Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finally back from Taiwan.... It's so amazing... i couldn't believe it myself... probably because I understand the Chinese language so well that I am so impressed with them... the people are super friendly... sorry from MIA from this blog... its really hard to sit down properly to blog a decent post.. facebook and twitter allows me to microblog all the time...

I am so happy that finally Katy Perry has a MTV for this song! I totally dig it! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! IT'S SO SAD!!! SAD YET NICE... sometime we just need some emo song.. not that i am feeling emo... just that I really love this song... so sad... it really portray the image of a person who did a silly mistake and lost that someone... forever.... hoping to be with that person in the next life... awwwww my heart just melt..... enjoy this song :)