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Thursday, August 17, 2006

i just feel like blogging! i cant wait! my exam will be over in abt 35hrs later! then viola! goodbye ngee ann! but then i am quite panicky abt the paper... i keep reading, memorising and stuff absorbing like spongebob... but still worried... i really hope history wont repeat itself... i hope i dun flunk my paper like last yr... the whole paper was a complete change and i was so dead...

my driving tp is next fri and i need to pay $174! crazy man... the car rental is like $120! OMG freaking ex leh... then before the test i got one more last circuit lessons before the actually test... i hate to step on clutch so much i guess i will get a auto car in future... but for mini cooper... i'll drive u in manual baby! hahaha

anyway i cant wait for exam over and i will be once again busy with tons of stuff

1) clear my room
2) build my japan trip website
3) call up sch for relief teaching jobs
4) plan my hk trip
5) learn korean and cantonese
6) figure out if i am in time to prepare for JLPT 3 (japanese language proficiency test)
7) yeah of course... double gold for NP this yr nat champ men IVP n OPEN :)

enough blogging! now sleeping n mugging tmr! tata