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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HTC EVO 3D Launch at RWS + USS

Today I attended HTC EVO 3D launch at Resort World Singapore! Thanks to HTC for the invite and I got to go USS (Universal Studio Singapore!) Super fun! Cause they did like the RUNNING MAN (korean variety show) and my group have to run around USS to take photos and videos in 3D! Some of the staffs also ran with us and took photos/videos of us... so fun but tiring!! Now I understand how the Running Man members feel in the show!!!

Nonetheless, I tried HTC EVO 3D... the 3D photos are so cool!! I love it!! and you dun have to wear any 3D glasses to look at the effect on the phone!!! You can even download 3D movies and watch on the phone! How amazing!!! I love this phone!! The phone back design is quite a retro kind... which reminds me of cassettes! haha.... i love retro stuffs!

When I open the box, the doorgift from HTC... i was sooooo HAPPY!!!! I always wanted to get this Image 3D goggle thing!! I so glad they gave this as doorgift! it's soooo nice! I love it sooo sooo much!!!! OMG!! thank you HTC!!! quietly brilliant! :)

Will post the USS photos another day! :)

Eurobin Trip Day 1 - 12 June - London

Alright... as promised... time to blog about my Eurobin (Erubin in Europe) trip... Thanks to my best friends... sending me off... won't be seeing them for 1.5months! so ya.. thanks for coming to the airport and send me off!!! Especially thanks to weidong for lending me his straw hat and his small sling bag... i used it so much during the trip and is really what i needed!!!

As usual... for my regular reader... i just dun really caps my letters and i use very informal language so ya... its erubin style! :P

Grace and Xinting!!! hehehe thanks for coming as well!!!

So my flight was by emirates.. transit at Dubai for a few hours and reached London Heathrow~!! I was staying at You Cai place... and the first thing i did in london is actually going to play CANOE POLO.... like what's new? its! hahaha.... so yeah its really interesting! because the training is in INDOOR SWIMMING POOL... my first time playing polo in indoor pool!

Ok... for all you SIM-UOL students... i went to ur sch.. wanted to burn the scripts for you all but i did not... LOL.. just kidding... this is for all of u from UOL!

I gotta pay £5 for entry... so EXPENSIVE... argh... its UK.. what do you expect? Anyway... it's not an everyday thing so just pay it..

This is their storage room for all the balls, boats, paddles and vests... pretty neat :)

Indoor pool! The width is not wide enough... so can't really play 1-3-1 tactic.. anyway they all play 2-2-1 tactic so ya... kinda stuffy inside the pool... so i got breathless easily...

I got a Revenge and Streamlyte to use... which is totally different from my usual training... so ya..but it is still ok for training :) really looking forward to Liverpool competition!!!

I love drinking cider... its soooo nice... and thanks to you cai recommendation... i had this!

Please remember to try this next time! NICE!

Jetlag starts to kick in and I was freaking sleeping during dinner... I was half asleep while eating my pasta.. hahaha... so for 1st day... nothing much just canoepolo dinner n home! zzzzzzzz

Wait for my Eurobin Day 2 post~! :)