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Thursday, January 31, 2008

HAPPY 22nd Birthday to me!! its 5am yet i am still awake cuz i am rushing to do the agm video... been doing it for straight 5hours man.... trust me... it's good stuff... from my perspective... anyway i am super stress la.... my house really still in cny mood... anyone super free later pls volunteer and come over my place to help me out can!!! PLS PLS PLS!!!! pls call or sms me... i going to sleep now man... still got alot more things to do later.... as usual... some ppl last min cant make it n last min got some more ppl coming over.... this afternoon i just got a shock over some planning which almost killed me.... someone miscalculate it n some miscommunication... luckily everything still under control.... haiz... really damm tired... probably tmr i just sleep during my birthday huh... the agm video i set it to the highest resolution n its 20mins long.... 520mb! crazy sia... hahahhaa... yes yes i am crazy now... save me!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Video Courtesy of Phoebe chan! chairman of pudding club singapore....

a wonderful surprise indeed!!! ni-jun-ni-sai means 22 yrs old!!! yon-sai is four yrs old! hahaha..... and to all my birthday not yet la! its 1st feb!!! i shall see who msg me 1st on 1st feb!! hahaha

ONE MORE THING!!!! 22nd guest coming to my birthday received a special gift tooo!!! hahaha....

argh.... i came home today with my horror......that my mother deco the WHOLE HOUSE SO CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! OMG! I AM CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY NOT CHINESE NEW YEAR YET!!!! ALAMAK!!! i really need to clear the whole house tmr... haiz....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hello my friends!!!!

to those coming my birthday party.... there will be a birthday card contest!!! best bday cards with photo of me n u on it... will win a prize!!! i already bought all the prizes... with best dress for girl n boy...

for your info... i already have friends getting crumpler bag n laptop bag for me... hahaha sorry if all the gifts are so expensive.... i dun mind t-shirts la... u all can add on to my current collection of 14t-shirts that i have not wore... hahaha... i would prefer junk food or Mr happy/watever series tees... if not... personalise gift are really much better... like those photos collage u make or watever... yup!!!

targetted guests coming is 70.
have light dinner n not too full cuz
i ordered
200 mini bread/puffs
60 munchy donuts
60 chewy donuts
10 tubs of ice creams (baileys/strawberry cheesecake/etc)
chocolate fondue
lots of candies plus alot more....

see u all on friday!!!! :)

teck yong poke pudding like grinding veggie!

summer poke pudding so gentle...

sunathar with her cosplay look poking pudding!

phoebe with her BoA look poking pudding!!

Alvin poking pudding with a bembi no kao which means constipated face! hahaha

our annual poking session! marks 5 yrs since i know them!!!

and i have to say the pudding club ppl are dammmm SWEET!!! they keep forcing me to go refill green tea for them and take desserts... then when i came back... i saw a slice of cake on my table!!! SO OMG!!! i was really damm surprised!! seriously i seldom received any surprises and for this i declare I LOVE U ALL PUDDERS!!! hahaha.... even thought its 1week in advance yet they got me into birthday mood already!!! SHIAWASE AH!!! it means xin fu! haha


the pudding club original members without the always missing teruko...

i love cutting cakes with FORK!

sharon came late!!!

the 3 experts in nihongo!!

ultra flashy girls!

sharon NO!!!!!

sharon gonna eat sunathar n summer! OH NO!! another cloverfield?

riding home in my small bike... hahaha

went to ktv nihonho no uta... japanese songs.... SPEED!!

let me sing u a song... a birthday song!!!!