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Friday, April 03, 2009




the actual day of Nabilah's birthday n also the last lecture for this semester!! I LOVE MY CLASSMATES!!!

dawn helping to pack the stuff.... haha

she didnt realise her present is hidden behind the menu! mauhaauh

birks n crumpler! whhheeeee!! HAPPY GIRL!

alll the fishy pppl hahaha... alot of guys cannot make it... pun intended? hahaha

nabilah's BIG birthday card!

from all of us.... obi one shinobi! hahaha

julin shirley me n sujana... phuture sooo empty!

plus the birthday girl!!

omg... lesbian in action!

yeah man! PUSH IT!!



revenge back.... shirley keep doing this to our photos!!! hahaha


before going mambo!!

I HEAR U!!! hahaha
ok... stop ssaying i looks weird wearing office wear to zouk ok! hahaha... 

squashing nabilah! mauhauah...

PINCH again... julin unglam sia! ahha

Pre-Citibank Event.... 

stupid nicole acting cute... haha

dea! u better send us all the photos we took on ur mac!

rabbit ears! PINK PINK!

yum yum.... 
nicole n jin feng "fooling" around... hahaha

jayne n nicole doing jayne's fav pose... hahaha

yes yes.... ed hardy i know...

jin feng wanted to walk like this on the actual nite! hahah

jin feng! u can work at the new UNI GLO shop!! hahaha

Monday, March 30, 2009

FACILITATORS for Junior Environmental Ambassadors Program

i skipped 2 days of sch to do this facilitating job.. it was quite fun... especially when this time round i am working with grace... hahaha... we were soooo excited over this cuz it reminded us of pri sch excursion! haha...

went to poh ern shih temple... its really damm cool because the temple is built to be environmental friendly....

the guide is a very active old man... he stayed in canada for quite some time n brought back some technology here... and he also explained abt some history around the area...

check out grace n her transition specs!

the view from the top...

the pagoda pretty huh! its not fully constructed actually... suppose to have solar panel...

there's wind mill too!

waa.... i want to stay there too...

the weather sooooo nice!!! and super windy!! awesome!!

showing us the solar panel...

i not so nonsense to take photo like this... its the kid took my camera n go around snapping photos...

so interesting to see how those kid take photo...

grace and her group...

and my group! quite funny... but end up during the real skit all so shy... aiyo..

from here onwards is DAY 2... i think day 2 the groups are alot more fun n funnier! hahaha

check out their skit... they won the best skit...

my group drew these posters!! cool right!!

i like these too.... i brought home n gonna keep it... :)

grace trying to use her ugly face pose to scare the cat away! ahahha but that fat lazy cat still sleeping there hahaha

me n grace... best friends for 12years but 1 time working together... hahaha... *starts singing jason mraz - lucky*

huimin, jing yuan, howan and me! the weather is PERFECTO!!!

check that out!!!

soooo coool.... like spider web! haha

my group! they are more shy than the group the day before...

flush toilet ok!! n keep it clean!

grace and her crazy group! hahah

all of us with bennet

i like this tv prop! cool!

me n jing yuan, mr lame hahaha