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Saturday, December 11, 2004

zhanghao!!! forever looks so nice with his funky hair!! Posted by Hello

vanessa heng!!! i looks damm weird... Posted by Hello

yeah! finally met up with ernest after dunno how many months...  Posted by Hello

we'll carry u!! Posted by Hello

tgt forever... last gathering... before fung leaving on a jet plane... Posted by Hello

ah sexy pose by us... all the caps are mine! Posted by Hello

pin yue! the canoe polo new n hottest player!! Posted by Hello

who says those are "without a paddle"? arent they holding on to rudith yang pei pei's paddle? hahaha Posted by Hello

ice queen n horsy... Posted by Hello

pin yue just wants everything!!! Posted by Hello

small neh neh on my swing!!!  Posted by Hello

pin yue dun wan to wash the dishes... Posted by Hello

steamboat reunion... Posted by Hello

great shots produce by OLYMPUS C-770 ultrazoom Posted by Hello

great photo by karmede Posted by Hello

another great photo by me Posted by Hello

great photo taken by me! Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004 great show!! go watch those trailers! damm nice! Posted by Hello

my host family just sent me this pic... can u find keiya?? he is the one the yellow cone is at!! cute huh? love him.. Posted by Hello

playing with long shutter!!! Posted by Hello

i love this pic!! damm nice... i am addicted to hammock.. Posted by Hello

dogs are the cutest pet in the world!!! Posted by Hello
i am so happy n still excited.... grace is back from australia!!! just talk to her on phone now i trying to jio her to come to zouk on tues!!! hehehe hurray!!! miss her lots sia!!! must go out with her soon...

today i watch this japanese movie "UMIZARU" damm damm nice!! its only exclusive to cineleisure... ppl must go watch this show!! very nice... if only i got the whole canoeing team to watch the show... cuz its alot based on trust on each other n teamwork... they are rescue divers.. really very nice!! 5 stars out of 5 stars! hahaha... anyway SAW also nice.. hahaha... really love japanese movie alot!!!

went to get my zouk tic from jia qi just now... help zixin got one too.. then went out with my olympus colleagues!! quite fun! they all damm funny sia... buai tahan... hahaha i just found out that chun yip is HONKEE! i mean he is from HK! so cool huh... must get him teach me cantonese... hahaha

sch is starting tmr n i have not even pack any stuff on my table... argh.. i going to run n swim after sch tmr... time to train hard for SRRR...

this sem...train hard, study hard, play hard and CLUB HARD!