Saturday, November 08, 2003

today... another boring day la... cause why... i didnt even sold a single damm camera.. no commission but got basic pay... anyway alright la... was like standing the whole day.. just stare at all the aunties working there.. ya.. stone is my hobby now... ya then was like keep on smsing the whole day... nothing to do ma.. somemore my sms got alot lor so wont exceed dun waste it..

oh ya!! did i tell u ppl that i am in love! with ken... muahaha... ya my dear ken... *muack* hahaha... was msging him the whole morning... hahaa... aiyo exchange secret info... SHHH! dun tell ppl ok! ya then was also kinda sleepy... but cant sleep la... guess was so bored till i fall asleep... anyway ppl.. if u all feel pls drop by bedok ntuc level 2 to visit me... seriously bored...

chat with kai shi yest... ya ask her alot stuff.. hahaha she like so pro... kk then my plan for now is that when sch reopen i see my schedule... ya then try to take tuition teacher as a part time... earn money... then i going to cont my keyboard n try to earn enough to go for vocal lesson... maybe go the lee wei song sch but heard is damm ex.. but i am so determine to learn lor just that the $$$ is blocking my way... but canoeing gonna take up most of my time... ya... hope i wont neglect her...

just now watch tv!! saw the w-inds long road mtv... then got chinese subtitle... ya! the lyrics so damm nice... i read the chinese subtitle then listen to the song... hmmm i didnt realise that actually i understand most of the song just that keita sing until hor very funny... then i dun catch it.... really so nice lor the song... no wonder is no.1 on the chart!! love the song... so jealous keita's voice... haiz...

seriously i need a haircut... this time round i gonna cut till damm damm short but not too short la! hehee... i wan to crash mjc!! ya kerrie know grace!! ya so cool!! kerrie also wan to crash mjc!! yes!! i can go be yr 1 or yr 2!! kerrie siao siao she say she wan to wear ij uniform n be a bitch there!!! siao!! then i wear nanyang girls uniform n show off my armpit hair to everyone.. n be a butch??? muahahaha.....

tml still have 10hrs standing there to do... will be back there end of the month too... sian sia.... ya.. ppl if u all free n damm bored too... dun hesitate to call me... ya i am available for chat!! muahaha... nite!

PS: xue er... u just keep ur hair long lor.. then see how lor... oh ya... since u say u are rotting right... u should make use of the time now to prevent urself from getting anymore rounder ok! understand!!! ya... will write u a letter 3yrs later!! hahaa!!!

// y so moody... u sad.. i sad too... cheer up! \\

Friday, November 07, 2003

!!! damm forgot to blog yest...


went sun tanning with ac n nai... ya its been almost 6months since we met n sun tan together!! was really HOT! but only manage to tan for an hr! then nai nai left early to dye hair.. so me n ac stay awhile then it start to rain n we were stranded at the club... so ac treat me lunch!! muahaha... damm good sia...

then later on amos call me to work lor!! fri to sun at bedok ntuc... then got alot other roadshow lor.. then really so happy to work lor so excited.. knowing that i m going to earn money... my dream towards going japan is closer... ganbatte masu..

went town later.. stupid xue er NV call me again.. anyway walk around then bought a new stud.. was really nice.. ya then later saw shao bin!!! hahaa... then saw that stupid melvin... forever see him in town one.. then go to hereen where we took neoprint!! was really nice.. ya also long time nv take with ac n nai... later on they say wan to go ikea but i was like violently against it!! hahaa... went cine then go PS... justin saw us then join us at PS for awhile.. then went yoshi eat... walk to paradiz n play team fortress classic!! into to nai n ac to play... muahaha damm fun lor!! hahaha... stupid ac.. went round n round the place still cant find the command point... but she newbie so forgive la.. haha... then later went home.,.. took 105 with them... but i told them dun la take 147 got double decker!! but still go ahead... then got this drunken sit beside me... he was behind nai.. then he is those kind who will puke any moment.. so nai was so scared that we decided to get down lor.. then i took 857 home....


went to work.. at tampines mrt saw jia wei!! then i was super shock.. then ask him why is he here then he say that the ubin class outing change to today... oh damm... i cant go museum on sat i suddenly remember... kao.. anyway reach the place... then how to set up the display there lor... tiao... got these 2 ladies from the olympus main office ma.. nv see them b4 la... but anyway they were nice n funny... hahaa.. then ask me climb up to tied some stuff... kao i dun mind climbing but the ladder is so damm shaky n is that kind that will collapse any moment... n somemore is a lady who is holding on to it... i dun feel secure up there... somehow i manage not to fall n tie the stuff... ya... the whole day was like so so so quiet.... even though there are alot ppl there but no ppl come forward to look... sian... hope tml better la or else i die ah... i wan earn some commission...

