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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

finally reading "chasing daylight"... its just SO-SO... not that fantastic as i thought... i still prefer tuesday with morrie... anyway i just realise something that he mentioned in the book... he said something abt sports which i think its true... passion and talent... quite true i think... if one wants to go far in something not just sports... not only needs passion but talent too... this got me into thinking abt every aspect of my life...

i still have 1001 books to read... hahaha.. la la la... i am still counting down to the day grace coming back!!! 2july... and yes... this friday having dinner with me primary sch mates.. cant wait... simply the best i can ever wish for... i wanna watch scary movie 4 with them!!! *smiley*

been catching lots of show... over the hedge is really nice... hahaha soooo funny i love the part when that dunno-wat's-his-name open up the packet of nachos and cuz an explosion and all the animals went crazy over the scent.. HAHA! and CARS is great too! ok i am into real car now... however nothing gonna beat my passion for mini cooper and vespa... hahaha i want to pass my driving asap!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

mambo on wed was great! let's go again? Posted by Picasa

i can do split! Posted by Picasa
today went to work... so funny... tracy is also siao abt hard gay toy! hahaha everybody loves hard gay! mauhauahua... today work was so tiring... i guess cuz of my backache... i dun feel it during canoe training but doing work its just killing me softly... hahhaa today so many present the 30% coupons... the queue was soooo super duper long...

how many of u out there are proud to be singaporean when it comes to the thought that we have the best airline, airport, blah blah... and how many of you curse and swear at those singaporeans that ruin the beautiful images that many have been trying to portrait to other countries..

my work at borders has been great but u know wat pissed me off? ugly singaporeans... those ppl who read n throw magz n books all over the place? have u ever seen a perfectly neat bookstore? NEVER... its not that i am lazy to clear n pick up all the shit they dispose around the place... but i am just sad that why are they so inconsiderate? imagine the book u try so hard to find it and there is only 1 copy on the shelf... u cant find it at other bookstore... when u pick it up... its in bad condition.. abit torn and dirty... the previous customer just throw it on the floor and a kid step on it accidentally... aiyo... and the parents dun teach their kids good manners that once u taken something from somewhere u should return it to its original place... so these kids grow up just as ugly as their parents are... talking abt how educated singapore is... yes.. its true.. we are educated but not cultivated... ugly singaporeans... are u one too?

word of the day...
meaning: to describe someone that is doing/having/being like alvin
example: hey! why are u playing spongebob toy? it so alvinise!
example2: oei! stop being so lame and cold... u are alvinising(alvinise in "ING" form) me...

more alvinise words to be intro... to be continued...