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Saturday, November 01, 2003

new single n concert video!!
one last one!!
i am dying...

1. Name: Alvin

2. Nicknames: albert!! bert bert.. bird bird..
la vin!

3. Eyes: white,black,brown

4. Height: 1.7m i know i damm short.. i am
trying to grow tall ok!!! think i got recessive
tall genes...

5. Hair colour: half blonde half black

6. Siblings: 1 elder n 1 younger idiotic bros

7. birth stone: dunno

8. Birthday: 1st feb! easy to remember right!

9. Sign: aquarius

10. Where you live: yishun

11. Sex: male

12. Righty or lefty: ya right

...............ON GUYS
FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT........................

13. Boxers or briefs:

14. Long or short hair:
15. Tall or short: tall...

16. Six pack or muscular arms:

17. Good or bad guy:
18. Hat or no hat:

19. Ears pierced or not:
20. Tan or fair:
22. Stubble or neatly shaved:

23. Rugged or sporty:

24. Studly or cute:

25. Accent or not:

..........ON GIRLS

26. Boy shorts or bikini underwear: both also
can.. but gals must wear short short kind one!
noy guys board shorts that length.. get it?

27. Painted nails or not: at least polished
nails..not those strange colour like black
purple red... yucks...

28. Bra or sports bra: i dunno.. i trust her
taste so up to her..

29. Cute n'mysterious or wild n'sexy: naturally

30.Dressy or casual: know how to dress can liao..

31.Dark or blonde: prefer dark... i dun wan
ayumi as my girlfriend...

32. Long or short hair: long hair! cause girl
with long hair looks really femine... got the nu
ren wei! u know.. then must know how to tied
hair.. girls that know how to tied their hair
well will catch my attention..

33. Dark or light eyes: browny black eyes

34. Long or short nails: not too long.. short is

35. Hat or no hat: girls dun need wear hat la..
they dun get bad hair days as often as we guys..

36. Good or bad girl: super good girl... those
kind that will risk their life to save kitten in
the middle of road... then i will be the idiot
who will rescue them.. *LOL*

37. Fat or thin: i dun like super fat ppl...
regardless of guy or girl... so prefer her to be
slim... i dun like to hear thin gals say they
are fat.. cause it is damm irritating lor... are
they trying to be stick insects?

38. Hair up or down: depends la...

39. Jewelry or none: not too many... dun worry i
will buy a diamond earring n neckalace..

40. Tall or short: prefer girls around my
height.. i dun like small size girl.. cause i
find them always act cute n irritating...

41. Hair curly or straight: just alright.. not
too straight until u can use the hair strand as

42. Pants or dress: depends.. dress abt too
formal right? prefer skirt la..

43. Tan or fair: tan!! super tan!!

44. Freckles or none: no way..

45. Pretty indoor chick or party chick: party
chick who know their limits..

46. Clean or grungey: clean

47. Accent or not: speak like me can already...
i dun ask for more...

48. Shy or outgoing: outgoing but not flirt!


49. Chocolate or white milk: chocolate... wHite

50. Root beer or dr. pepper: what the hell is dr

51. Mud or jello wrestling: both la

52. Sunshine or rain: bOth. cause u are my
sunshine after the rain!

53. Vanilla or chocolate: both..

54. Skiing or Boarding: both

55. Day or night: night

56. Summer or winter: both... autumn too

57. Cake or pie: apple strudel!

59. Silver or gold: sIlver...

...............MISQ QUESTIONS...............

61. Have you ever gone skinny dipping: i dun

62. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: ya.. one
dog.. have been with me since i was really
young.. so dun bear to dump it aside.. n i love
dog also.. so.. ya.. i love u doggie!!!

63. Have you ever broke/sprained/fractured a
bone: ya..

64. Do you have any peircings: 1 left one..

65. Do you sing in the shower: sOmetImes, if i
bring any player near the toilet to sing along..

66. Experienced love at first sight: yes

67. Whats your favorite color:

69. Who do you dream about: me! no la too stress
to dream...

70. Who Are Your Friends?: look at my friend's
list... tons.. ppl who are honest n not those
fake fake bastard with backstabber ability...