then xue er visit me... hmm lucky she visit me so i forgive her for the phone call incident... ya her hair longer le la.. xue er... i still think that u with shorter hair is nicer... hmm dunno... u try keeping it longer lor... aiyo then i pass by the giordano shop at bedok... they were playing SPEED song lor... thought gio only can play eng song n no japs n other kind of songs... shock... then the poster that guy wear that jacket damm nice... shall go ask kanika when that jacket coming,... n saw this btm very nice n only $19.. ya then later plus 30%... even cheaper!!!

left at 8.20 instead of 9... cause the person need to rush off to somewhere... wanted to meet ngiap but they going home soon so i go meet jia zhen they all... haiz sian man... they went karaoke i also wan to go one leh!!!! haiz... anyway mon i am going!! i am looking forward to mon!! ya then we went to take neoprint... ya as usual... NICE.. hahaa... what to do.. got me.. ya i notice i am tan abit but still far from my expectation...

kao!! syaz!! so cool to know that got Alvin so hunky one!! LOL... my idol now... must go train till that standard!! then yong quan was giving me some advices.. ya i should have more determination!!!

murasaki san... anata wa nihonjin desu ka??? shokai shimasu kudasai!!!

// i miss u baby... i just dun wan to let any precious moment slip pass us... cause any miracle could happen... \\

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

went to see this vids

damm... so saddening lor.. kao... poor chickens pig cow... ok la slaughter them i know is disgusting but hello those idiots are abusing those animals... n hello again... they have feelings n they are living things... imagine u being slammed onto the concrete floor cause u are sick n ur owner dun wan u to live... damm those ang moh... is like the pig are so poor thing... hang upside down n slash at the throat n blood gushing out n te poor pig is like wringing n drop on the floor... i think those ppl who abuse them are more sinful that those who slaughter them... kao... really leh... i saw it i felt so sad for them... really... i cant stand abusion in this world... hate it... that is against the love beyond love rules.. [xue er must be laughing now] n those idiots use those metal rod n wack the animal... kao... use cane nvm la... but METAL ROD! feel like using the lamp post n wack those idiots who abuse those animals.... haiz....

anyway yest went out with joyce yao n ben... went to watch uptown girl... quite nice la... i give 7.5/10... ya anyway we walk up n down of orchard road... damm ben such a spoiler.. dun wan take neoprint... anything also dun wan... dunno who is the real loser here lor... then went home... nvm... without him brought joyce n yao to that 2nd hand shop!! haha... they love the shop!!! then joyce bought 2 shirts! i also!! oh my i am so tempted by it!! hahaa... anyway.. later on saw somemore cool shirt! hahaa... super nice... but anyway yao meeting her darling then joyce going home... hmmm then i go kino alone read magz lor... anyway ya... walk around awhile... went home....

today.... went sch to collect the form n fill up n paid for the camp... then pass by the gym!! saw this dude! super yan dao n muscular!! ya kind of gay-ed but seriously his body damm nice... *DROOL* i aiming to have his that kind of BODS! is really nice n define n tanned... girls sure go gaga n weak on the knee... hahaa... anyway i am still far from it... motto ganbatte ne erubin chan!!

then later went museum for the public speaking thingy... was alright la... only know vee san n xin hua n the other 2 guys i interview them the other day... that trainer he know jackie cheng also! hahaha cause the other day went to give some sesssions to the st gabs teacher... hahaha... anyway was kind of boring but still alright...

then later went town to meet steff n charlene!!! hahaha.... so nice to see them again!!! guess it was abt 2 months plus since met them!! ya!! they bought bubble n play with it!! hahaa... then we went to ikea!! guess what! we at the bus 14!!! they saw their friends n i saw shahirah!!! i miss her!!! my dance partner in JI hahaha... super funny girl... getting prettier now... ya but so sad that she retaining... then i was telling her that she should think abt going to poly lor... then she is considering... poor shahirah... hope she really study hard!! she this kind always play play play.... hahaha... then steff they all keep on calling colin as han ji... sound like hum ji lor... ops dun think he know my blog.. hahaha...

