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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i am lost! i dunno how to start blogging now... there are so many stuff to blog abt...

last fri went clubbing with tiffany edwin evon nicholas joel mingxue they all at fullerton one... its just like old centro... its sooo bad the music... so hip hop.. dun like... i want pure R&B... anyway its damm horrible la... so went back hotel early to ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz..... i woke up on time for training... so happy.. hahaha... silly me... i really dun understand why the sun at 9am is so damm hot... it nearly kill me... and drinking so much baileys the day before doesnt help in running!!! oh ya... i ammmm sooooo in love with baileys can!!! evon got the whole bottle from ebay at $20!!! wat the hell la since when u can bid for alcohol online! its soooo funny la!!

well sat suppose to go zouk with edwin n tiff they all cuz edwin got free invites!!! but i overslept... haiz freaking tired... anyway sunday was great! i got my stuff at queensway.. its like a shopping day la... i got a nike shirt for $22, got new hair wax, got new abercrombie cap n stuff!!! then gonna try to have the la resistence shirt... i dunno why la i still think the shirt make us look like prositute or sluts... hahahaa... i dunno why i like to use the word sluts so often nowadays... i calling everyone sluts for no reason!!!!! hahahaa so dun be offended if i call u slut! cuz i dun really mean it!

today went to dooooo so many stuff... ok i went to alter 2 tees n 3 pair of jeans... the jeans all are from giordano n looks almost the same... after that i went to bank in money.. guess wat! i got $990 transfer to my account from sch!!! and i think lin told me is cuz i paid too much sch fees!! HEHEEE i not gonna tell my parents!!! yeah!!! now i ammmmm soooo RICH!!! i can buy a vampire now!! carbon kelver the super light one RIGHT NOW... but i DUN WAN... hahahaha i want go HONG KONG CAN!!! i want go there find my friends!!! then i went to collect my new passport then i went to SCF to do star 2 courses stuff then went to repair my bike then went for my job interview... so happy to have a break from attachment...

so yeah.. i cant wait to start work at LOOF!!! and i think me lin n jem is really damm crappy... come out with all the stupid stuff... and yes... i found a way to dominate the whole NGEE ANN POOL HEHEHHEEEEE.... u want to know? DUN TELL U! HAHA... anyway NP swim team is like damm bad la... swim damm slow n no swimmers body one hahahaa... sorry that i am poking fun at them but i think they should really train HARD... eugene they all took part in the swimming race almost catch up with them la... anyway shant comment further...

i wanna blog again soon... but still got stuff to do... SO BYE!

Monday, November 28, 2005

i miss my SLUT! Posted by Picasa

i miss HAO & CRASHING NJC! hahahahaha Posted by Picasa

1/5 of my pri sch friends present... i miss the rest n them too!! argh!!  Posted by Picasa

my halloween goodies from the states.. courtesy of JOYCE ARIOLA! Posted by Picasa

doesnt this looks YUMMY!!! DUNKIN' DONUTS!!! Posted by Picasa

can someone pls get me DUNKIN' DONUTS! Posted by Picasa

I MISS THEM! Posted by Picasa