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Saturday, February 03, 2007

oh ya... by the way... i just applied for NTU and NUS... waiting for SMU application to start tooo.... i really hope i can get a place in biz course.... *cross my fingers*
woah! its crazy man... after my first crazy party last sat... this sat i cont my crazy party part 2 with my canoe mates!!! i love them all... i really miss canoeing life... ahhhhhh those trainings where i shout n shout at them... dump all the birthday kids into the rubbish bins... crying after all the matches that we lost... cheering for one another during SRRR and NCC... message to all u current students out there.... CHERISH UR MOMENTS! special thanks to gracie... she really help me put in alot effort in making the party a crazy n wild one..... and yes the photographer rocks totally... will post up the pics sooon!!!! i should really go down sun pool slot man... ARMY!! i hate u! u took CANOE away from me... :P

gracie's 23rd & alvin's 21st birthday party!

we pray for world peace.... hahhaaa... and that's the super duper good photographer he IS DAMM GOOD!

special guest appearence.... IRENE GAN!!! she is DAMM PRETTY CAN!!!

me n syaziiiieeeeee!!!!!

me and my fav ponkies!!! ahhhhh i love them alll!!!! *muacks*

my lovely junior guys!!! miss gaying with you!!! *muackz*

my guys team!!! YES WE ARE ALUMNI NOW!!!! all you crazy rowdy boy!! (LIN is missing! he became a SEA MAN) hahahaa

the sispec guys... hotel, alpha and bravo!


ngeeann mighty girls team!

i dunnno what time it started to get abit wild... hahaha yan ren kissing zhi hao!!! wooooo

me and my baby karin!!! *MUACKZ!!!!

benson! this kiss is dammm wet..... hahaa!

gracie! i told ya ur pics will be on! hahahaha HOT HOT!!!

kisses from weilong... wooooo

my relay duathlon 06 champion partner!!! denise! let's get champion again this year!!! ROCK ON!

rx i know you love me.... dun have to hold me sooooo tight! hahaha

to jiun: hey ben is my boyfriend! not yours ok! hhaaa...

kisses from syaz n juju!! thanks girls!!!

we got the same watch! hahaha nice watch!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

hey guys, i will be out for field camp from monday till wednesday so i can't be contacted. But i hope u all will write me a testi or make video or collage on my actual bday 1st feb haha. i will be damn happy la

Sunday, January 28, 2007

thanks for all your gifts!!! i love u alllllllll...... and yes... i got the whole topman range of clothes can! hahahaa

ben and jerry girls!!! and i love you all!

my poly mates!!! woooooo yeah.... i looks buaya cuz ben ho left already!

woooo....... HOT GUYS.... hahahaa I LOVE DARYL SHORTS!!! i gonna kidnap him n steal his shorts!

hhahahhahaa the bu hao xiao ppl.... ho ho...

my pudding clubbers!!! wooooo.... mata nihon ikitai na..

ex-borders colleagues!!! woooooo

the four of us again.... sarah alvin gen sammy

my pri sch friends!!! i love you ppl! thanks for coming!

joyce and samuel wong with afro afro hairy afro hair! hahahaha super funnny cannnnn....

ho ho... thanks everyone for coming to my bday party! its a blasting 21st for me.... and its the first party for me that is soooooo happening especially with all the big afro from joyce and samuel wong!!! hahahah and yes ben n daryl got the best dress dammmmmm retro can!!! and yes my besties grace she cut her hair specially for my bday she super retro also! i love her OMG! hahaha.... i want to upload all pics but cant man! its all DAMMM NICE and everyone! i love the presents that all u ppl give can!!! i will comment more on my bday... MEANWHILE... pls send me all ur photos thru and send to my email pls!! THANKS ALOT!!! i'll be back next week to blog more! too busy now....
anyway to all canoepolo guys there... i will be celebrating my bday with gracie at little india... hahahaa...... pls come on time k! yup yup.... pls ask around for the details... see u then! hoho.....

SPECIAL THANKS TO: GRACE, AC, THEO, DEANA, JOYCE, SAMUEL WONG, BRANDON, EVELYN, YAO and alot of u out there to make this day a special one for me!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

PS: hey ppl.... i will be doing postcard with u n me pics on it... pls collect from me when we meet up!!!

our crazy neoprint!!! i like sarah that chop thing! so funny!!!

the four of us... alvin,gen,sarah,sammy.... since 2003 JI... ho ho...
my cousin jo jo! i so fair now.. same skin tone as her! i want to tan tan tan!

me and my crazy cousin joaannnnnnna goh!

la la.. i shall blog abt last sun.... went to meet my cousin joannnnna goh before she return to aussie.... yeah she super funny as usual we had our chicken rice and shortly have to leave her to meet sarah n gen to celebrate sammy birthday!!! yup we got sammy a cake n a nice polo teeeee! yeah!!! love them!!! and its been so long since we took neoprints!!! damm fun la the new machine rocks! its been so long since 4 of us met... half a yr ago can! sammy n i in army, sarah working and gen in aussie land! only can meet at my bbbbbbbday and sarah bday.... for the whole of feb i am already booked for bday party can! so busy!!!