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Saturday, January 09, 2010

My 1st 3months friends... Sarah + Genevieve + Sammy + Alvin

It's been a long time since we all met up! We used to celebrate our birthdays but we all getting busier.. and gen is working in australia now so we cant really meet up as a group. somehow we all just cant be always in the same place together huh....

sarah was from TP and the 3 of us in NP...
then gen went australia to study and sarah sammy and me in SIM-RMIT!

I miss my days in JI (Jurong Institute) now known as Millennia Institute.
We all from different secondary school Sarah (Cresent Girls), Gen (St Margaret's), Sammy (ACS Baker) and Me (St Gabriel's) and met in the same orientation group...

So this outing is exactly 7 years later after we first met :)

Dinner at Soup Restaurant @ Vivocity.

We look as if we in a Jail eating.. the background so funny... grey bricks.. haha..

Sammy and Sarah... funny pose!


soft and nice...
I love fried tofu due to its crispy skin!!


After eating so much, it is time to head out for fresh air and photo taking session~!!!

the girls... sarah and gen

guys... me and sammy

i have no idea why gen wants to take photo from behind sammy's back...

gen and I!

there is a light bulb between us!

actually we trying to find a spot for sammy to take photo of us because all the photos he took of me and sarah is all very dark!!
End up gen took over and shot us... BRIGHT!!

I wrapped up some snacks & chocolates i bought from Japan and gave it to 3 of them as Xmas/Friendship gifts :)

We decided to head to the arcade and play some games!! We super duper in love with this ball throwing game!!

went on to play some more games!!

Our all time favourite!! WIPE TABLE GAME! haha.. air hockey... because the way you play this game is like wiping the table.. hahaha...

SAMMY! SURRENDER NOW~!! I am aiming at you!

Sarah trying to kill herself with a fake gun... haha...


This is such a nice photo but SAMMY EYES WERE CLOSED!!! *photoshop*


wondering when we will meet again..... till then :)

LOTS OF BOOZE WITH NACC ALUMNIS~!!! and i love denise amakula cream liquor! damm nice~!!

me, denise, rudith!!!
weizheng! u taking photo with the MOOOON... nice or not? hahaha

thank you rachel for ordering pizza for us~!! NICE~!!! and so sad that u n rudith have to countdown with the pizza man who got lost at west coast... hahaha

FORCE FEED!!!! hahaha...

Rudith covering her ang pao face.. HAHHA

i just found this song on aol radio... its dammmm nice!!!

The Commodores
(Lionel Richie)

Lady, morning's just a moment away
And I'm without you once again
You laughed at me
You said you never needed me
I wonder if you need me now
We played the games
That people play
We made mistakes along the way
Somehow I know deep in my heart
You needed me
Remembering the pain, if I may say,
It’s deep in mind and locked away
But then most of all -
I Do Love You -

Those memories, times I’m sure we’ll never forget
Those feelings we can’t put aside
For what we had
Sometimes I try to understand
But it’s so heavy on my mind
So many dreams that flew away
So many words we didn't say
Two people lost in a storm
Where did we go?
Where'd we go?
We lost what we both had found
You know we let each other down
But then most of all -
I Do Love You -

We played the games
That people play
We made our mistakes along the way
Somehow I know deep in my heart
You needed me
'Cause I needed you so desperately!
We were too blind to see
But then most of all -
I do love you -

Thursday, January 07, 2010


thanks to my alarm i woke up late... but still managed to attend last day of work at MICROSOFT!!! lunching with weiqiang and yuan shyuan...

plus... my pri sch friend tham ngiap soon... friends for 12yrs n counting.. gotta thank him for intro me this job.... ho ho... still got a few other guys not around working with us... hahaha

the lunch is sooooo worth it for me to come back to work on new year day!!! the food fucking nice... a great way to start ur new year with great lunch~!!! YUMZ~!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

DUN CHA LOVE MAMBO~!! (minus all the drunken)

MAMBO NIGHT with NACC alumnis featuring Denise Tan with Special Guest appearance by Rachel Tan!!!

long time no see rachel!!! one of my fav senior!! and with rudith yang pei pei~!!

yes~! our popular getai singer denise tan mei xiu xiu xiu xiu~!! hahaha.... fucking funny... u should listen to what denise gotta say about her top that nite....

