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Friday, March 11, 2005

the original CHIJ girls in sailormoon suit!! from left we have yellow honey... blue berry.. red bean and green apple! Posted by Hello

isnt this girl cute! Posted by Hello

welcome to qian hu fish farm!!!! Posted by Hello

have u watch SAW? this is the scene!! they SAW frogs!! they might SAW u too! Posted by Hello

2 wholesome sluts! waiting for their love boat to pick them up... but there is no water?! Posted by Hello

waiting for TSUNAMI!!! hehee.. Posted by Hello

look at this!!! attempt murderer!!! yao trying to kill me!!! HELP! Posted by Hello

isnt alvin cute? i love alvin! oh... i feel so alvinish now! Posted by Hello

dun play play with this ah meng... he sold 3millions fishes a year!! just imagine he sold $2 per fish!! WOOHOO!!! i can buy 5542543 vespa! Posted by Hello

i love to scare fish!! heheee... Posted by Hello

we got 4th!! i am proud of u ppl!! love u all!! love love canoe club... no matter which canoe u canoe... all are the lovely NACC funkiers! Posted by Hello

NACC POWER RANGERS!!! in green is marky mark... in yellow is jemery shooter.. in red is eugeny speeder and in blue is alvinish rider!! may our powers combine we are... POWER RANGERS! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

isnt this COOL!! hehehe taken from my hp... Posted by Hello

the pretty joyce posing for the camera... she love HI5! hhahaha... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

next fri..18march 7pm
blk56 at the pond area there
dresscode.... RETRO!!

pls come everyone! cuz i really put in alot of effort to make 3 video presentation for NACC... i did 2... still left one more... and joyce saw one of it and she burst of laughing... hehehe... come huh! and dress retro ok!! FUNKY FUNKY ok!!!

been cali gym for 2days in a row!! i am so glad that i got this free 2weeks from them... so fun.. love the place... so many things for u to do.. i see until i gong la! hahaa... anyway i saw alot ppl i know them but they sort of see me but cant remember me that kind... anyway they are those 20plus ppl.. yeah.. then saw vincent there haha... he ask me go gym with him next time... then today i saw de wei.. well... now my arms is sore.. but its good! like that i can paddle faster! hahaha i dunno why... i just can paddle faster after gym.. just weird la... anyway i was running on their track mill... yest i ran 15mins i died la! but today i ran 40mins! shiok sia... the more i run the more i like it!!! hahaha... but after i got off the mill... i feel like falling forward! hahaha... damm funny then i have to hold on to the railings... hahaha... anyway having tons of fun at cali gym even though i went alone...

thanks joyce for lending me TUESDAY WITH MORRIE... nice book... just started reading it... like it alot... almost tear at the front part... life is so unpredictable... so we should just cherish everything as if u going to die tmr! anyway i do cherish everyone n everything ok! and thanks mel for teaching me statistic these few days... finally get on track... but i need to start reading up on immu... having retest on monday... its a bad timing to read a book but anyway its really short n interesting so i shall read it! anyway.. its a motivatiing n inspirational book so... it will help me in my study i guess! hahaah...

oh ya... i felt so sad for my jc friends... quite a number of them didnt do that well... hope they still able to make it to the course they want... anyway.. looking forward to see the next batch of juniors coming into canoe club... hope to have more committed players...

anyway today is 9th march... i keep feeling that today is a special day... like somebody birthday or some special thing happening... i just cant remember wat is it... shit...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!!! but u still under 18!! Posted by Hello

a very bad photo angle by philip... i cant even crop the picture! Posted by Hello

the triplets again!!! Posted by Hello

the triplets! instead of the twins! Posted by Hello

*ahem* new scandal in the club... hahahaa Posted by Hello

we love the security guard!!! Posted by Hello

mark and his fav idol.... taufik batisah!!!! Posted by Hello