Thursday, July 16, 2009

NO SUN, NO YAN ZI....that's why there is SUN YAN ZI~!!!!

I love her~!!! she rocks totallly~!!! best of all... i got my ticket FREE~!!! hahaha

This is soooo lame but i like~! hahaha

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm 21 again~!

nah.... its for sujana~!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!

kidnap session~!

the usual ppl... after class... we kidnap sujana n brought her to island cremery~!!


the girls with the bday girl

with the boys...


Monday, July 13, 2009

My Busy (last) week.... Recruitment, candlelight dinner with buddy, buffet with cousin and meet TSY~!!!

my BMT buddy Linus.... finally met up with him after 2.5yrs~!! since my 21st birthday.. he is coming to SIM and doing the same course as me~! but i am his senior now... hahaha...

at SIM Recruitment... taking photo with the STC girls... hahaha... thanks mel lots for helping me to buy food... if not i could have starve to death... haha

went for buffet at furama hotel... so long nv see ah gong... haha...

joanna is public friend~! hahaha

OMG~!!! I CANT STAND IT.... my mother acting cute~!!! faint.... after dinner... went to timbre with my mum, bro, cousin n my aunt.... my mother was the oldest around at timbre... hahaha

crazy photos of them.. hahah

just as i was walking out to pick up a call.... someone shouted "ALVIN" and its serene and strider~!!!

serene going for LASIK~!!! ah~!!! when is my turn~?!?! hahaha

its been a long time since we go MINDS cafe~!

and my dear TAN SIAO YING~!!! come so late~!!! see u end of the year la~!! hahaha
HENDERSON WAVE~!!! Woahha~!!

erubin is back~!

i brought my dslr along n took some nice shot... i forgot i have my f1.4 lens... which can take very nice night shot! i love the way the light sparkle.... my photos are not photoshop at all ok~!

are u scare~!? haha

its sooooo pretty at night n freaking coooling~!!!

damm nice ah~!!!

i want to stay here... and look at the pretty forest walk everyday out of my window...


from below... i see the bridge n the moon~!

henderson wave... ahhhh.... damm nice... i want to roll on the floor~!!! hahaha

going back henderson wave/forest walk soon.... :)