Friday, July 07, 2006

willy ONG ah!!!! i cant even remember when was the last time i met him man... its been like ages... willy my great friend and a great senior for 7yrs... i remember when i was sec 1 he was so nice n friendly and i was so comfortable... his guiding during my scouting days was amazing... the encouragement... when we were doing push ups in the rain... the super lame shit chat during the last nite at the annual scout camp... the times we dance so hard and training for the performance at campfire... the part when he was kanna sabo by his other mates... all those hilarious moments still very much inprinted in my memory lane! HAPPY EARLY 21th BDAY!!! PS: i think i look horrible in phots nowadays... Posted by Picasa

my friends are leaving one by one.... sammy going NS today! and gen is going aussie for study next tues... left me and sarah! if only sarah came she will be in pink! sammy in blue, gen in yellow and me in green! then we will be the complete colour house! hhahahahaa LAME... anyway dinner at newton was great man! i love it! I WANT MORE>... i think the next time we meet up... i really dunno when man... Posted by Picasa

i like this white jeans with the shirt! hehee... I WANT I WANT! Posted by Picasa
once again... i am embraced by the fact that i am moving so fast in my life that i am still in daze! hahaa.. my everchanging lifestyle is too much for me to cope!!! but still... given a chance to change my life... i chose not to... be it my pri sch life, scouting life in sec sch, orientation fun in JI and canoeing life in poly... thanks to those who left they footprints in my life... for those who think they are forgotten... dun worry... i am still TRACKING U DOWN!! hahaa

Monday, July 03, 2006

travel fever is hitting me once again... i have this urge to go holiday NOW! pls... look at the date now... i just returned from japan for 2months... and guess wat... within this 2 months its been so packed n fruitful! i dunno why i keep dwelling on the fact that i have 4 commitment! canoe, sch, work and driving...

today is my really last last presentation in my NP days... ok now i left with one MAJOR EXAM! PLS I NEED TO CLEAR IT BADLY... i will take one week leave for my exam and i gonna study it and score well!

guess wat man... even though this is canoe polo blog but... i still have no idea the grouping for men team! hahaa... wat sia... serious.. i dunno to panic or wat man... i want to be just like the NP girls last yr... bag home 2 medals... both IVP and OPEN.. like wat ms jackie cheng told me before... dun peak too early... just before the exam or competition then slowly peak up... yeah so its time to peak... so i gonna peak at the highest during nat champ *grinz*

i am halfway thru my driving... this thurs will be the first time i go into the circuit and drive.. the instructor still keep scolding me lor... everytime i drive i am so scare that he scold me... its not that i hum or wat.. i just hate it when he kao peh lor... come on... its not like i am a professional driver wat... no more failing anymore pls! all best to me in everything! :)

i am sooo sooo exhausted from working in borders man.. but the company is great.. as in the staff there... they all are damm fun n nice... sat i went to work early... OMG its machiam some party there! hahaha all the funny ppl there we made so much noise hahaaa! i damm sian of ppl throwing credit card on the counter lor... seriously why so many singaporeans have such bad attitude... u know some ang moh they are really nice and in they hand over their credit card in both hand ok! as if they are the staff i am the customer... and i usually just say thank you... they said THANK YOU VERY MUCH! wau lau... more polite than me...

nowadays i keep reflecting back... i think when i was much younger i really just spend money like its never ending... i used to buy so many cds n stuff... i used to get allowance for CDs, books and magz on top of my normal pocket money... SO SPOILT RIGHT? i used to buy 8 days, teens, teenage when i was in pri sch.. then upgrade to newman and men's health that kind until now... NOTHING... i think magz is a serious waste of money... newspaper is fine... maybe when i start to earn big bucks... nowadays i dun even ask so much money from my parents... except for my driving my father gives me 100bucks each week... my books i bought from borders also using my own pay... my new camera also using my own money... and GUESS WAT... i just made a rough calculation... these 3yrs the money i spent... can buy almost a cheap car!!! ok imagine u just round of my japan trip to 4k... laptop 3k, vespa 1.8k, another japan trip 2yrs ago 2k.. keep changing hp 1k plus, shopping on clothes 2k and alot other stuff... i think at least 30k man... try this when u are bored... add up all these spending... oh yeah i forgot to add in my paddle! 600 plus! repair of bikes almost 500... aiyo... MONEY EVERYTHING IS MONEY!!!!

i want to drive a mini cooper before i am 25 pls!