year... I thought if I win Gold this year and I won't want to play IVP anymore... and now the silver make me want fight for gold next year! I actually plan to go for SIM summer abroad program next year.... i only can choose one... and i have chose to win medals for SIM that I am sacrificing my oversea experience (twice: last year and this year)... tough choice next year... GOLD or experience?

I am sure most of you watched a little of YOG here and there for the past few weeks... but Canoe Polo is not yet an Olympic sport... All canoe polo players around the world are trying to raise awareness of this sport and hope that one day it will be an Olympic sport!

Just last week, Channel U did a coverage on Canoe Polo and Dragon Boat... you can check out the video at the URL below!

I need to point out that during the video some of the equipment pricing were mentioned inaccurately... it is not so expensive.. nonetheless, canoe polo does need a little more funding than other sports...

razorTV also did coverage for Canoe Polo recently.... and I am glad that they chose SIM to be part of their filming project.

GLEE vs Canoe Polo!


Yes! Glee season 2 is coming out soon... but what does Glee got to do with Canoe Polo??

If you watched Glee, you will know that they are a new club trying to expand and get more funding from school by winning competitions. The show producer, Ryan Murphy said in one of the interviews that he is hoping to use Glee to tell everyone how important is art education as it provides a holistic education and funding should not be compromise. Like wise, I hope that Canoe Polo will now have more funding. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i like nariyama hiroki blonde hair! i feel like dyeing my hair to blonde too!! haha..

school been bad cuz i dun really understand much!! its going crazy laaaaa!!!! i need more time for myself to study.... argh...

IVP coming soon... IVP never start so early before... felt kinda weird yet cant wait for it to be over so that i can start shifting my focus on other stuff....

Japanese class been great... thought that i cant cope with the advance class but apparently i understand all!!! ganbatte!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear readers.... i have been very busy and going to take a break from personal blogging... will come back soon... meanwhile i will continue to blog at do support me :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

its been a long time since i blog... i am in debt... blog debt... i cant wait to have some free time to blog properly... and i guess not alot ppl follow my blog also... ahhaha maybe i should just close down huh... and i just really hate ppl to flood my tagboard... seriously... get a life... i am not trying to mean but sometimes in life... you dun have to try so hard.. i give up on trying hard... i shall blog again soon... oyasumi

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Monday, May 24, 2010


yes! i am at somewhere ULU! hahaha... just moved in to my hostel!!! yeah gonna be away from my naggy mother... cant stand her nagging!! anyway its free so why not just STAY! hahaha...

Lex having his canoeing camp at hostel these few days toooo! so cooool HE GONNA SLEEP WITH ME! muahauha... and i gonna crash their camp!!! i'm lovin' it!!!

PS: i forgot to bring pillow n blanket! zzzz.... i miss my gou gou...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

in that still and
settled place
there's nobody
but you
you're where i breathe
my oxygen
you're where i see
my view
and when the world
feels full of noise
my heart knows
what to do
it finds that still and
settled place
and dances there
with you

:: edward monkton

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Everyone!!!

I am back!!

YES EXAM IS OVER!!! so what is the 1st thing I did???? no prize for guess....


for those who are still having exams.... AVOID GLEE AT ALL COST! because it is highly addictive.

however, for those who are very sad or emo, GLEE will get you HAPPY!!!


What so great about this show??

It is totally fun and it will make you really really happy! seriously! I am sooo happy nowadays... it's like i am on happy pills all day long!!

Many people compare this with High School Musical (i watched).... but I have to say GLEE is sooo much better. The characters are a lot more interesting and whacky!!

Let me introduce you to the casts of GLEE :)


- football stud in William McKinley High School (WMHS)

- nice guy


- very talented & great vocal

- desperately wanna be popular

- in love with finn & many other guys (watch to find out!)


- Captain of Cheerleaders Club

- Prettiest girl of WMHS

- Finn's girlfriend..... or not? (grinz)

- scandal with someone else...


- Finn's buddy

- another football stud & player (another meaning of player, you know you know!)

- secretly in love with Quinn


- one of the asians

- also known as the other asian if the chinese guy is around

- kinda in love with artie


- not BMW

- in love with a guy and heartbroken

- super power vocal

- diva in the glee club

- best friend with kurt


- handicap

- claims that his lower half is functional even though he can't walk (you know what I mean)

- quite a nice guy; pretty harmless


- high tone/pitch

- in love with Finn

- gay

- fashionista

- use a lot of skincare products

- a good kicker for the football team


- teacher in charge of GLEE club

- devoted to the club

- love his wife and love someone else toooo (hmmmm...)

- great dancer

- sexy middle-aged guy


- demanding wife

- liar


- school's student counsellor

- hygiene freak

- sweet and cute

- in love with Will


- teacher in charge of the cheerleaders

- single and BITCHY

- bitchy

- really very bitchy

- out to destroy the glee club


- diehard fan of GLEE

- can't sing but wish to be in GLEE Club

- Captain of SIM Canoe Polo

- praying for exchange program to WMHS

hahaa ok I am NOT a cast of GLEE... it's just for fun... anyway click on the youtube video to find out more about the characters of GLEE!!!

My favourite characters are Emma (cause she is really cute), Rachel (cause she is so loserish yet talented), Finn (cause he is so cool -> good in sports & singing) and Mercedes (cause i love luxury cars (not!) cause her voice is as powerful as mercedes's engine!)

I HATE SUE! SHE IS SOOOOO BITCHY!! MEGA-BITCH.... but a lot of my friends LOVE HER! Oh no... what is wrong with all you people... we should be NICE like Emma and not BITCH.

You can find out more about their reletionships here!! Like Finn + Rachel = Fichel!!

GLEE already released 2 volume of their soundtrack and a special album on Madonna. They are releasing their 3rd volume on 18th May!!! They are going to have tours around the states and concurrently airing the last episode really soon!! soooo gonna miss GLEE.... Don't worry... there is season 2 coming up 2011!!!

GLEE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY~!!!!! Channel 5 will be showing it from June onwards....

this is the link to this wallpaper! enjoy!

More GLEE post coming up really soon...

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