anyway went ikea to have swedish meatballs!! damm it was super duper nice as usual but too little sauce... haiz... then walk around... playing with all the stuff.. i guess will go ikea soon again with nai n ac n xue er... need to get some stuff... anyway... nowadays if i bring my sling bag out i gonna bring my cushion out also so i can have a comfty sleep in the bus hahaha ya then left soon... haiz...

tml i going sun tanning with ac n nai nai... ya.. guess after that we will be going town to meet my dearest 10yrs best friend xue er!! she finish all her core papers... ya damm just now call xue er n we got damm alot to talk... but she need to study somemore so tml we shall ponder! LOL... tiao... then i told xue er abt that steff suddenly say i use nivea whitening lotion... then i say she siao... then xue er ask me that i should go be fair... tiao... why should i!!! i tan looks nicer!! hehehe....

oh ya... did anyone of u all know how bad i wan to drive a car now... is really that bad till i feel like buying the cheapest car now n just drive hahaa... aiyo n i am so confuse cause some say 18 can driver but some say 21 leh... idiot... i am nuts abt car stuff i just wan to drive only....

// oh girl... when i look into ur eyes... all my troubles seem to blow away... when u at ur depression time... i just wanna protect u... i'll just never give up... my overwhelming love will make u surrender... \\
Lets write a story - whoever wants will add a
line to it - repost the bulletin .. and is if can add just a line each..
Lets see how weired it can get .. Then update
the name at the bottom to reflect your name

It was a dark and stormy winter's night ,not a
sound throughout the mansion - and suddenly she
let out a scream and ran out of the bathroom
with just a towel around her.

Lindsay : Oct 28 2003

cracks of thunder rang in the distance, a flash
of lightning lit up the room for just that split

rach: Oct 28 2003

There he is.....standing at the door of the

wilz the great: Oct 28 2003

Holding a piece of carrot on his right hand...
and a piece of cucumber on his left... looking
like an idiot.

Alicia : Oct 28 2003

She wanted to yell at him for frightening her
but all she could see was red. He saw her
naked....bare nakedddd

ChRisTiNe: Oct 28, 2003

He gripped hard.. at the cucumber and carrot;
staring intensely.. at the veggies, as he felt
embarassed to catch her in this awkward moment.

Berwick Farmer (Ryan): OCT 29, 2003.

He felt a strange sensation in his pants, a
sensation he never had before, the sensation
is killing him, he is squeezing the carrot and
the cucumber to keep his sanity.

shaUn: OCT 29, 2003.
But just as soon as the sensation came, it
went away as it usually does with him. Wondering
why he was holding a carrot and cucumber, he
started munching on the carrot and went off.
Leaving the girl in bewilderment

Joy 3rd Nov 2003
The gal's mind went blank for minute, the next
thing she knew, that guy walked away like
nobody's business. She walked toward the balcony

Sue 3rd Nov 03
where she saw him light a cigarette.
"Put that in your mouth and i'm going to tell
mummy you stole her cigarettes."
He turned around shocked.
"But sis..."
"No buts. And what happened just now at the
bathroom? What was on your mind while you were
watching me in the nude??"

dweek (fei) 4th november
He laughed. "Hahahaha, 'no butts'! Nice pun, or
should i say nice 'bun'? hehehehe"

Ji (Angel) 4th Nov
He nearer to the balcony and looked up inside
sis towel. His eyes widen as he saw the most
Hairiest thing!!!

DAr (Daryl) 4th Nov
He then fainted and went into a deep coma and nv
woke from it even up to this very day.

polo (MARCo) 4th Nov
His sis desperately tried to wake him up for the
past few hours. (desperate* cos it's her fault
for not shaving!)

Joanna 4th Nov-
After when he finally woke up.. He looked as if
he was in some kinda shock. His sister was
curious and so.. she asked, "wort happened? I
havin such'a hard time tryina wake u up!" He
replied in a trembling voice.. "Thank god u woke
me up! I swear I had e worst nightmare of my
life!! This hairy monster was chasing me!! n she
looked just like U!"

MissyNik. 4th nov 2003-

"oh really? what about it NOW?!"
she shows him 'the hairy monster'.

