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Saturday, March 24, 2007

since my blog is canoepolo.blogspot.... so it shall have some canoepolo stuff!!!!! jeremy just got interviewed! hahahahaa......

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

woooooohooooo.... this sunday i gonna meet nathaniel!! with jonathan n samuel.... yes nat tan! anyone wants his autograph!! come come... pay me $5 per autograph! hor hor... cant wait! damm long nv see him... sun suppose to go say hi to him end up when i met samuel n jonathan they said nat left with the security guards.... -_-" so sad... now i even have to go thru security guards to meet my friend.... anyway NAT U MUCH MORE FAMOUS THAN ME CAN! SO DUN SAY I FAMOUS! rubbish!

sat going to gim chuan bday chalet!! yeah!! meet all my pri sch friends again! so exciting every weekends! meet diff group of friends each week! never get bored going out!!!! hahahahahha

Sunday, March 18, 2007


RECEIVED TONS OF PHONE CALLS FROM ALL THE GIRLS..... never share some one... haiz.. eh daryl.. intro some hot girls leh....

ah! damm long nv meet jonathan! my st gabs senior... went out with him n samuel wong... suppose to go n see nathaniel tan... but nat left so early! next sunday gonna meet nat!!! hehehee


went with winnie yao terence yong mou hahaha sooooo fun!
and we saw jiazhen... so i asked her... if let u choose.... SAMUEL OR DARYL... HAHAH she took freaking long to choose and said elsyne will take daryl n she take samuel... DOTS!
i have not much comment abt the whole thing... hahaha cuz actually i think its quite boring... cuz alot of the guys all cannot make it one... so horrible... and photoshop is REALLY A GOOD SOFTWARE TO MAKE UGLY PPL GOOD LOOKING! I SHALL TRY TO LEARN IT SOON! and seriously all my friends n I think daryl is the best among all of the rest... singapore girls are horrible too.. hahaha... ops...

went to sweelan bday! hehee... its been so long since i saw them all.... and melvyn wore a shirt that is like white n blue like me! WAT THE HELLLLL MAN!!! hahaha and the girls allll wore GREEN! so funny la we all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEE LAN!! U ARE 21 just like me!

MY BORDERS FRIENDS! I LOVE THEM!!! we ROCKS! hahaha its been a long time since i last saw ann and samantha... its great to talk cock with them again! and yes nadia! U ARE SUCH A STALKER!!! hahahaha

went to take neoprint!!! hahaha yeah we are damm lame!! hahaha

From Left: Sharon's bf, Andrew, Chishiho Sensei, Sharon, Phoebe, Summer and ME!
we went to have our Japanese KTV session in CHEEEENA TOWN!!! its super cheap! $12 hahah

We went to this super nice Ramen shop!!! the staffs are all JAPANESE! yeah! we ordered in Japanese toooooo yeah!!! for a moment i thought i am in japan again... hahahaha...

i had EBI RAMEN! its dammm good! power!

pudding club!

found this funny toilet and i pose with chishiho sensei! hahaha damm funny la!
our nice group photo :)

cam whoring with phoebe! hahaha
its really fun meeting all of them again!!! yeah!!! super duper fun and phoebe self-high so funny... and yeah love cam whoring with phoebe and susu n teruko n teck yong didnt join us... we shall POKE THE PUDDING again next time!!!! honto ni tanoshikatta!!!