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Saturday, December 06, 2008

I was once your world,
the planet you used to call your home
your Eden, your comfort, your little droplets of joy.
But all things lost,
I have no choice but to force you
to leave me,
For you (only) deserve something better.

Now that you've found your new shelter,
the path back to my world is sealed.
And I've become just like Pluto,
relegated to the ends of the vast universe,
so lonely and cold,
so neglected and forgotten.

the other version of my shattered universe...

Thursday, December 04, 2008


the floorball ppl so cool man... create floorball court in sch!


canoepolo's debut at SIM award nite!! 14awards to be given out!

SIM guys... hahaha...  we took one photo from my side... then cant really see raymond

then take from the other side... cant really seeeee me! haha

there is also flames of merit... but i chose to give most of my members achievement cuz all helped out to make IVP this year a successful one!

the photographer damm bad la... know how to use dSLR but cant use a normal digi cam... so blur can! aiyo... anyway we all went up to take photo n collected our awards!!!

alexis opening up the xmas gift! la la... hahaha

then for flames of excellence... the award goes to.....

eh WTF....

BENSON!!! hahaha...



and raymond!!! all four of us :)

just 1 semester in SIM and i got this! wonderful!! next year we shall clinch the OUTSTANDING SPORT AWARD!!!

congrats to junsheng!!! student coach for SIM canoeing!!

our sports advisor!! gary tan!!!

thank you MR LEE KC.... we want SWIMMING POOL PLS!! and 10 vampires boats pls!!!

erica was like shouting for swimming pool thru out the nite! hahaha

MEL!!! u so unglam la!!! take one big plate of fried rice! hahaha.....

ms dragonboat... hahaha when are we gonna party again!?

benson is aiming at mr LEE KC's food! ahahaha

quick quick... take photo without the girls!!!


to be continued.....

Pudding Club in Japan!!!

met up with my pudding club members, sunathar, summer and sharon... the 3 S girls... does that make that Scube too? hahaha.... i damm rubbish...

yeah! they all agreed with me the place smell like japan!!! hahahaha...

la la la i love this place... 2nd time there!!!

i love my dinner!!! its the special of the day!!! stewed miso saba fish plus oden (japanese yong tau foo) super duper nice can!! love love love it!!!


clearer view of my food!!!! its only $18 nett!! sakae sushi sucks big time! hahaha

summer's curry rice! so yummy!!

sunathar's stirred fried pork with ginger!! yum yum toooo

after dinner... sharon drove us to coffee club for dessert!! yum yum!!!

sunathar's camera purse...  WHAT IS THIS?

THIS IS A LION! hahahah so funny...

the four of us... phoebe not here!

this look nice but taste BAD!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

damm long nv blog... just damm plain lazy.... i just fucking love BITCHING!!! i know why me, yao, joyce n ben is known as the BIATCH 4!!! hahaha.... cuz BITCH is found in our DNA... hahahaha

bitching can make me very happy! bitching session anyone?!?! hhahaha

and eliza.... u want some ICE CURRY?!??! hahaha... and INFRA RED!!! MUAHUAHAUAH