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Saturday, April 29, 2006

they look like dragons! Posted by Picasa

back to training at ngee ann... SOOOOO HOT CAN... i want go back japan pls!! Posted by Picasa

we like to blow each other....with smoke.. Posted by Picasa

shisha... Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

this is how beautiful the street at osaka is.. i freaking miss these 2 kids... especially masaya the one in blue... such a sensible and smart boy at his age (he is 9). CUTE CUTE CUTE! I LOVE MASAYA!!! Posted by Picasa

i went to meet masaki on the last few days of my stay in japan and i dunno what masaki said abt his place.. cause i heard as jiojiki and u know if really hard to hear stuff over the phone and its actually zoushiki! so different right.. then i so helpless as i still have 4 big luggages to drag around.. so i approached this girl for help.. i called masaki again then she talked to him over the phone.. she is really nice and she ran all the way to find the train station staff and ask for help.. the place masaki stay is not listed in the normal tokyo subway map.. that's explain why i cant find the station... luckily she is heading the same direction with me.. so she guide me along the way.. so we kinda stop and change the train at a station (like at city hall that kind) then after telling me how to go.. i on my own again... yup she helped me alot! and we ended up becoming friends! how cool huh.. i gonna bring her around if she coming singapore (^_^) thank you namiko Posted by Picasa

i went to ski at the bottom right mountain on the first day.. its enough to kill me... and my host father brought me up to the TOP on the second day... I almost cant make it back alive in a piece.. but the view was GREAT! my host father ask me if i got insurance then i said yeah i have.. then he said never mind.. u injured or die still got insurance just go down n SKI... i was like *eyes open wide and mouth dropped* and there i go tumbling down the mountain... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

anyone has this song cant cry hard enough?? pls send me on msn!

there is 3 movies i wanna watch:
1) brokeback mountain
2) closer
3) the latest harry potter movie...

just went to watch art of seduction with ac n ngiap... super funny.. pls go n watch! haha..

i just finished sending out all my japanese emails to the sakuras.. so glad that we all had a great time.. i think i am the official tour guide for sakura when they drop by in singapore.. hahah i better start to pia for my driving license :)

i just sent my paddle for repair to billy.. hope i can use my paddle soon.. its been rotting since srrr until now...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i saw libang inside having meeting with stanley n simon... LOL Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This guy is super famous in JAPAN NOW!!! FOOOO!!! HARD GAY ROCKS!!

my photo blogs for southern Japan - Kyushu (fukuoka/miyazaki/kagoshima) Posted by Picasa

me with bullet train Posted by Picasa

3G is great... cuz when u can physically see someone... you can chat with them over the phone using video call... i have a 3G phone.. pls video call me!!! its damm cool Posted by Picasa

me in yukata... sunathar should remind earlier to steal it! DAMM IT! but anyway i got a yukata which i bought it 2yrs ago... haha! Posted by Picasa

endless travel on bullet train Posted by Picasa

pretty girl ask me to eat her.. i mean the ebi burger... macdonald never taste so good until u go to JAPAN! Posted by Picasa

i met yuka family (samuel wong's host family).. its been 5 long years.. reunion never felt so heartwarming before... i teared in the car when they drove me to their house for chat.. i will come back again with samuel wong. right samuel? Posted by Picasa

this is my good friend yuka.. she is very funny but i couldnt meet her cuz she was in some mission sch.. Posted by Picasa

5years ago.. my very first experience with japan kuraoka family Posted by Picasa

5years later.. reunion with my very 1st host family (rina is at fukuoka studying so she is not around) Posted by Picasa

this is sakurajima volcano Posted by Picasa

view from the top of sakurajima volcano Posted by Picasa
i am back...
no one jio me for clubbing on sat.. how sad.. everyone read my blog but dun take action... wat kind of friends are you people man.. haiz
i think when i am alone.. it really makes me think alot.. my thoughts are damm scary.. once i start to think abt some bad or negative i will keep thinking it..
during my japan trip i had so much time to waste while travelling from one area to another.. i just plugged in my ipod, looking out the window and start thinking abt everything...

i felt like a big time loser... i think i am slowly becoming a failure.. i dunno if i am finding excuses for myself or am i just try to comfort myself.. i failed my module n i blame my lecturer for changing the exam papers questions cuz its not like the past yr papers.. i didnt get into nat team cuz i didnt train a month cuz i was sick for 2weeks and rushing for my final year report... but look on the other side.. i could have studies every single thing so that even my lecturer change n twist the questions i could have done it well... if i was more carefully with my health and did my final year report earlier i could have time for training.. well i am blaming on every little things..

i was thinking.. wat did i really achieve during my 20yrs.. i realise.. nothing.. but mistakes.. i am getting worse i think.. i really wasted my time taking biotech.. i should have really follow my heart to take media stuff instead of follow wat ppl said that lifesci will be great for ur future..

the first news i read when i came back was abt this jc kid commit sucide cuz he think that his dick is too small.. many ppl will just laugh n think he is stupid.. somehow i just really admire his courage to end his life just like that.. not many ppl are brave enough to face death.. i think there are times when i really feel like just ending my life but i am just afraid of death.. i cant imagine myself jumping off the building.. so i slap myself and telling myself to wake up n start being a loser...

well.. i just got myself a few resolution for this year..
i want to complete my last module with at least an A
i want to get my driving license asap
i want to win GOLD for IVP this year..

talking abt canoe polo.. i will put in all my effort to train n peak for this competition.. i think it will be my last competition.. due to ns and also cuz of my joints... my knees n ankles and my shoulder joints are in real bad shapes.. i might even end my sporting life soon... i guess i should change my pes status.. i tried to squat i felt pain in my knee.. thanks to snow ski.. i guess it good that i didnt get into nat team too.. i might just prevent someone who is truly more potential than me.. i guess i have no talent for this sports... but i will give in my very best for this sport, for this last competition..

Monday, April 24, 2006

(FRONT) - DAMM FAMOUS! Posted by Picasa

(BACK) - STEP ASIDE! Posted by Picasa