Daniel David ::: 5th Nov 2003 :::

Living his momentary comfort of waking up...he
screams in utter disgusts and runs out of the
room...but he bangs his head against the closed
door and drops cold. He woke up moments later to
find his sis trying to wake him up. He
says "Thank god u woke me up...i had the worst
nightmare of my life!! This hairy monster was
chasing me!! n she looked just like U!" "oh
really? what about it NOW?!" she shows him 'the
hairy monster'. He screams and runs for the door
but bangs his head against the closed door and
drops cold. He woke up moments later to find his
sis trying to wake him up. He says "Thank god u
woke me up...i had the worst nightmare...wait a
minute...OH F*CKKKKK!!!"

Jaesen ::: 5th Nov 2003 :::

'OH F*CKKKKK!!' It isnt his sister who woke him
up, its the HAIRY MONSTER!! He sat up straight
staring at the hairy monster face to face. Then
as it opens its hairy mouth to speak, these
words came booming out, 'Can i be your friend??'

Alvin ::: 5th Nov 2003 :::

"NO WAY! cuz i am HAIRLESS.. i got sensitive skin that will itch with contact with any hair thingy.. that's why i am bald.." he exclaimed. "By the way, ur mouth STINKZZZ! When was the last time u bathe?"
"WHAT!! what is bathe?!? i just get 'pumped' with air that's all.." hairy monster shot back.. "anyway u got any lobang for a shaver? cuz lots of ppl ask me to get a shave! but if i shave wont i be NAKED??"
"NAKED?!?" the brother LAUGHED n roll all over the floor.. n replied.. "WHAT!! u wan a shave! i guess u will be attracting alot of poles lookalike stuff with 2 lightbulb will be hanging around u!!

Monday, November 03, 2003

yeah!! finally today my exam ended sia... so relieved... ya i was looking at the pass yr paper yest nite... kao i got the shock of my life... the whole thingy is so tough till i nearly cry ok!! so scary! then today before my obc test i was like panic like crazy keep on looking thru my notes make sure i know everything... then when the test started... sort of calm down cause it is not that bad after all... ya...hope can score well... now only scare for my that cell bio test la... die... but its all over.. no point worrying it... ya time to party!!!!

went town with the spousies n liantee.. aiyo liantee damm funny sia.. suddenly ask me NS busy or not... do i look like i went NS already? hahaha... then i just told her that is more of tired not busy... then she told me friendster got 3 guys msg her... *LOL* she must be floating right now... hahaaa... she damm bad sia say one guy very ugly n regret add him into her list... tiao.. then i told her... eh.. then i also abit regret adding u into my list lor... then she starting beating me... tiao kylie not around liantee take over her n wack me...

having a hard time to persuade liantee to eat yoshinoya.. she hor.. tiao... saw ang moh went to eat yoshi she then agreed to went in... aiyo then later roby chan ask liantee to say some cold jokes... then the liantee ah liantee... hahaha her joke super funny sia... here it goes...

why the ah beng bring her pregnant wife to KFC to give birth instead of the hospital????

guess la... if i like that tell u no kick liao... so u have to scroll down to the btm to see... *LOL*

then we went hereen took neoprint.. wau lau all the pose damm nice but the stupid liantee go anyhow press then end up only choose 4 instead of 6... stupid girl! then saw princess n his classmates there... then soon went home liao.. tml going out with them too with yao they all also...

aiyo xue er damm funny... call her today... then she told me she zhao geng!! she cant do anything cause going to start soon... hahaha xue er! moral of the story... be careful n check whether u got zao geng after u sit down... hahaa.. but hey... if someone fail their o's due to ur hot action hor.. u should be honour sia!! hahaa... ya good luck ar xue er!!

hey ken.. my tag something wrong dunno why cant tag again... anyway u got chance should come meet my friends sia damm funny.. hahaa...still got alot funny name la me...

ok so the answer for the super lame joke is..... cause KFC got free delivery.... *LOL* still dun get it? think deeply...

ya will start to do alot of stuff now...
things to complete this month:
1. create a new blog skin
2. re-build my webby
3. study for my Japanese test...
4. aim for abs by end of this month.. TRAIN HARD...
5. must practise my keyboard then cont learning keyboard at yamaha...
6. write "somehow" english version lyrics...
7. hopefully can find a temp job...
8. get a super duper nice nice tan... if possible i wan to tan nude! *LOL*
9. write letters for all my japs friends!!! keep in touch...
10. meet all my long time no see friends!! *MUACK*

oh ya... *claps* i got C for my japs class this semester!! LOL!! jia you!!! happy.. at least got C n didnt fail lor...