71. Who's the loudest: me

72. Who's the quietest: nerd

73. Who do you tell your dreams to: everyone

74. Do you want your friends to do this survey:
duh.. i spend alot time doing lor

77. Whats your favorite
phrase?: KAO EH.. WAU LAU.. IDIOT.. REALLY??

79. Whats your favorite flower?: sun flower..

80. Where's your favorite place to go: any cosy

81. Whats your favorite possession?: me n i n
myself n alvin

84. If you could see any person right now who
would it be?: her..

85. Do you have any tattoos: no way! if i am the
king of the world.. i will ban smoking n

another one ar!!!

First Name: Alvin

Were you named after anyone?
Alvin LEe... yes.. u go trust
me i am not kidding...

Do you wish on stars?
sometimes.. but dun get to see them nowadays..

Which finger is your favourite?
middle finger! ..|..

Do you like your handwriting?
yes.. cause i love myself..

What is your favourite lunch meat?
huh.. erm.. i like fish..

Any bad habits?
dun tell u all leh!

If you were another person, would you be
friends WITH you?
of course!! i love myself ok!! ya.. whatever i
just love myself so much until i dun mind
cloning myself i live with 100 of Alvins...

Are you a daredevil?
depends on my mood... when i am super HIGH... i
just go super crazy till my friends say.. hey i
dunno u...

Have you ever told a secret you swore not to
ya.. slip off my mouth... didnt think carefully..

Do looks matter?
ya sure it does... even though everyone always
say dun judge a book by its cover..

Have you ever misused a word and it sounded
absolutely stupid?

Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow?
i dun take lit.. hence i dun understand.. u mean
u can pick up gold at rainbow street at heaven?

Do fishes have feelings?
duh! as long as it is living things... try
killing nemo n see wat his father do to u!

Are you trendy?
sometimes la... i just dress what i wan.. dun

How do you release anger?
just keep on kao peh kao peh kao peh to my

Where are your second homes?
singapore history museum.. ya always go there to
volunteer! know some great friends there too!!
anyone interested to be a museum guide?? msg

What was your favourite toy as a child?
dun play much toy... guess it was play dough..

What class in school do you think is totally
CME!! civil n moral education... guess what,..
my class ah beng top the class k!

Have you ever been on radio or television?
ya.. was on the chn U news abt the museum moving
thingy... can ask ngiap soon a.k.a nelson..
guess he took it down for me..

Do you keep a journal?
my blog...

Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
huh? i dun understand.. shit.. guess i am really
going to be japs.. i just dun understand alot
english words..

What do you look for in a guy/girl?
the gold in her heart.. not $$$ la!

What are your nicknames?
Albert..(thanks to ngiap huh.. dunno why call me
like that...) from albert.. they modify to bert
bert.. bird bird.. jian ren.. gay.. sissy ah
gua.. aiya alot la... those neg- ones are
usually what my enemies called me.. ya..

Would you bungee?
if i got the chance i will!

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
erm depends wear what shoes ma..

What are you worried about right now?
my exam... the girl i like leave me for a
bastard... $$$...

Do you ever wear overalls?
kao... i just dun understand!! explaint to me

Do you think that you are strong?
where strong? i am the weakest link!

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
mango.. strawberry.. chocolate..vanilla.. any
nice ice cream la...

What’s your favourite colour/s? nice shade of pink.
i prefer pink over red... red is too hot...

What is your least favourite thing in the world?
programming! hate it! who is the idiot who force
us to study it! so boring lor..

How many wisdom teeth do you have?
erm... which one is wisdom teeth?

Are you in love with anyone?
yes.. one and only one... only like her...

How many people have a crush on you right now?
erm not sure.. i will freak out ok!

Who do you miss most right now?
my friends!!! all of them.. everyone...
especially xue er!! so long nv see her le.. my
10 yrs buddy... ya n her...
just did this in friendster....

Know me from A-Z....

A- Age:17... ya i find that 17 is a damm happening age... too bad i going to be 18 soon... next yr 1st feb hor!! *hint*
B- Boyfriend: huh... dun expose my part time gay partner leh.... is w-inds la.. dun tell anybody k?
C- Chore you hate: washing the laundry... i hate detergent.. just dry ur hand then feel like ah peh liao...

D- Dads name: Lee Teck Hock
E- essential make up item: erm... does contact lens consider as one?
F- favourite actor: kim rae won... oh ya won bin!! my bro!

