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Saturday, August 22, 2009

National Day 2009

national day makes me realised that i dun have alot of nice red shirt... i shall shop for more red shirt! hahaha....

grace bullying xinting haha

adeline came~! hahaha she so stone the whole day~!!

the kids so cute~!!

wave ur little flag~!!

barbarrella!~!! i love her~!!! sooo damm funny haha

the love the parade this year... its soooo nice... the video is nice also~!!! the stage is seriously seriously fantastic~!!!

3 monkeys with the usual ppl!

the 6 of us... hoho.... cant wait to see kumar man~!!! soooo funny~!

na na na nabilah!

haza with his fav kumar on stage~!! hahaha its freaking funny i gonna go back again soon~!! probably my nat champs celebration can come here!