Sunday, September 30, 2007

eh... that time help kovit did the photoshoot... the photos will be display at cathay house from 6 oct onwards! so if u want see some ugly photo... do come ok... ahahhahaa... i will be going there at 3pm there!!! to all my friends... see u all there next week!!! la la.... benson and ethan (my canoe juniors) photos will be there tooo.... hmmmm wonder how ugly i will look... LOL

siaoooooo mei!!!! singapore 4x100m women relay record holder!!! woooo!!!! pls support and appeal for their SEA games entry!!! cuz some stupid guy dun want to send them for SEA games unless they can confirm win medal... wat stupid crap la... siao mei n amanda alll should really represent singapore n participate in SEA games... if they didnt win... at least they get the exposure n experience!! right!!! GO GO GO!

playing dinosaur bones at minds cafe! hahahaa

adeline! hahaha

some random old photos... me ronald and jeff's onitsuka tiger shoes

me and xue er at pepper lunch...

support 881!!!

u can contact rowdy boyz at the above numbers... :)