G- gold or silver: of course silver man!
H- hometown: Japan... return back soon... wait till i graduate..
I- instruments you play: electronic keyboard... just stop learning will resume soon k!
J- job title: full time biotech student n full time canoeist in NP
K- Kids: i love kids!! hope my future wife love kids then i wan to have a BUS of kids... *LOL* no la my wife shant be a pig... at least 5 can liao... hehee...

L- Living arrangements: huh? erm with my parents n 2 idiotic bros...

M- Mom's name: Kwek Jin Tai... ya she is the founder of Jin Tai Sec sch.... no la jk!

N- number of people u've slept with: countless.. is they wan to sleep with me ok! *LOL*
O- overnight hospital stays: nv... i am super healthy... dun visit doc.. hate them bunch of cheat money idiots... ppl! if u all have very bad flu! no point go n visit doc cause my bio teacher told me the flu virus cant be cure.. but it will flash off from ur system within 7days.. ya.. cheat dunno how many ppl $$ liao...

P- Phobia: feeling ugly... feeling fat... feeling nobody love me.. hahaa

Q- quote you like: WAU LAU!! SIAO LA!! KAO EH!! WTH!!
R- regular drink: tap water..

S- secret crush: erm... alot ppl know le... i really like her.. but will try to know her more... hope she wont avoid me...

T- time you wake up: irregular..
U- unique habit: oh ya.. i always keep paper that used one side then the other side empty.. until i got one whole stack... ya i am send to earth to be a environmentalist.. and i always flash the toilet for others... just like the environment to be clean...
V- vegetable you refuse to eat: PEA!! i will puke! seriously... it sux!
W- worst habit: erm.. that's embarrassing.. wont tell u all..

X- X-rays uve had: i dun have any terminal diseases k...
Y- yummy food you make: japanese curry rice!! ya! got chance i will make for u all!! so far.. my tasters are my pri sch friends! ya they are loving it! LOL
Z- zodiac sign: aquarius!
last cigarette: dun smoke
last kiss: my stuffy dog on my bed.. just last nite.. so cute.. i love dog..

last good cry: cant remember.. guess is the japs/korean drama won bin n kyoko act one.. FRIENDS... super nice..

last library book checked out: my organic n bio chem textbook... it is thick ok.. due on 3nov.. just right my last paper...

last crush: dun mention.. i just dun have to luck to love someone.. cause the girl i like is either a les or attach already... sad right.. but anyway.. i like someone now!! i must REN + JIA YOU!!

last phone call: 1hr 30mins ago to ngiap..

last tv show watched: that korean drama on chn U every sat 11pm!! very nice u all must watch! damm funny!

last time showered: ops... guess a day ago.. LOL..
last shoes worn: nike

last cd played: my own burnt cdrw..

last item bought: guess is my dinner..

last downloaded: WORM 3D but cant play! dunno why!

last annoyance: my english is pretty bad.. anyone care to explain what does it mean??
last thing written: today my cell bio test.. i am doom..

last sleep: 2pm to 6.30pm

last chatted with: Jia Zhen

last sexual fantasy: cant remember..

last weird encounter: hmm... ya i was on the bus with my friends.. then this indian guy he came forward to shake hands with me! then he left the bus!! WEIRD!

last ice cream eaten: wau... i just realise i damm long nv eat ice cream.. cant remember..
last time amused: everytime.. i am a easily amused person.. i can just laugh to myself suddenly... cause i keep on imagine funny stuff ya..
last time wanting to die: guess was the other time my parents so damm bloody fucking BIAS against me... always on the 2 idiotic bros side... being a middle child is tough ok!

last time in love: now...
last time hugged: nicolle!! i went sajc to find her!! she is sajc dance president!! she is one nice nice nice nice girl!! miss her...

last time scolded: u mean i kanna scolded.. recently cant remember too...
last chair sat in: now..

last shirt worn: oh.. this cowboy use the gun to point at the catatus n said "hands up! u r under arrest!" bought it at thailand shopping centre.. it was in the kids wear department i got it at the biggest size n cost only $6 or $7!
last poster looked at: guess should be w-inds poster... they always got very nice photos! *jealous*

last show attended: i dun really go for shows.. ya...

