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Monday, May 02, 2005

HELLO PEOPLE.... just want to let all u ppl know how busy i am... i am officially packed from 3rd may to 13th u all can start to book me out one day after 13th may... this is my schedule...

on weekdays i will be @NUS (can u see that it's ANUS? muahuaha... found out by ME! @lvin...)
3rd may: land training
4th may: fitness test by coach stanley
5th may: polo training/the twin birthday
6th may: training camp
7th may: training camp
8th may: training camp
9th may: brandon kam bday chalet
10th may: land training
11th may: sports camp water activity
12th may: polo training
13th may: bike practise at BBDC

so start ur booking today!!! muahuaha... was packing my stuff just now... saw my sch year mags.. i still in love with st gabs... hahah was looking at my pri sch n sec sch report book... haiz.. time flies.. jem told me yest he felt like staying back to play for another IVP.. hahaa i want to play somemore too.. but it stupid to retain in poly... not insulting those who retain but.. its just that if u can complete in 3yrs just get over with it... :) was watching the jap drama borrow from jem sister... PRIDE... damm nice la... ice hockey looks damm cool but way way more violent than canoe polo.. how i wish my polo guys will watch drama n learn more about how much team bonding is important in a game... but i can say that the guys bonding is slowly climbing up... need to prepare my speech! ya ta ta...

Sunday, May 01, 2005


training was alright but i think we should step up abit more... i think juniors are not giving in their 100%... seniors are doing well but still have abit of playfulness around.. gonna change that.. i am wondering if i hit 1000pushups per week... the reason why i dun want to follow stanley instruction of doing 100 per day is that... cuz i know i doing all my pushups well for all training... and i training 5times a week... each training confirm more than 200pushups... i have reall good captains.. including vice caps too... we will bag top 3 for both polo guys n girls this time round :) we will... i have trust n faith in them... i'll be a great president and support my captains!

i need help!!! anyone know where to buy flooring!?!?! i need to get it for our clubhouse!!! clubhouse is currently out of bound...cuz messy.. hahahaa... sat went to jem house to celebrate his birthday... its was damm funny la... gracie ask me to bring out the cake... it was like machiam my birthday!!! so fun!!! holding to the cake!! hahaha eugene sang a sexy n jazzy kind of birthdaysong to jeremy dammm freaking funny hahaha!!! poor jem kanna wedgy... n he was wearing a CK undies la... damm suay i hope his friends paid him back a CK undies too... so conclusion... never with CK or any branded undies on ur bday!

sprinting training today was damm long.... i was late.. dun ask me why i late... i slept early but still woke up late... reach at 9.. end at 2plus sia... 5hrs... damm tired...

quote of the day: by pushing others... u are pushing urself