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Saturday, October 22, 2005


i end my work at 3.30pm then i rush all the way to JB... i went to buy ba kwa at JB!!! its sooooo much cheaper ok!! its half the price in singapore! its only RM$52 per Kg... singapore is double lor!! then i went to city square to walk walk... cuz its still early... wau... the nike dunk shoe is only like RM$80 lor!!! its not bad n quite nice but then i think its fake leh... but i dun mind buying la... seriously i dun have any dunk shoes ok n i want one! hahahaha i will go back again!!! chinese new year next yr i think i go malaysia buy some stuff... some are quite nice ok! hahahaa

went to larkin to wait for bus... had marybrown for dinner... its like a pirated version of KFC... the food cannot make it la... i que so long for it when there is like just 2 customers in front of me... this shows how fast they work... so efficient sia...*shake head* bought dunkin' dounut for my host family... hehehheee i try to resist from eat it.... until now i have not had any dunkin' dounut yet... i so afraid that i might not have enough money for the trip... then i went to change some more ringgit...

bus trip was freaking long.... BUT.. i have my iPOD with me... so yeah... music entertainment throughout my 6hrs of ride... and guess wat.... the driver just drop me outside the cherating club med resort ok!!!!! i thought its just a short walk... FUCK U!!! NO!!!! its a freaking 2km of dark dark lonely NITE WALK!!!! 3.30AM ok!!! no JOKE!!! and i was like carrying dunno how many bags of food for them... with no torchlight!!! freaking scary ok!!!! then later ok i call the hotel ask him to send someone to pick me up!!! wau... have to wait damm long la... end up i sit on the bike with so many things hahahaa.... but i still walked quite a distance ok!!!

then i reach the security post... they ask if i have any booking then i said that i joining my friends... then later on i found out that... they dun go buy charging per room rates.... it goes by PER HEAD RATES!!! WAT SIA!!! WAT IF I HAVE 2 HEADS n ONE BODY! ok joke aside... i was like SERIOUS!!! then how much one person? he said.... RM$500 per nite.... i nearly drop all my bags n faint... 500!!!! NO JOKE... n i staying until sat afternoon so it will be RM$1000... Singapore $500!!! wat can u buy with that!!!! a paddle or another ipod or 1/4 of a vampire or how about 5 adidas jacket or how abt taking 20 trips up and down singapore n cherating in business class seats?

then i just talk to them say just let me go to the reception area n meet my japanese mother... then they drove me in car instead of bike now... i was thinking... shit man.. i didnt know... i guess i have to go somewhere to stayover... somewhere CHEAPER... later on reach there.... she was there... then i told her everything!! she also shock... then later on she went to talk to her husband... guess wat... THEY ARE PAYING FOR ME!!! i am sure a bloody lucky ass... but i was like saying no... cuz its way too ex... but she dun care... she just tell the receptionist that they are paying for me... then i no choice to follow her back... its a long walk back to the room...

its 2 rooms... interconnect.. then i said hi to father... so pai sei lor... really... $500 i can almost fly to japan with that money n DUN EVER COME BACK SINGAPORE.... then i went to the other room to sleep with the 2 kids... masaya(8yrs) n keiya(5yrs)... i just sleep beside them then when they woke up like some fairy tale... somebody suddenly just appear beside u! hahahaha... and yeah when keiya woke up... he was like.... shouting in japs..."ALVIN IS HERE!!" hahahaa

all the meals there were great la... its like international buffet... i eat until i burst everytime i go there for any meal...super super nice... i wonder how much weight have i put on... hope i can hit back to 60kg... i was like 56kg at end of sept... then my attempt to gain back 2kg in 2weeks was a success... now wonder if i hit 60kg already or not! then the whole day was like doing stuff within the resort... did rock climbing, archery then went sailing!!! fun fun!!! i was on the sail with my japs father n he sort like taught be how to control the sail... so freaking fun!!! I AM QUITTING CANOEING... JOINING SAILING!!! (ya right...) then later i taught masaya how to canoe hahaha... damm cute la the way he canoe... so later i canoe the 2 kids out in the sea... even though i miss my training in sch... but i still did some canoeing outside with 2 kids in front of me ok! hhahaa... they love it alot la!!!

then sat i was so freaking tired the whole day n i didnt join them for swimming... i just read story books.. hahahah.. the whole trip i was like keep thinking... at this time my canoe mates are all doin sprinting or ball passing or watever... i seriously got the canoe virus... keep thinking all the time... die sia... and we left the place on 530pm for kuantan airport... n no bus from there go singapore must go to another bus terminal which is 20mins away... so i said bye to my family!!! miss them!!!

