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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eurobin Trip Day 8 - 19 June - Liverpool

Jamie and Beth hanky panky inside the car... hur hur!! LOL!!


what an interesting way to sell your boat!! Singapore we only sell it thru forum? hahhaa


i will really wanna buy it and just use it for club training...

new Flight air! so nice huh.... cant wait for the S version to be out.... ahhhh I LOVE CANOE POLO!!! :)

yes.. that's me! no.9! and that's jamie as the ref...

who threw that ball there!?!?!? tsk!

the water is soooo damm bloody cold!

me taking the PENALTY SHOT! lucky it went in!

i miss playing with yen... the only girl in our team and she is really good for a girl!

3courts playing canoepolo at the same time! power huh!

Team ULU C! thanks for the memories.. what a wonderful competition with all of u...

1 British, 1 Hong Kong guy, 1 Malaysian girl, 3 Singaporeans... so international huh...

it's ok mates... we may not get 3rd.. but we did extremely well and came in 4th... we only had 1 training together!!! let's fight back next time... soon! :)

Canoe Polo competition in Awara, Japan... and now Liverpool, UK... I am looking forward to more international competition... u dun have to be in national team to go for international competition... as long as u love canoe polo... u can go anywhere!

Introducing Team ULU! Gavin the guy with no facebook... haha from HK!

Youcai!!! thanks for allowing me to crash at ur place!

this is yen! i wonder when will we meet again! hopefully soon!

sorry i dun have other's individual photos... and this is me! ERUBIN! hahaha

The rest of the Team ULU... ULU = University of London Union!
Hope to see all of you soon! :)

Goodbye UK.... I am gonna say BONJOUR TO PARIS~!!! :)
Eurobin Trip Day 7 - 18 June - Liverpool

Hello Liverpool!!! The place filled with nothing but Beatles and Football!!

I was sooooo tired from the overnight endless disrupted train rides... I wish I have the money to go Hilton and zzzzzzzzzzzz

who is crazy enough to swim there?! IT'S FREEZING ON LAND ALREADY!

My first MacDonald breakfast there and I felt so CHEATED! The meat is so thinly sliced and nothing much n plain... SINGAPORE VERSION IS WAY BETTER!

Check out my dinner after the whole day of Canoe Polo.... I didn't take any photos because I was FUCKING COLD!! So glad I get to have proper meal for dinner!!! The menu is filled with Chinese FOOD!

Well.... I had the REAL authentic Fish & Chips... IT'S SO AMAZING... i wanna have it again please!!! The portion was really big and I couldn't finish it!!! Reminds me of the time I had when I was in Gold Coast, Australia when I was 11years old... the fish & chips was quite a big portion and I couldn't FISH-NISH IT!

That's the place I stayed for the night... great experience camping outside in Britain!! :) Thank You Cai for bringing my JEANS!!! NO MORE BERMS NONSENSE! haha
Eurobin Trip Day 6 - 17 June - Edinburgh
Last day in Scotland!

Yeah! took photo with a guy blowing the pipe and in traditional Scottish attire! so nice!

I tell u... the view is AWESOME!!! Camera is still limited to what it can capture...

Edinburgh Castle is really HUGE! Much nicer than Stirling Castle.... Stirling Castle is actually "cleaner" as in it looks really new... thanks to restoration... but i mean dirty castle will be awesome too... you can "smell" the past! haha

Endless climb in the castle... those soldiers must be damm fit climbing up and down in those metal armours...

Have I told you that I like stained glass? Yes, I do!

Cartoon painting on one of the wall inside the castle...

Walked around the main street of Edinburgh and took photo with those street artists! :)

She looks pregnant!

Sofa so good.... Nice name! quite catchy!

ANOTHER CLIMB?! zzzzz no wonder I lost weight from my Europe trip!

All these buildings look like rome-inspired kind of design huh?

the cliff! if you jump down from there..... you must have an exciting death!

Not easy to climb up ok! haha I almost split my berms! LOL

A great place for picnic!

Chocolate soup?! ewwwww.....

I wanna thank Martin for having me at his place and thank his room mate for offering his room while he is away! Martin spent a lot of his time to bring me around Edinburgh and other part of Scotland.... Really hope to see you soon in Asia again!!! Come to Singapore soon too!!!

Off I go.... left Scotland for Liverpool... the night train connection was soooo crazy... I had to changed a few times and there were no waiting room at all as it's all locked up! So I practically freeze my ass off... yes... I were still wearing my berms... and I resorted to using towel to cover my lower half of my legs!!! argh~!!! THE WORST HAS YET TO COME!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my fav song right now :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eurobin Trip Day 5 - 16 June - Edinburgh

This shop is sooooooo naughty.... purposely name it CEX so that it sounds like SEX! tsk! They sells 2nd hand stuff... really got some nice stuff!

Street art

You are suppose to start outside and spit right into the centre... so dun sit there cuz its full of SPITS!

went in the church, these 3 musicians were playing really nice music... i'll upload soon!

my photos can print as postcard right? haha


i love edinburgh... full of old buildings which are sooooooo nice!

haha doesnt this place looks like Spice Girls "Wannabe" MTV scene??? the first chorus where they were dancing on the steps? haha

went to ECA for their degree show.... lots of really nice art work from the students! amazing :)

yeah! i am just in time for Edinburgh International Film Fest!

Saw that fluffy dog beside the machine???

they were actually making fun of this dog here..... this is like the Hachiko dog... and you are suppose to pet it!

met 3 drunkards.... they insist that i took photo of them.... erm.... drunken camwhores?

Martin brought me to the cafe whereby its the birthplace of harry potter!!!! they serve decent and nice food but it was really crowded!

I love HAGGIS!!!! so nice!

a nice angle of edinburgh..

this is the harry potter cafe (sorry, photos all jumbled up! lazy to swop...)

You can see the Edinburgh castle from almost anywhere! and its soooo beautiful!

love this pic

soooooo nice.... u see the edinburgh castle?!

This is the Scottish Parliament... it's really beautiful but some said its a waste of tax money! hahaha

Mary King Cross! I went for their ghost tour underground and its quite interesting....

their parliament really nice huh?

this is some environmental venue... not really sure what they do there but its nice!

i think they sell some chocolates inside... didnt go in... weather soooo cold.... too lazy to walk!

this is really a nice theatre!

Martin and I went to this cinema for our Edinburgh International Film Fest! Quite a weird show I have to say...

Nice huh... so quiet at night...

Edinburgh is really beautiful not just in the day... but at night as well!! awwww Love Scotland!!! I want to go back there again!!!!