she was already wearing this nice white top n when she put her foundation it fucking SPILLED on her white top~!!! so she have to change to something else!! and she said her top is sooo fucking cheap she dun mind just throw it away after tonight..... woooooo someone gonna strip in the club yo~!!! haha

me with nacc girls... cant wait to see them play polo tgt again...

joshua finally came.... and jeremy is as usual... fashionably late..

guess who got wasted?? haha.. re-lex huh.... birthday boy!

hahaha... lex is NOT BLUSHING! he is just wasted.. so drunk until dun recognise rachel... hahaha

lex... propose to me... IS NOT LIKE THAT ONE... be more romantic can!!! muahauhauah~!!!

jo-ann!!! my pri sch friend!!! and she know christina who is sarah's cresent's friends!!! and both of them know each other in aussie... HOW FUCKING SMALL IS SINGAPORE... damm small! damm long nv see the two of them~!!! wah~!!

all of us at winebar before mamboing.... but guess wat???

benjamin got wasted~!! nabei la... everytime mambo with nacc ppl... always the junior guys someone will get wasted and i always the "nanny" to look after them... stop them from grabbing girls' ass and getting fight with other ppl... BENJAMIN! TOLD U TO BRING UR FREAKING HELMET ALREADY LA!!! IIIIIDIOT~!!! hahahaha faster come back from taiwan n mambo with us again!
MONICA~!!!!! long time no see... i see that u are in STRIPS huh?!?! love safari?? hahahaha

met up with serene the next day... at timbre... AGAIN... always meet her at timbre! forever... hahaha

will was there too! hahaha and i fucking love his cracked screen iphone!! hahaha its fucking cool... too bad no photo to show?~!?!??! mauhauahauah!!!

Monday, January 04, 2010


our annual primary sch gathering is getting bigger! with 24 of us (1missing from photo) they are the reason for me to look for to xmas... :) bunch of people i knew for more than a decade... some for almost 16yrs! suppose to have even more attending but.... last min got something...

going crazy!! *rawr* theme: red, blue, yellow and green...

looks like some graduating class photos huh! haha...

ok look at this photo and next one carefully...

what's the similarity?

both have only angeline in each with alot of guys! haha... yes both are angeline... one chow one lee... haha



wei jian is very popular with the girls!!!

how can xmas gathering be complete without presents?!?!

alcohol and mixes!! yeah!!

let me pop the champagne!!

and of course LOG CAKE!!!

more white wine?!

all the hungry monsters!!

pretend its our wedding cake? hahaa...

grace... my partner sat beside me for 2years... primary 5 & 6... also my best friend... life wont be
complete without u..... and our alcohol!!!!!

huiming! same class from many many years!! it's her first time to join us for gathering!! welcome aboard!!

yuming! i have not seen him since we graduated from primary school!! which means almost 12years!!! he still look the same!!!

ziting... we know each other since 6yrs old!!! same class all the way in primary school!!! and for xmas exchange... i got her present!! chocolate fondue!!

Angeline is finally back from germany... back for good...

i met ji han when we were in army! same camp and same company!! so i managed to get him to join our reunion for xmas!!

another angeline!! also back for good from australia... but she hardly have time to meet up with the rest of the MBS gang!

Xmas with Pongkies (NP canoe polo junior girls)

all the people involve in the picnic!!

snacks n foood.....


left is rudith n she is very colourful... with just white n greeen! hahaa...

candid shot!

chen trying to snap some photos... hmmm...

rudith with her ROOF CUP! and her COWBOY HAT!! hahaha

AH TIONG! haha...

sorry i dun have any funky hat so gotta borrow!!!

I like esther's hat the most!! NICE~!!!

me, tiong, rudith, denise, esther, june chen and wai leong

me and rudith same batch and the rest of the girls is one year our junior while wai leong is from dragonboat!

tribute to michael jackson... denise got it wrong soooo many times!!!

jumping shot!!

the girls doing their "as-usual-pose" hahaha...

My Xmas with the STC girls....

theme: white xmas
venue: M hotel
guests attended: jess, siao ying, siao mei, adeline and wei zhen

it's us the GUYS~!! hahaha... i totally forgot the theme! lucky the next day i have gym training so i wore my white singlet... hahaha!!! LUCKY!

siao mei trying to.... strip me...


taboo~!! i love to play taboo... its damm funny u see people trying to make u guess the word without saying some key words...

and LOG CAKE~!!! from awfully chocolate!!

Now that 2009 is over... let's look forward to 2010... 2010 will be a better year for me! because it's my year! yes! its tiger finally! after 12years....