Thursday, September 08, 2005

Have you seen the new IPOD!!! its here!!! IPOD NANO!! wat the hell freaking pretty la!!!! but its not proportionate!!! its kinda long.. but this is freaking sleek! its more than half of the thickness of the normal 20GB ipod!

2GB--> $348 4GB--> $438(student price is $35 cheaper!!)

its cheaper than a double dutch paddle! but still... i want a even cheaper mp3 player.. i want to wait for the price to drop n drop.. meanwhile i just make do with the creative mp3 player that my mum found.. hahaha... yeah i know i am damm cheapo..

As promised... since this is a canoepolo blog.. so i shall always do some canoepolo stuff... Jeremy sent me this.. done by his mass com friend.. looks so nice right! hahaha but it will be nicer with my pics inside... hahahaa... the news like say until we machiam some super power out of the sudden sia.. hope next year can maintain the standard.. but i think in future IVP matches wont be that nice to watch anymore cuz like no more nat team players are playing in IVP.. but one thing is that.. it will be more interesting to watch as in everyone have a chance to be in the top 3 position! u nv know.. maybe NTU will be the champion for IVP next yr! who knows!

i cant wait for training to resume.. so rotten nowadays... have not exercise for like almost a week... i am feeling less muscle-ly... hahaha... i feel like selling my vespa off.. $1.8k!!! i could have gotten a vamps for myself right? or even 4 ipods! or how about 15 adidas jackets? and maybe 12pairs of NIKE DUNKS... which i dun even OWN ONE! i sounds so pathetic... i dun have ipod.. i dun have adidas jacket.. i dun have nike dunks... but i have vespa! i am still considering whether to sell my vespa away.. haiz..

have i ever post up my bad bad results? i score so well for those non-science module.. hahaha but my core module just screw everything up! hahaa.. how to further study science? if can i also dun want..

met up with elaine yest.. and i tell all u ppl out there... more than 50% of ppl doing biotech or biomedical in NP wants to do something else after grad.. so yeah i am not alone... i think its bullshit that life science gonna bloom! yeah it will.. but not done by local students... singapore's future doesnt look bright... esp when HK disney land is like opening in less than 3 days! who will come singapore?? who dun even have a proper amusement park to amuse tourists.. how i wish they just big a super HUGE AMUSEMENT PARK! i rather have amusement park than casino ma... more family oriented...

i am gonna study overnite in sch with my juniors!!! chris n ethan!! looking forward... yeah sat pool slots!!! woohoo!! cant wait to do stern dip!!

PS: CANOE POLO... u just turn me on INSTANTLY!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I MISS MY HOST FAMILY!!!!!!!!! HOPE THEY ARE OK! JAPAN TYPHOON PLS GO AWAY!!! will post more soon!!! Posted by Picasa

phoebe's cute guy at karufuru... cashier/baseball dude Posted by Picasa

can u see masaya clinging onto me! Posted by Picasa

japanese ah lian and porn makers... Posted by Picasa

japs girl... Posted by Picasa

nice nice japanese hum ji peng!  Posted by Picasa

the six of us with kanako n natsumi! Posted by Picasa

Japanese bad guys catching girls on the street... cheat $$ plus sex Posted by Picasa

nice vespa! of course! nicer than mine! Posted by Picasa

BITCH! this is how we started PUDDING CLUB! Posted by Picasa

the QOO endoser! hahaha the 6 of us! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005


been working these 4 days at suntec... COMEX SHOW... camera sales for all brands are bad.. yeah... wat to do.. almost everyone have a digi cam n almost all hp have camera also! hahaa... digi cam is damm cheap now but singaporeans are still damm stingy to get a good one... keep aiming at those 299 camera... wat sia.. if i got more $$$ i will buy that casio camera at 499.. ahahahah... olympus mju 800 is damm power! so much more power than canon ixus 700.. anyway i got a funky idea for prizes for desperate canoeists camp hehe... NACC dudes... stay tune! hahaha....

