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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Pangkor Island - The Shit PARADISE

finally back from pangkor... wau lau... i am so damm damm disappointed! there is no sparkling blue clear seawater... it is still green!! argh!! stupid OBS n OBM cheat us!! hate them!! but it was still alright.. joshua super spastic la... do alot stupid thing... shit outside the tent n chop up dead jellyfish... i suffer back aches... i should have bought my discman or something... no music damm boring la... in the bus the stupid indian driver keep talking damm loud n play stupid tamil music la... shawn n joshua keep FARTING thru out the whole trip.. damm funny la.. n both of them keep on farting in front of colinn... poor colinn kanna bully by everyone la... he is like the hottest JOKE now... now there is a new club... it is the DUMB club... eugene is the president n colinn is the vice president.. both of them is brother! haha...

i got a very sick feeling now... i got TONS N TONS OF THINGS TO DO! but this holidays is so short... i think i just make myself so busy this holiday... i think i am saving money for Xmas SHOPPING SPREE hahaa... save save...

dec 5.. grace come back from aust... dec 10 sunathar come back from aust also... dec 15 fung leaving for aust... the timing is so funny.. 5days in between... i cant wait to see grace n sunathar but cant bear to see fung leaving!!! i'll give him one big big hug n a GAYEST KISS EVER! muahaha... all i wan for xmas is sony ericsson S700!!!

anyway that day... TP friendly was GREAT! i am DARN PROUD OF MY JUNIOR!!! i felt that i have a very impt role as a senior to lead them... TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN HARDER!!! saw my st gabs scout junior derek at TP.. he join TP canoe polo... muahaha gonna try go steal some tips from him... hahaha... i wan to get new ADIDAS SINGLET N SHORTS!!!!! NEW ADIDAS TRACKSUIT!!!!


Sunday, October 31, 2004

nice shot taken by me! woohoo! Posted by Hello

let me i look good in white or chocolate?? Posted by Hello

nice sexy white legs... WOOHOO!!! *DROOL* Posted by Hello

latest boyband in town... CHOCOLATE Posted by Hello