PS: spent alot time doing this sia!!
new single n concert video!!

i am just so crazy over w-inds hahaa... long road super nice sia... n ya.. expected.. hit no.1 on the oricon chart!!! oh ya went to SPEED webby they also releasing new album after soo soo bloody long... ya back to SPEED craze period again...

damm it... i screwed my cell bio paper today... kao.. really have no mood to study.. suppose to answer 2 out of the 3 questions but i DID all 3!! kao... no wonder i have no time to do sia... but lucky the hardest which is the pedigree part is the last question... i am soooo sooo dead.... went to collect the physio killer paper... guess what.. i got only 60... even though that paper is damm tough but heard quite alot ppl getting good score... like vicki la!! she got 80!! tiao.... damm my target of getting A is like drifting away from me.. alot of the seniors told me try to get A when u are in yr 1... cause yr 2 onwards is kinda tough to get A... haiz... demo ganbatte masu!

today so qiao again saw joanna at the bus interchange went sch with her then go home with her also... ya talk alot during the trip... haha she told me one guy from our lecture wan to marry a japs girl... hahaa... ya was really tired.. wat to do.. my house there those stupid cats scream n shout middle of the nite.. cant sleep... anyway today was freezing cold... but i like cold weather.. hahaa...

reach home... go online... cant connect... why? my mum didnt pay bills... until 7pm++ then resume... n friendster is down again... this is like dunno how many time... cant wait to log in again... haiz...

oh ya... i recently like pan wei bo again!! his song damm nice i like the curry chilli song the rap n the whole thing is damm funny... 2 guys insulting each other... hahahaaa....

my last paper is on mon!! but i got a bad feeling... that it will be quite tough.. haiz.. n now feeling same as ac.. cause she was like... now exams over.. got 3weeks of hols.. wat to do... ya.. even though i look forward to the hols but i like hmmm wat should i do now... guess the 1st 2 weeks of the hols i'll be quite busy... oh ya.. canoe training going to resume...

better go off... hope can get some stuff into my head later...

// hope u arent avoiding me... *Shy* i still like u... \\

Friday, October 31, 2003

enjoy what i type for ac n nai's testimonial... ac one is really damm long sia... so i expect a long long one from her n nai too...

AC!!!! Ah!! the vacuum cleaner!! xi xin da fa!! muahha.. ok better stop it later she really going to xi me!! ya.. abt the story u all have to ask her! ya.. it was an legendary story last yr! took the world by storm! haha.. ya know AC when we were primary sch! we were same the same class during P5 n P6.. but in fact we know each other since P1.. why? cause we both attend art class after tgt.. ya.. she was one huge girl back then.. n i went to canteen to accompany her to eat n guess what... the auntie will say, "Aiyo girl ah! is that ur little bro!! diao,, -.-" ya she was one hardworking babe... ya our friendship gone thru lots of ups n down.. twist n turn.. but somehow we were close again.. thanks for the waiting-poly-holiday (apr~june), n damm NP for not accepting her.. or else we will be lecture mate or even classmate in biotech! then she went to work with my at a hell place called kushinbo.. n from that time onwards we always go sun tanning at her club with ah nai!! everything our pri sch gathering she is the "regular customer" n we went her house party last christmas which was super duper fun!! ya.. guys i strongly recommand u to purchase this vacuum cleaner home.. with lots of function (Personality).. and with the latest design (pretty girl) n the slimmest body... get it while stock last!!!

NAI NAI!! ya.. this nick was started by me i guess? started to change his ming xue to ming nai.. then later to ah nai... then later on go niu nai n whatever... ya.. we were the same class in P5 n P6 but somehow i know him guess ard P1.. hey!! doesnt that make u one of my 10yrs friend? u know why i know him back then?? last time i dunno him in P1 (diff class) but dunno why everytime he come n borrow money from me! haha.. somehow i just lend him n nv return back.. hahaa.. extortion! ya this guy super sporty sia... play basketball, swim la, soccer n play rugby during our pri sch times.. ya i was with him in the relay team! this guy can run... ya run away from girls... ya our friendship also gone thru ups n down la.. ya he is one of the threesome during this apr~june period.. when me+nai+ac keep on going out tgt go town go sun tan n do lots of stuff.. one nice guy la.. too bad girls... he is taken by my good friend sarah... ya wish both of them forever in love! stay FUNKY!!
ya just did my physio paper today... it was alright la.. just that damm... i forgot the 3rd function for cerebral hemisphere... for those who dunno... it is that top part of ur damm brain!! kao.. my brain just cant think what my brain does.. anyway.. shant blog long.. need to go read my cell bio stuff.. ya.. poor fellow.. someone nv turn up for the paper.. have to retake the whole module... i better be on time for all my paper.. ya... was talking to xue er on phone on my way home.. hahaha so funny sia.. we keep on talking abt holidays.. going oversea.. ya my goal... save $3000.. once hit.. just fly to japan... come up with a plan for my japan trip!!! anyway.. nowadays i just like to eat that yogurt i bought at cold storage not bad not that sour n is nice... ya cant remember the brand...