my jap father was asking me how much is the air ticket including the return trip to japan... n i told him about $500 to $600+++ he was like... CHEAP CHEAP... I PAY FOR U!!! i faint again! hahaha i was no no no... its ok i save on my own... hahahahaa well maybe i get them to pay for the ticket... ba... then they ask if i got any friend want to come japan with me... so i said i am not sure... hahaha so ya anyone want to go japan with my on 29 dec 05 to 3 jan 06... they gonna bring me go SKIING!!! yes! SNOW SKI!!! MUHAUHAUHAUA.... i nv done that in my entire almost 20yrs! hahahaa.... so yeah i try to see can go or not... then he is freaking funny... he said.. like that am i sabotage ur school? can u still graduate? MUHAUAHUHAUAH.... wat sia.. i cant believe a japs can use the word SABOTAGE! i keep laughing la... well i told him i want to visit tokyo to play canoe polo with the sakura and go south japan to visit my another host family... they said OKOK... come my place like hotel... osaka is central japan go anywhere also easy! hahaha then ask me take bullet train... then he make the zoom sound... hahahha joker sia...

okok.. at kuantan bus terminal... its horrible la... i was there at 715pm n the earliest bus is 1030pm... i rot there for few hrs... can die... LUCKY i got my iPOD.. yeah so all of u should have an iPOD! hahaah then i continue to read the book i borrow from my friend... almost 70% through the book... its really nice... i learn this from it... "in a relationship, the person with the most power is the one who have the least love for the other party" in another words... if someone love u more.. than u do... u have more power.. cuz if anything went wrong... u wont care as much as the other person who love u more.. then i think abt it for a moment... ya.. its so true... so moral of the story... DUN LOVE UR BF/GF SO MUCH... JUST MAKE SURE U LOVE THEM ABIT LESS THAN THEY LOVE U! SO THAT THE POWER IS URS! hahahaa...

the bus trip up n down malaysia... total of 12hrs... i didnt sleep much... i thought of alot of things... everything... i always think when i am free... i think of everyone... i miss all my friends... thinking back on some of the stuff that my friends said to me when i am happy n sad... jon said something which is hitting me hard now... its sort of like... dun just have a canoeing life... u need some social life... i guess that is what i have been missing... meeting my friends n hang around town or just sit down n drink coffee... that is something i really been missing for the past years... guess i shall start meeting different group of friends each week... to catch up... i shall put it on friday since there is no training on friday! hahaha... and yup another thing that hit me really hard when i was really sad at a point of time... my friend said... alvin... dun let those things hurt u n make u so sad... u are a special person... look at all the picture u have... u have the nicest smile that i have seen... and in all the picture u are in... u are smiling... keep that smile on n cheer up... from then onwards... i always keep on smiling :) well some of my juniors think i over smile hahaha... well... i love smiling leh! wat can u do! :P

I LOVE ALL OF U! *muacks*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


isn't Keiya lovely? sooo cute!!! (the one looking at u la!) Posted by Picasa

hahahaa.... do i look i as if i am nude? muahauahuaha look at my double dutch carefully... nice stickers huh? Posted by Picasa

S CLUB 7!!!!! 4black n 3 white!! so cute lor... buay tahan... Posted by Picasa

my hamsters n their babies... their simple house... hahaha Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 16, 2005




i think this is a nice shot... green grass, blue sea, beautiful sky, colourful canoes n of course... NACC :) Posted by Picasa

me & cute boy Benjamin: I BET JUJU IS DAMM JEALOUS! HAHA! Posted by Picasa

this is singapore! believe it or not!!! St John's Island Posted by Picasa

regina & yan yi: i drew him a bra! Posted by Picasa

Alvin & Jasper.... we just gamble off our money including our clothes too! Posted by Picasa
my osaka family is going cherating malaysia this come wed... i think i going to join them on fri... still need to call them... miss them sooo much... haiz..

haiz... somebody kill me pls... when i just bough my ipod photo for a week... ipod video came out!!! wat the fuck la... i told everyone else... they all said... aiya this kind of thing cannot chase finish one la... its TRUE! but! not when i just got it for a week n they come out a new ipod!!! gimme at least a few months la... sian 1/2... nvm... i got 5yrs warranty so anything spoilt... one on one exchange lor!!1 hahahahaaha....

haiz..again... i very lost right now with my seniors team... its like everyone gone n dunno wat the hell is everyone doing right now... the team that i want to play with at SRRR its like not all there... poor beng got attachment until cannot come... then shawn on n off due to attachment too... then the twinie come when they feel like n its like always having fun out there.. either they overslept or sick... joshua will come late... each time later than each time.. i seriously dun think we can achieve wat we wanted if this continues... skills there but attitude is not there.. wat's the point... i am so sick of all these just for fun ppl... sunday pool slot is getting worst... its machiam some pool party or games day... everyone is really like PLAYING with the boats... i rather do down kallang to row alone then to do all these stupid things...

i am always there in training... i notice ppl in boat n outside boat.. if their attitudes is the same... that's disgusting... they wont train hard.. they just train to play... haiz... one thing to say now is... canoe polo in singapore is a scary sports... as in everyone from everywhere else i training soooooo hard to win... if anyone tends to slack... u dun just pull urself down.. u pull the whole team n even the whole school down... we cant afford to have any burden in the team... guys... time to wake up if u still think SRRR is a long time away... we only have less than 3months to create waves in singapore river... i still believe we can do it...