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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Whatever happen to my "blog-regularly" habit? hahaha... feb is always the shortest month of the year... as usual.. so much change during the month of feb... especially the start of the month... my birthday :) thanks to all my friends who celebrated with me and those well wishes.... feb was the turning point of my career whereby i convert from a trainee to official working adult!

Just wanna have a sweet little post this time round...

I just realised how nice the Japanese movie Airdoll (空気人形) soundtrack is! I have this soundtrack in my iMac for a long long time but the magical part of shuffling ur songs is that you get to listen to some amazing songs you have in your iTunes yet you hardly notice or access it... so once again I am falling in love with this movie.. i love this movieeeeee soooooo much~!!!! Please watch it... you will love it as much as i do and you will cry at the end... I give it a 5stars rating! FULL MARKS!