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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Indochine Party last fri was great!!! hahahaa so many of my NP friends were there man!!! my sista PAT was there! hahaha... its like 1st time clubbing with PAT since i know her from sports camp 2003 la... so long right! my pretty pretty pat!

Funny Hanni was there too... she is funny as usual hahaha....

how can i forget my fave clubbing partners shaobin n kylie!!! hahaha shaobin slim down le! wau i thought ppl go oversea will gain weight but she slim down!!! shaobin is hot hot dancer as usual... and kylie stop telling everyone i do dirty dancing with u k! hahaha... its just normal HOT HOT DANCE... dirty dancing is like touching u everywhere that kind ok!!! hahahaha
my les group!!! hahaha... missing another 5 more les...

the 3 nipple-less close friends.. hahahaa... benson-me-junkang.. it was damm funny doing the crazy frog dance in the toilet! super duper lame la!!! hahahaha and yeah toilet pic always rocks... more chocolate bars on our body soon hahaha... and jasper.. the friendly toothless guy.. hahahaa... poor chap.. with 4 teeths pluck out! hahaa... i love tying my hair like that!!! so haji... hahaha
my little tribute to zixin!!! went germany to study BIOTECH... oh my god.. i am dying in singapore doing biotech n she going germany to do the exact thing... hope she doesnt get bored to death! she little kaisu queen... bring soooo many stuff n left lots of excess baggage... cant believe we have been friends for like... 8yrs! we started off as enemies! hahaha... i remember how i hated her so much that i insulted her until she cried... i am sooooo meanie... anyway its in the past... my goody friend now... very helpful n cheerful girl.. clubbing queen hahaha... yeah i guess my only 3 close girls friends are zixin, ac n grace... all the best man zixin!! come back s'pore real soon n go clubbing together soon k!!! take care... help me say HI to hitler if u bump into him!

NUS here i come again tmr!!!! ATTACHMENT NITEMARE TILL XMAS!