was looking at friendster... kao read those bulletin board.. hahaha alot of it i nv read... then did the something abt me.. the usual me ya.. spent alot time typing stuff n talk nonstop....

oh ya... something funny i thought just now... ok why do they call the ppl u like a crush?

ok.. Alvin's lame answer (ALA!)

*cause u fall in love with them n eventually u fall n crush on to them! so they are call ur crush!*

Name : Alvin Lee
Middle name: i am not american can! my full name is Lee Jian Jin Alvin.. that's it u figure it out urself...
Time started: 4.03pm
Birthdate: 1/2/86... remember to buy present hor!
Home town: Singapore... Japan (my previous life)
Siblings: one idiotic elder bro.. and one irritating younger bro...
Righty or lefty: ya right...

~~~~~Your Looks~~~~~
Hair Colour: half blond half black.. black roots showing already... gonna go highlight my hair soon.. still thinking...
Eye Colour: white black brown...
Do you wear contacts or glasses?: at home wear glasses.. outside wear contacts...
Do you have any piercings: just did one on the left.. n just lost my ear stud in the toilet.. damm!
Do you have any tattoos: will nv get one... cause tattoos are for ppl with s saddistic mind n abit siao siao ppl...
Do you wear any rings: sometimes la... the other time brought one n dunno where i place it...
What shoes do you wear: any nice comfty shoes.. prefer sneakers...

~~~~~Just Lately~~~~~
How are you today: the 4 letters word.. S-I-A-N!! just did my physio paper... was alright.. now i am kinda excited cause my paper finishing on mon!! hehe.. abit nervous too...
What pants are you wearing: boxers..
What shirt are you wearing: sleeveless shirt
What does your hair look like at the moment: heaven bath yet.. so got those waxy stuff up there..

What song are you listening to right now: SPEED CD.. i recently just got crazy over them AGAIN.. i think they really ROCK... new album coming out soon!
What was the last thing you ate: Lor Mee and mashed potato back in sch canteen 1... total cost: $2.50
How is the weather right now: super sunny! great weather to sun tan!!
The last person you talked to on the phone:
that idiotic t-shirt supplier whom got attitude probz...

~~~~~More About You~~~~~
What are the last four digits of your phone?:
0841... if u strike 4D with my no. congrats n share some with me.. thankz

If you were a crayon what color would you be?
a RaInBoW colour crayon.. cause i love colours.. which reflects on my personality!!

Have you ever almost died: yes!! alot of times!! firstly.. when i was pri 2... i nearly choke on fishball! *LOL*... then the other time ride bicycle by the road n nearly bang by incoming bus! *LOL* and ya this year... nearly drown during canoe training when i capsize... but i know how to row already!! hehee so should be alright....

Best advice anyone's given to you: u live once in ur life time.. live ur life to the fullest.. if u love that person.. just say it.. try everything at least once... *my own advice* regret what u didnt do.. but dun regret wat u didnt... get it?

What sport do you hate the most: damm.. i hate soccer.. the worst sport in the world n dunno why ppl so crazy over it.. ok i admit i am weird.. i am a guy who prefer rugby over soccer.. canoe polo over water polo... but hey.. rugby n canoe polo is the 2 most interesting sport ever invented by mankind! try it! *remember i said try everything once in ur lifetime*

How many phones do you have in your house: 5

Do you have your own phone line: ya.. u just ask for the 4 magic no.

Animals: all my hamsters died.. i have to admit hamsters are damm cute creatures but they just love to bite anything.. oh ya.. try throwing insects into a hamster cage n see what they do!

Place for a dream house: my childhood dream was to have a house at california *i dunnot why* with farm n a whole piece of land filled with sunflowers n live with my dearest wife... but now.. i wan to go japan.. own a traditional japs house with fountain, roller coaster, swimming pool, arcade and last but not least... NEOPRINT MACHINE!!! ok i am a freak.. wait till i am a millionaire... in my dreams... HELLO! they say DREAM HOUSE not REALISTIC HOUSE k!

Have you ever sprained/broken/fracured a bone: ya how dumb can i be by trying to catch the basketball from benjamin ho n i sprained n twisted my right ankle.. now i still can feel that it is kinda twisted...

Who would you tell your dreams to: oh ya! xue er! my 10yrs besty friend! she always tell me her dream also.. erm.. WAIT!! u mean everynite we dream that kind of dream or the goals in our lives???

Who is the loudest friend: kao.. alot ppl say is me... but all those ppl i hang out with are damm noisy!! like ching, xue er, yi xing, cheryl, ngiap... can go on...

Who is the quietest friend: those nerds... n ya i dun hang out with them...

