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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HOLA! 1week back to my dear singapore! i miss yishun! hahaha.... OMG i was reading straits times today right i saw jun wei that dragonboat guy from NP also from BIOTECH got into MEDICINE IN NUS!!!! OMG CAN!!! its damm hard to get in!!! hahaha i always thought he is just an average student SO ZAI SIA! i used to dream of being a doctor but i really cant sit still in a room!!!! hahahhaa anyway i am still determine to do my biz at NTU! still waiting for the news....

i cant believe i have been reading sooooo much n i read almost alllll articles in the straits times can! i bet u know how bored i am... anyway cant wait to get back.....

wed 27june morning abt 10am... anyone want to go NP GYM!~?!?!? ROYSTON DENISE N WHOEVER FROM NACC PLS SMS K!!!!!

LOVE U PPL!!! back soon!