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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sex in the CITY!

yong quan bought this key chain from taiwan... its so WATEVER... hahahah

i wonder why this bicycle have to chain up n above ground.... hahaha..

dun u just love aperture f/1.8 effect!! damm nice huh...

i love the sky n the church... nicey...

its shitty to be an angel... 

are u a true blue shopper?

i love this... diamonds... playing around with my shutter speed instead of aperture...

once u slow down the shutter... ta ta!!! WATERFALL FOR U!!!

how about a SMILEY FACE FOR U!!!   :)

bump into will... then we just hang around n take some photos... hahaha

i have no idea wat this exhibits is about!! hahaha


its SERENE!!! hahaha.... damm long nv see her already... about a month i guess hahaha... i want my ben n jerry ice cream pls! hahaha
Happy 22nd Birthday Ngiap Soon

ok this is not ngiap soon... hahaha its carol wong mei mei.... she n her ghostly twin! aiyo... hahaha anyway we had the chance to sit in nicholas's van!!!

nicholas the driver and carol wong.... ngiap is blocked! ahaha... anyway all photos are taken by my panasonic camera... looks abit cui...

ngiap me carol.... at the back seat..enjoying the ride!

here we are!!! marina @ keppel bay... damm new damm nice.... my virgin visit!!

this so dun look like singapore!!! the bridge look like japan's rainbow bridge!!!

carol ngiap edwin....

the cake is from rive... and the place is call prive... coooool....

the bridge will change colour!! nice!

awwww man... so nice... got alot of boats here n a platform to walk.... we can have canoepolo match here!!  :)

the buildings....

the dots on the wall is some morse code!!! it says.... "ALVIN LEE ROCKS!" too bad u all cant read it...

dun u like the patterns... NICE! who says singapore is boring?!? its so nice that i dun even want to go oversea to study! hahaha

cheers to the birthday boy!!!

look at carol!!! enjoying the cake!! hahaha.... carol go shenton way buy bag wors!!! hahaha

Monday, May 12, 2008

a lonely nite... 
with million of glitters... 
gazing upon the vast sky... 
illuminating the emptiness of the universe... 

nick brought me n chia meng to this secret place at ang mo kio... and i wish i can kick some ppl out of this place n take over their flat... the view is FREAKING NICE CAN!!! u can freaking see singapore flyer and town n watever!!! emo rating for this place: triple emo-ness!! u can just stare n stare until the sun rise... HAHA! i want to go back sooon....

met up with tiong n daph... keep thinking to mambo or not... so its NOT! so we end up in museum n timbre.... and denise!! this photo is for u! MAN WITH RED DICK! ahhahaha!

me tiong daph... with mr red man behind us....

denise! this is for u too... i know u like a guy's butt! enjoy!

the museum nv fail to entertain me with funny stuff! hahahah we are sooooo facinated with all these junks... hahaha

tiong gonna help u unclot the shit in ur toilet bowl.... stop being so full of shit n get choke... u need plumber tiong!! hahaha

this is wat happen if u talk tooooo much.... she will suck out rubbish within u... hahahha talk too much rubbish!!

can u see ALVIN!! hahaha... think hard n imagine hard!

we are just DAMM BORED! SAVE US PLS!!

cooool huh.... but my camera quite dark!

daph n tiong trying to runaway!!

goodbye tiong!!! til we meet again... HAHA

greedy tiong.... hahhaha

must try timbre's duck pizza! damm nice!!!

eat n eat.... never train lor... u all gonna get FAT!!! ahahhaa

chris yap emailed me this.... and i think it totally ROCK!

uniqlo is like GAP from USA, cotton on from aussie and giordano from HK... uniqlo is from JAPAN!! SAYOUNARA!