~~~~~You and Love~~~~~
Do you believe in love: of course la! r u a priest or nun?

Do you believe in love at first sight?: YUP!! 100% yes...

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: not yet.. (*.*)

What song do you want played at ur funeral:
wau so cool.. can dedicate my own song at my own funeral.. erm even though i wont be able to hear it.. i just wanna play those love love sad sad friends song by SPEED/W-inds/Sun yan zi... yup take note ppl.. so u all know what to do if i just gone someday.. will miss u all...

Lights on/off: off.... it is afternoon now..

Do you like snow, sun, rain, mOoN? all... snow when with my love one.. sun when i go beach, rain when i am sleeping.. moon when i am lying on the field holding the one i love...

Summer or winter: both!!!

Mud or Jello Wrestling: jello?? u mean put jelly?? erm... both la... mud is good for skin.. jelly is nice to eat...

Skiing or boarding: i wan to try both!!!

Day or night: prefer nite...
Cake or pie: oh my god.. i got cravings for apple strudel or apple pie... love cheese cake also..

Diamond or pearl: i wan diamond ear stud!

Sunset or sunrise: both!! cause both are nice..

~~~~~~Have You Ever~~~~~
Loved someone so much it made you cry: yup.. unless u are heartless or u are a flirt!

Smoked: NO WAY! hate smokers.. will scold anyone smoking in front of me.. n most of my friends also hate smokers ok!! come on ppl.. grow up! smoking is not cool k! the tar stick to the cilia in ur lyrynx prevent the hair from filtering the particles entering ur lung.. just had my physio paper today.. so ya applying when i learnt ok!

broke the law: erm.. sort of.. help my friends to put those plate into the bag at sakae sushi... so that we dun need to pay that much.. damm that was my first time do it.. *LOL* no la.. actually i always eat n drink in places that i shouldnt... point middle finger at the teachers i dun like when their back is facing us...

something abt urself: erm.. i am talkative.. i just love to talk n talk nonstop.. ya.. that why i took 30mins to do this stuff...

PS: visit my webby!! remember to sign my guestbook... and ya my blog is at ya i know it sounds sissy but that time couldnt think of anything cool...

Time finished: 4.36pm

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

muahaha.... one funny joke from the emails...

Next time you think your hotel bill is too might want to use this logic!

A husband and wife are traveling by car from Key West to Boston. After almost twenty-four hours on the road, they're too tired to continue, and they decide to stop for a rest. They stop at a nice hotel and take a room, but they only plan to sleep for four hours and then get back on the road.
When they check out four hours later, the desk clerk hands them a bill for $350. The man explodes & demands to know why the charge is so high. He tells the clerk although it's a nice hotel; the rooms certainly aren't worth $350. When the clerk tells him $350 is the standard rate, the man insists on speaking to the Manager.

The Manager appears, listens to the man, and then explains that the hotel has an Olympic- size pool and a huge conference centre that were available for the husband and wife to use. "But we didn't use them," the man complains. "Well, they are here, and you could have," explains the Manager. He goes on to explain they could have taken in one of the shows for which the hotel is famous. "The best entertainers from New York, Hollywood and Las Vegas perform here, "the Manager says. "But we didn't go to any of those shows," complains the man again. "Well, we have them, and you could have", the Manager replies. No
matter what facility the Manager mentions, the man replies, "But we didn't use it!"
The Manager is not moved, & eventually the man gives up & agrees to pay. He writes a check & gives it to the Manager. The Manager is surprised when he looks at the check. "But sir," he says, "This check is only made out for $100." "That's right," says the man. "I charged you $250 for sleeping with my wife." "But I didn't!" exclaims the Manager. "Well," the man replies, "She was here, and you could have."

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