2 years ago.. i was selling voice recorder for olympus.. i still remember then... hahaha... ppl come n go in olympus... i miss all the old staff working there... they are sooooo FUN... including those promoters... there were the best of the best promoters ok!!! yeah... back then... novi, jordan, sam, alice, eddie all these were so nice n friendly whenever i go office to find them.... sooo nice but all left... so sad... why singaporean like to keep changing jobs so often??? then for the promoters... fengyi, aki, peter all left... they are the PROS ok... but during the IT show all came back to visit us! SO SWEET! hahahaa... yeah i sure miss fengyi alot... she is always so nice to me like a big sister... sometimes i wish i can have a big sister... those days...


almost 2yrs back... i just started with canoe polo n star 1 n star 2... looking back now... just 2 yrs.. my batch guys really improved alot... me, mark, jem n lin... it seems that i have been in polo for long but to those japs.. 2 yrs are just nothing! hahaha... they train for like a decades! hahaha... anyway.. i am sure down the road.. 5yrs.. 10yrs.. i still want to play with mark, jem, lin and all the other guys... guess who wont be playing IVP next year... hahahaa guess all will be in NS.. hahahaa instead of shooting with balls... we will be shooting with guns.. hahaha... hope the next year batch can at least remain in top 3...

during the IT show... saw hell lots of ppl...

primary sch -> wei jian, eleen, zixin
sec sch -> ben, brandon, ms toh n mr ng
canoepolo -> nat team girls, an qi (TP) (yeah i know u are reading my blog hahaa), one red tide guy n one NTU guy (i think).. and saw an unfamiliar girl wearing oceania shirt..
NP-> jiazhen kylie "anus" they all hahahaa...

yeah clubbing after exam!!! anyone?!?!?! pls jio me! i sure go! hahaha but must see who else going too... i cant wait to club!!! i will club for the whole of sept n oct... after that no more clubbing until after SRRR 06... hahahaa... i want to go club momo and cocco latte!!! hahaha... i miss andrew chow's R&B.. rock man!

oh ya.. sat my dear NACC dudes all went for the yellow ribbon... the day before was staying over at zhi hao's place... his house is freaking nice.. yeah damm damm nice... so envious... damm nice but freaking cold... machiam in japan like that... all of us wearing jacket walking around hahaha... they can really cook nice pasta man!! yeah we gonna have more guys gathering man... and yeah jun kang a.k.a kenneth a.k.a LEE brothers... hahaha is damm funny... hahaha.. disturbing jiun is always so fun... n yeah she is a super star... cuz she look like that girl from buffy the vampire slayer show... super look alike... anyway... after they all left for the walk... left me n another alvin.. alvin chen... we went to KAP for breakfast with kim hui n yi wei.. hahaha nice nice breakfast then went back sch again... saw gracie.. so join her n chat n later all the nat team girls came... help them took 2.4km timing... TING YI CAN REALLY RUN DAMMM DAMMM FAST!!! guess wat?!!?!?!?! she ran in 11mins! FREAK MAN!!! i ran at 10mins n 42secs.. that is like so near to mine!!! scary!!! the weather is really really damm hot la! and ya.. i think mari is really a damm nice person... and yeah... lizard lost in NP... hahahaa damm funny... rudith told me she almost wanted to take the handicapped life at atrium hahaha... i keep laughing... la la la... lizard is damm funny...

been talking online n i told someone... if those ppl dun feel that they dun belong to a team or they just dun want to commit... JUST GET LOST RIGHT NOW... serious... to all my NACC juniors n seniors... if you all just want to have FUN only or dunno what... pls leave now.. we train hard, we play hard too... we hate ppl who just play ONLY... worst still... bring tons of problems n troubles to us, to the team, to the sch... last yr champs.. we had edmund n dowell, both were still with us... and this yr we dun have them... we were much stronger... not because we improved individually... but as a team as well... sometimes a team is not good cuz of some ppl hinders everyone moment or the team's path... its either u contribute or u just quit... if not... u will just bringing the team down... hope some of u get my msg across...

tired!!! anyway i got my new portable 40GB hard disk for $119!!! yeah!! happy! then i got my 100pcs of CDR for $23!!! great man! happy now... i am so happy to have a 40GB hard disk! hahahaha anyway gtg sleep... tmr will be alot of canoe work for me n plenty of studies... exam in a week time! MUG MUG!!!