damm... i am just like a pig nowadays sia... really.. guess what.. yest i slept at 10 till today afternoon 1.30pm... that is like 15hrs!!! kao... i didnt run or exercise or anything that tired me out but just sleep... guess i shall mug on harder.. ya.. went to read alot ppl's blog... ken yao n others n they all wrote that they also couldnt study... me too k!! just so pig man... was talking to sheryl on msn yest... she quitting acjc... said that its so stressful... going oversea n study!! *jealous* i think that ppl of our age should go oversea n study!! great experience!! ya.. i pray hard that i can go oversea to study after my NS.. hate it just dun wan go NS... heard from ppl tat can tell them u are gay then no need go NS!!! maybe go tell them i am gay.. then go oversea for marriage... LOL... haiz...

yest went sch to do the revision cell bio lecture... then not many ppl were around.. ya.. was alright la manage to note down some stuff i miss out during my revision.. ya.. then after that vicki brought her camera!! then me mel yi xin n vicki took alot of spastic photos as usual!! hahaa... stupid mel... push me when i posing hahaha.... oh ya.. took photo with tang too...

went canteen 1 eat.. saw those da nan ren zhu yi ppl again... ignore them then went to eat... later on go atrium pass the magz to the spousies... then went library to study.. cant study much la those ppl kao peh... ya later went for canoe meeting.. tiao.. so fierce man... indirect buay songness detected.... was still damm angry with the t-shirt supplier... ranyway.. we are getting another supplier to do the singlet.. need to call n order later... hope its a BETTER one...

when i return to meet yi xin again... damm.. we just cant study... she is like another xue er... when together got tons of stuff to discuss talk n talk... miss xue er!! LOL... ya then move down to atrium... then ken return my magz... they siao one wan to study to 10pm... then cont chatting with her... then saw nikkole yong quan rayn... then rayn came by also keep on talking to him... i give up studying! just chat!!! i just dun have the mood just wan to stone n talk... pig! ahaha... then rayn told me jaesen is in front... eh.. didnt know jaesen know ken n andrew they all... hmm... anyway later left sch at 730... hahaha roby chan call me... scare me sia,.. got long road pv liao... but the speed of d/l very slow... haha patient!! ya go pei u get ur w-inds single next mon...

lyrehs: who r u?? n wat talking u?

xue er: *ahem* yes i remember but anyway my bday not on jan hor! ya i hope i got half of ur nervous-ness then i can study... damm.. i am just a pig...

steff: wau so good!! make one for me!! haha no la i will do one after my exam.. ya.. u change ur blog url nv tell me!!!

karen: erm... it worth the money to buy their album cause all the song very nice one.. ya no regret!

sarah: ya sarah u also take care... gd luck for ur exam..

Monday, October 27, 2003

wow... thanks for those msg on the tagz.. ya.. *Claps*!! my friendster hit another 50! so now is 150 friends in my list.. yup.. 200 by the end of nov should be easy la... oh ya.. then got alot ppl i dunno one keep on adding me into their list.. sorry guys.. i only add those i know into my list.. or else the elaine will keep on saying u anyway add ppl that's why got so many ppl... hahaa.. pls lor i really got this much.. hahaha.. ya keep those testimonials coming in... n talking abt testimonials... stupid auntie hui li she deleted the one i wrote for her... hahaha plead me to write another new one for her...

anyway been at home eat alot sleep alot n study not that much... hahaha... tml going sch.. for cell bio revision lesson then later go the canoe meeting.. n going to get my new specs!! ya.. happy.. aiyo roby chan got the long road full pv nv msg me!! tiao.. then can online immediately get the pv from her!!! hey roby chan... after obc exam i go hmv get the long road single with ya.. see the price then think should buy or not... hahaa...

actually got nothing much to talk abt la.. just that my urge to go japan grew stronger as time goes by... so ppl dun be surprise if one day i just disappear n fly to japan without any notice!! *LOL* but dunno stay where if i suddenly go there... just sleep on the street *LOL* go w-inds house be their maid.. ask them to let me be their concert background dancer... hahaha... ya in my dream...

i am just so crazy abt the happy tree friends song.. it is soooo cute!! hahaha i like the song leh... keep on la la la... hhaahah... cant blog abt anything cause my mind now is empty...

// super love kimi ga suki da yo~! \\